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October 4, 2015

speed bump

The Amazing Race: Our Parents Will Cry Themselves to Death

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Apr 20th 2009 1:04AM
Phil Keoghan hosts The Amazing Race

(S14E09) Promos for tonight's The Amazing Race made it look like there might be a knock-down drag-out fight between Jen (of Kisha and Jen) and Luke (Margie and Luke, naturally). Now, there's nothing that can make an interesting show even more interesting than an old-fashioned brouhaha. At least, not in my book, there isn't.

So, I'm thinking ... Luke versus Jen. Which one would I put my money on for the win? I'd have to go with Jen. While Luke throws a good hissy-fit, I think she's not one he should take on. Maybe if it were a hissy-fit brouhaha, Luke would have the edge.

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The Amazing Race: Alright Guys, We're at War!

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Mar 23rd 2009 2:27AM
Mel and Mike White from The Amazing Race

(S14E06) Who would have thunk it? I'm actually enjoying watching all of the teams on this season's The Amazing Race. On every previous season of the show, there's been at least one team which has been evil to others or to each other or just plain obnoxious. This season, the team I'm liking the most right now is the one I thought I'd like the least. Amazing, isn't it?

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The Amazing Race: You Look Like Peter Pan (season finale)

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Dec 7th 2008 11:21PM
It's to Portland for the TAR season finale
(S13E11) It's down to the finish line for The Amazing Race. Which team will win the million dollars? Could it be Team Dandrew, the Bumbling Dunderheads? They have the dubious honor of being the most inept team ever in the final three. Or, will it be Nick and Starr, the siblings with the record for first place finishes at the Pit Stops? Maybe it will be Ken and Tina, the ex-NFL player and his um ... loving wife. Well, not so loving all the time, mind you. Will they find true love back together? Read on past the jump.

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The Amazing Race: You're Gonna Get Me Killed

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Nov 30th 2008 11:23PM
Team Dandrew or Team Doofus?
(S13E10) "Could we look like bigger idiots?" - Team Dandrew

Well, when you march worse than Elaine danced on Seinfeld, it's hard to make yourself look like a "bigger idiot." The Dunderhead Doofus Duo, the single most inept team to ever be on The Amazing Race, had to face a Speed Bump on tonight's penultimate episode of the season due to being saved by last week's non-Philimination leg. Oh ... and that Speed Bump had to do with dancing. Read on!

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The Amazing Race: That is Studly

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Nov 23rd 2008 11:30PM
The Amazing Race

Oh my. We're really getting down to the wire for this season of The Amazing Race, aren't we? Four teams remain going into this leg and we all know the big finale is between the final three teams. It seems like the season just started! But then I think of the teams who have been long gone -- Arthur and Anita as well as my early favorites, Mark and Bill (the comic book guys). I'm definitely satisfied with two of the teams going into tonight's episode. One team, not so much. But one team really shouldn't be there. Read on!

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The Amazing Race: My Nose Is On Fire

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Nov 9th 2008 11:02PM
Dandrew is confused in Delhi
(S13E07) Dazed and confused in both New and Old Delhi, it's time for The Amazing Race teams to step up to the plate and prove they want the million dollars. Sure, it's a confusing place. But standing in the middle of the street looking lost probably isn't the best approach. Ah, but some teams whine, some get to bickering, some wimp out when the times get tough. Then again, others go all out and go for the gold. Or -- in tonight's episode -- the gold, the green, the pink, and more! Read on for my full review of the show.

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The Closer: Cherry Bomb

by Brett Love, posted Jul 29th 2008 12:04AM

The Closer - Robert Gossett, Kyra Sedgwick, Daniel Baldwin
(S04E03) "You cannot trust the police. They lie about everything." - Brenda

I think TNT over sold this episode in the preview. If you tuned in a few minutes early you would have heard their tag, "The only thing more surprising than the crime is the twist at the end." Honestly, I didn't think there was much of a twist at the end. I'll save any spoilers for after the jump, but the groundwork for the ending was laid out pretty clearly early on. That's not to say it was a bad episode though, because there was a lot to really enjoy here.


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The Amazing Race: Honestly, They Have Witch Powers or Something

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Dec 31st 2007 11:31AM
Nathan and Jennifer from The Amazing Race(S12E08) Sometimes when things seem so perfect, that's when all goes kerflooey. That's often how it goes when I watch reality television shows. I've learned over the years not to become too attached to the teams I'd like to see win. Or, to try not to cheer a team on too much, to be just a bit more realistic about the matter.

Tonight's episode of The Amazing Race brought me back to my vows with a crash and burn I didn't see coming. And I'm not talking about the propane tanks featured on the show. After all, had they crashed and burned ... well, there would be some honest to gosh news, right?

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The Amazing Race: This is Forever, Now

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Dec 24th 2007 1:07AM
Nathan in an ultralight over Tuscany on The Amazing Race(S12E07) My, it seems like it's been a long time since the last episode of The Amazing Race. Last week's Survivor finale bumped it and the holidays seem to be taking a toll, too. However, tonight's show was indeed worth the wait.

A new twist, a couple of wrong turns, a surprise or two, and ink where you least expect it. But, of course, I won't get to the real skinny until after the jump. I could talk about the weather to fill the pre-jump space. The weather here is windy and rainy. The weather on the race tonight looked splendid.

There. On with the show.

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The Amazing Race: Cherry on Top of the Sundae That's Already Melted

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Dec 10th 2007 12:35AM
Taxi by any other name -- Amazing Race(S12E06) Darn it. I know the Amazing Race takes its episode titles from actual words uttered by the contestants on the show, but this one is downright silly. More apropos from the team at hand would have been ...

"I hate you!"
"I hate you more!"

On a side note, I'd like to see the cabs in NYC spell taxi the way it's spelled in Lithuania. Taxi without the X Factor, gotta love it. I think it would add a nice cultural influence to NYC cabs. Oh, wait. Most of the cabbies are from various countries anyway. Never mind. Let's get on with the show!

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