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August 27, 2015

south park season 15

Border Patrol Stops Mexicans Crossing Back into Mexico on 'South Park' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 13th 2011 3:00AM
'South Park' - 'The Last of the Meheecans'A game of 'Border Patrol' sparked a real border crisis between Mexico and America on 'South Park' (Wed., 10PM ET on Comedy Central). The boys were playing a game, with half of them border patrol and the other half Mexicans. Butters, playing a Mexican, wound up lost.

A well-meaning couple found him and tried to make him a happy Mexican by letting him do work around the house and yard, but as he wanted to go home, they dropped him off at El Pollo Loco. There he inadvertently sparked a movement among the other Mexicans to return to Mexico, where conditions are much better than in the U.S.

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Restaurants Try to Figure Out How Cartman's Burgers Taste So Good (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 6th 2011 7:30AM
'South Park' - 'Ass Burgers'After the mid-season finale that saw Stan turning ten and literally seeing the entire world as crap, everyone wondered how Parker and Stone would follow it up. With this 'South Park' (Wed., 10PM ET on Comedy Central), we saw.

They didn't cop out and pretend it never happened, but they kind of did do the next best thing. They basically found a way to reset everything back to the way it was, leaving Stan with a little secret to explain it away.

That said, we loved it when Stan met Morpheus and the other leather-clad cynics like himself who saw the world for what it really was. And rather than a pill to see the real world, they used alcohol to see the fake one everyone wants us to see.

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'South Park' Renewed Through 2013, Season 15 Returns in October

by Catherine Lawson, posted Jul 20th 2011 8:30AM
'South Park' S15/E07Time to unzip your parka and crack open a big bag of Cheesey Poofs: 'South Park' is coming back in a big way!

Fresh off the show winning its 11th Emmy nomination last week, it's been confirmed that the second half of Season 15 will premiere on Comedy Central October 5th.

And fans who'd worried that this season could be the last can rest easy. 'Entertainment Weekly' has confirmed that creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have signed up through 2013 -- two more seasons -- with Comedy Central.

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'South Park' Season 15, Episode 7 (Mid-Season Finale) Recap

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 9th 2011 10:15AM
'South Park' - 'You're Getting Old'['South Park' - 'You're Getting Old']

Stan Marsh turned 10 years old, and the town of South Park may never be the same. I'm not sure what just happened, but 'South Park' got for-real this week, and then it stayed that way.

Don't get me wrong, it was disgusting and vulgar as well -- this is 'South Park' after all -- but it seemed to be grappling with some pretty big ideas. Not the least of which could be whether or not Matt Stone and Trey Parker are closing in on the end of their 15 season saga.

Of course, they could turn things around in an instant when the show comes back to finish out its season, but it doesn't feel like they will. It feels like something is happening, and if they follow it through the way they started it, it may well be genius.

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'South Park' Season 15, Episode 6 Recap

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 2nd 2011 7:10AM
'South Park' - 'City Sushi'['South Park' - 'City Sushi']

There are certainly advantages to having an art style wherein all of your characters look virtually interchangeable. It was used brilliantly already in 'The Coon' episode, and here again. Only this time, we got a twist that put a whole new face on a long-time character in the show ... or, should I say, underneath the face.

It was about ten minutes into the episode before I realized that Butters was going to carry it all by himself, but I've found myself enjoying these occasional installments.

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Multiple Personalities Galore and a Shocking Twist on 'South Park' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 2nd 2011 5:49AM
'South Park' - 'City Sushi'In a Butters-centric episode of 'South Park' (Wed., 10PM ET on Comedy Central), our intrepid hero was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. It's the kind of multiple personalities all kids display when they're playing make-believe and pretending to be a truck driver or an inspector.

In truth, his therapist was the one suffering from the disorder. One of his personalities, a child named Billy, called on "Inspector" Butters to help him, and led him to the therapist's house. There the parallel stories of the episode culminated in a rather impressive twist.

The therapist was actually Tuong Lu Kim, the owner of South Park's City Wok Chinese restaurant. And he was never even Chinese. So people who thought it was a horrible fake accent by a white dude can rest easy, because now it really was in the show too.

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'South Park' Season 15, Episode 5 Recap

by Jason Hughes, posted May 26th 2011 7:00AM
'South Park' - 'Crack Baby Athletic Association'['South Park' - 'Crack Baby Athletic Association']

This week, Trey Parker and Matt Stone took aim at the NCAA and tore into it hardcore. I imagine it's an even more biting satire for fans of college sports, but even without that background, I was able to grasp their take on the concept of "student-athletes" and the tremendous profit that college sports generate; none of which goes to the students.

"It's against the rules," as Cartman explained. "I don't make the rules ... I just think them up and write them down."

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The 15 Most Outrageous 'South Park' Episodes Ever

by Kim Potts, posted Apr 27th 2011 2:30PM

Why 15? Because 'South Park's' 15th season is upon us (premieres Wednesday, April 27, 10PM ET on Comedy Central). Besides, if we included every outrageous episode, we'd pretty much have to count down all 209 installments that have aired so far.

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