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October 6, 2015


Tenth inning of Ken Burns' Baseball coming next year - TCA Report

by Joel Keller, posted Aug 1st 2009 5:29PM
Ken Burns Baseball documentary coverAt today's TCA session for his new documentary series on the national parks, Ken Burns was asked if he was working on a "tenth inning" addition to his iconic Baseball series, which ended in 1992. As he is wont to do, Burns took about five or so minutes to answer that question. What it boils down to is that, yes, a tenth inning is coming, scheduled to air sometime in 2010.

As one of our commenters below pointed out, this was announced awhile ago. But it was good to hear Burns talk a little about what they're going to explore in the new episode. So much has gone on in the last seventeen years, from exploding economics, new stadia, steroids, HGH, labor strife, and steroids (yes, I said steroids twice), that a tenth inning was inevitable. Unlike some of Burns' other series, which only go up to a point in history because anything after that would seem redundant -- the national parks doc, for instance, will only cover until 1980 -- Baseball was aching for an update.

Oh, and by the way, Burns' euphemism for the steroids issue was "exploring human frailties." Can't really reconcile Roger Clemens shooting 'roids into his butt with being frail, but whatever.

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NBC testing Gladiators for steroid use

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 14th 2008 7:30PM
justice; american gladiatorsThe last thing NBC needs right now is a scandal involving its pumped-up American Gladiators. The show premiered with decent ratings two weeks ago and, quite frankly, it's one of the few things NBC has going for it right now.

The network has been testing all twelve of its pumped-up Gladiators for steroids, according to Broadcasting & Cable (via AOL). The mag says all the performers were tested for steroids during their initial physicals and their contracts state that the network can re-test them at any time.

When I watched the season premiere, it didn't occur to me that these guys could be on steroids. I think they look pretty fit but not ridiculously huge or "juiced". That Wolf character... now he sure seems to be on something.

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Aqua Teen's Carl has 'roid rage - VIDEO

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Dec 19th 2007 1:02PM

Bart Oates and CarlFor those that haven't heard already, the MLB-commissioned Mitchell Report was released last week and it implicated numerous players with allegations of steroid purchase and use. Most notable? Roger Clemens. Carl Brutananadilewski is none too pleased.

His opinion? It's all a conspiracy to tarnish his beloved Yankees. Carl is an avid New York sports fan as evidenced in the episode "Bart Oates" and he seems to think the Mitchell Report is crap. Watch Carl defend Clemens, complain about the Red Sox, and admit to using steroids himself... in the butt. Best argument? Boston great Ted Williams must have been juiced. Click on the jump to find out why.

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The Office: The Deposition

by Jay Black, posted Nov 16th 2007 2:02AM
Ahhhh... Toby. Is there anyone who doesn't hate him?(S04E08) Tonight, I felt like I was R. Lee Ermey and The Office was Vincent D'Onofrio and this review was the first half of Full Metal Jacket.

See, I feel like I've been yelling at The Office now for quite a few weeks, trying to get it into marine-ready shape. Like D'Onofrio's hapless character, the show kept disappointing me with Survivorman parodies and surreal kidnappings. Tonight, though, everything snapped into place and, like Private Pyle, the show started acting like a perfect marine.

Tonight's episode was so good, in fact, I'm actually worried that I'm going to walk in on a homicidal Steve Carell screaming at me: "This is my rifle! There are many like it, but this one is mine!!" More strained analogies (and a glowing review) after the jump...

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WWE not happy with CNN

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 12th 2007 3:21PM

CNN logoWell there are two words you don't see in the same sentence that often, "CNN and "WWE."

Last week, CNN aired a special investigative special about pro wrestling titled Death Grip. At one point during the show, wrestling star John Cena is interviewed. The WWE claims the interview was edited, and now they've posted the proof on their site. Not only were CNN's cameras rolling during the interview, but so were the WWE's, from a different angle. The interviewer asks Cena if he's ever used steroids, and he answers "absolutely not," but in the CNN version that immediate denial isn't heard. All you hear is the rest of Cena's answer, which makes his answer sound vague. The Baltimore Sun has a good take on the controversy.

No word from CNN yet.

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Would you watch a reality show starring Jose Canseco?

by Bob Sassone, posted May 28th 2007 4:11PM

CansecoRetired athletes used to get jobs as managers or coaches or a job in the announcer's booth or even retire. Now they make a living doing reality shows.

First ex-baseball player Jose Canseco did The Surreal Life and now he's pushing a new reality show (scroll down) titled A Day With Jose. Basically, you go to the web site and tell Canseco what you would do with him if you got to spend the whole day with him. Maybe you'd like to go to a Giants game with him and taunt Barry Bonds! Maybe you'd like to see him as a Chippendale's dancer! Maybe you'd just like to see Jose sit around the house watching television!

OK readers, it's your turn. In the comments, tell us what you'd do if you could hang out with Canseco for a whole day.

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Friday Night Lights: Hey Little Girl I Wanna Marry You

by Brett Love, posted Jan 25th 2007 10:25AM
Kyle Chandler(S01E13) Outstanding. This installment of FNL was just jam packed with story and there was enough of it for everyone to get a little piece. More than any other episode, this one balanced everything out so the entire cast got to play. And with one exception, which we'll get to later, all of the stories were very good.

First up, Smash. I was initially unsure about this story, but now that it has played out, I like what they did with it. This is a much different Smash than we originally met in the pilot and Gaius Charles deserves a lot of credit for doing a great job. As good as he was though, the standout of this episode was Liz Mikel, who plays Corina Williams. All of her scenes were great. I loved her explanation for going to Coach Taylor, "I didn't want to think that you were dumb enough to do something so stupid on your own." Of course, the Smash revelation caused some big problems for Eric as well.

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Friday Night Lights: Full Hearts

by Brett Love, posted Dec 6th 2006 7:00AM
Zach Gilford(S01E09) After a week off, the Panthers have another big game. And although there was a lot of hype about how tough this game would be in the promos, the game itself was almost an afterthought. As the show moves along there is less and less focus on the actual football. If my clock is right, we didn't get any actual game footage until 53 minutes into the hour. And that's fine by me. All three of the stories from this week were great, and the little bit of the game that we did get covered everything we needed to know.

First up, lots of development for the William's family. The Smash on steroids story seems to suffer from some of the time issues that the Street recovery does. It's all happening a little fast. Given that he just started on his cycle last week, I don't think he should be seeing a skin reaction or whatever the episode during his workout was. I'm willing to accept that time moves faster in Dillon though, because I really liked the William's family story this week.

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Friday Night Lights: Crossing The Line

by Brett Love, posted Nov 29th 2006 9:55AM
Aimee Teegarden(S01E08) Who needs a football game? Sandwiched between the big homecoming game from the last episode, and the 'toughest game of the year' in the next one, this episode managed to be great with only one brief stop at Panther practice. The characters and their story are just so good that the games don't matter. That's a good sign, because the football season seems to be moving along much faster than the television season. But there will still be plenty of story to tell when the track team takes over the field.

We got something of an answer as to why Tim lives with his brother this week. They didn't really spell it out, but we get the idea. The details aren't important though, as finding out served the purpose of more development for Billy. I really liked the way this played out. As we learn more, Billy is a different person than he appeared to be early in the series. He certainly has his flaws, but he does have Tim's best interests at heart. It seemed that he was going to Coach Taylor for advice for purely selfless reasons. And with the gift he brought to dinner, while it was odd (knives?), it showed that he is trying. And speaking of the dinner, Tami had a great line, "What do you want me to cook for dinner when the Riggins boys come over. Should I slaughter a goat?"

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One person's top 10 Family Guy moments - VIDEO

by Joel Keller, posted Oct 24th 2006 3:32PM
Family Guy SpidermanIf you've got eight spare minutes and don't mind seeing cartoon nudity and hearing animated flatulence at work, then take a look at this video: someone has compiled what he or she thinks is Family Guy's ten funniest moments and clipped them together. It's kind of odd how some of the selections are maybe 15 seconds long, while others -- especially a clip featuring Quagmire -- seem to go on forever. But I think that's the nature of Family Guy: just when you think a gag should end, Seth MacFarlane purposely extends it to the point where it becomes funny again.

Anyway, I don't agree with all of this person's choices, but it's not a bad way to spend eight minutes. The video is after the jump.

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TV Sports: Rick Sutcliffe talks about Rafael Palmiero

by Michael Sciannamea, posted Aug 1st 2005 10:30PM

palmieroI've been flicking channels all evening and came across the Cardinals-Marlins game on ESPN and Rick Sutcliffe, former big league pitcher and now color commentator, was discussing the announcement of Rafael Palmiero's suspension for testing positive for a banned substance. Palmiero's been accused of being a steroid-taker, most notably by Jose Canseco, and his denials before Congress a few months ago now sound incredibly stupid. Anyway, ESPN has covered the steroid scandal closely, but in the last few months, it's been on the back burner for them, especially since Barry Bonds has been out all season. But you've got to give Sutcliffe credit for saying that Palmiero's excuses and lack of candor are ridiculous and taking baseball to task for not having a tougher steroid policy. Tonight's entire broadcast (so far) has done a good job of not burying the story within the game. Hopefully, they'll keep digging for more facts and keep reporting the information to fans on all of their broadcasts.

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