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October 7, 2015


Death won't keep Dr. Beckett off of Stargate: Atlantis

by Richard Keller, posted Aug 10th 2007 2:30PM

Dr. Beckett returns will return to Stargate:Atlantis next seasonMany of you out there were surprised when Dr. Carson Beckett met his untimely demise on the "Sunday" episode of Stargate: Atlantis last season. That surprise turned into anger when the death of his character wasn't truly mourned in subsequent episodes. Perhaps the producers of the show heard your complaints because Dr. Beckett will be returning to the show next season.

The SciFi Channel is reporting that Paul McGillion will be reprising his role of Dr. Beckett for a two-episode arc in the show's fourth season, which will begin on September 28th.

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Planet Earth premieres tonight on Discovery

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 25th 2007 3:18PM
planet earth; discoveryThose of you who are lucky enough to own an HDTV should check out Planet Earth tonight on Discovery Channel. I keep seeing previews for it today as I absent-mindedly watch a marathon of Deadliest Catch and it looks stunning. The series is basically Earth Science, featuring all sorts of unique animals and plants, and examining various landscapes.

Besides the fact that it looks beautiful, the story behind it is almost as impressive. The miniseries took five years to make and photographers put their lives on the line more than once to document the extreme living conditions on this planet.

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King of the Hill gets a decent time slot

by Anna Johns, posted Dec 21st 2006 8:38AM
king of the hillFox is giving King of the Hill a great lead-in: The Simpsons. The network announced that Hank and the gang are sliding back to the 8:30 pm timeslot on Sunday nights starting with the season premiere on January 28. The season premiere sounds pretty goofy. It's called "The Peggy Horror Picture Show" where Peggy befriends a woman with whom she can talk about her girl issues, such as not feeling feminine enough. Little does she know, her new friend has some issues of her own.

I often watch King of the Hill reruns on FX in the evenings as I'm making dinner, but I forgot that it's actually still on. When it resumes next month, it will be season 11 for the animated series.

The move from 7:30 to 8:30 bumps War at Home to Thursdays with unfunny 'Til Death. American Dad slides into possible oblivion at 9:30 pm.

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NBC shuffles its mid-season schedule

by Anna Johns, posted Nov 30th 2006 11:31AM
nbc logoWell, it's not the big announcement I had hoped for. NBC is reorganizing its post-football schedule, but it's only shuffling a few things and adding some other stuff to the open slots on its schedule. So far, only Sunday and Wednesday nights are changing:

Sundays (starting Jan. 7)
8 pm: Grease: You're The One That I Want
9 pm: The Apprentice
10 pm: Crossing Jordan

Wednesdays (starting Jan. 3)
8 pm: Friday Night Lights
9 pm: Deal or No Deal
10 pm: Medium

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Dateline gets three nights, bumps Friday Night Lights

by Anna Johns, posted Nov 25th 2006 12:26PM
friday night lightsEven though it totally slashed its staff, NBC is upping its order of Dateline to three nights per week. Most notably, it's going to air in the slot where Friday Night Lights currently sits on Tuesday nights. Now, FNL fans probably shouldn't worry! Even though its ratings haven't been outstanding, NBC did order a full season of the teen football drama and promises it is committed to the series. The network just hasn't announced where Friday Night Lights will land, but previous speculation puts it on Sunday nights.. Dateline will also air on Saturdays and Sundays, once the NFL season is over. The new schedule begins Dec. 26th.

According to the New York Times, NBC is planning to shuffle its schedule for the New Year. The network has said that it wants cheap shows (reality shows, news, and game shows) in its 8 pm time slots and dramas and comedies at later hours.

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Friday Night Lights may move to Sundays

by Anna Johns, posted Nov 14th 2006 8:45PM
friday night lights
The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that NBC execs plan to move Friday Night Lights to Sunday nights once the NFL season is over. The move is a strategic one-- to keep FNL out of the line of fire of Fox's unstoppable American Idol, which begins airing on Tuesday nights in mid-January. Last week, NBC ordered up a full season of FNL, which gets an average of 6.7 million viewers each Tuesday night.

This schedule change is reportedly one of many, as the New York Times and The Hollywood Reporter now both say that NBC is planning a major schedule overhaul for January (NYT says the new schedule will be announced this week). Also slated to move is Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, which currently festers at 10 pm on Monday nights.

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The CW swaps Sunday, Monday lineups

by Anna Johns, posted Oct 5th 2006 7:24PM
everybody hates chrisIn a move that's a bit of a head scratcher, The CW has decided to flip-flop its Sunday and Monday night schedules. That means the oddly paired 7th Heaven and Runaway will be on Sundays, while Everybody Hates Chris, All of Us, Girlfriends and The Game will move to Monday nights. The switcharoo puts The CW's comedy block up against CBS' Monday night comedy block, which includes How I Met Your Mother and The New Adventures of Old Christine. The schedule change begins Monday, Oct. 9 for the comedies and Sunday, Oct. 15th for the dramas.

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Adam's Fall TV Schedule

by Adam Finley, posted Sep 16th 2006 8:01AM

everybody hates chrisEver since getting a Tivo a little over a year ago, I no longer watch TV shows when they actually air. When I'm not catching up with what's on my recorder, I'm either reading, listening to podcasts, or pounding out a blog post about what I'm watching on television. The big deletion from my Tivo Season Pass this year is House. I still admire the show, but for me the magic is gone. The season opener sat on my Tivo for quite a few days, unwatched. When I finally sat down to view it I realized, about fifteen minutes into it, that I had completely lost interest in it. I didn't even finish the episode, and took it off my Tivo for good. Perhaps my attitude will change in the coming weeks, but who knows? Anyway, some of these shows are winding down their current seasons, some have yet to air. All times are Central because I live in Minnesota.

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Press Kits Unwrapped: The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, and The War at Home

by Adam Finley, posted Sep 9th 2006 8:05AM

ingredientsFOX's animation-heavy Sunday lineup kicks off this Sunday starting with The Simpsons at 8, American Dad at 8:30, Family Guy at 9, and The War at Home at 9:30. That doesn't matter though, because we're not going to talk about those shows right now. Instead, let's dive into the nifty press pack FOX sent out to promote their returning Sunday shows. After the jump you'll see pictures of me enjoying all the cool free stuff. Please be aware that I suffer from a rare skin condition, and I'm only twenty-two inches tall. Okay, let's tear into this kit:

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Malcolm returning to Sundays

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 15th 2006 10:02AM
At one point last year, I remember being surprised to hear that Malcolm in the Middle was still on television. I watched it when it first launched on FOX on Sunday nights and I loved it. But, then it disappeared to Friday nights and, quite frankly, I forgot all about it. Well, it turns out the show is still on the air and it's actually in the middle of its fifth season! Since FOX moved Malcolm to Fridays, its numbers have dwindled down to about 3.5 million viewers, giving it the unfortunate title of being the least-watched show on FOX. Malcolm arrives in its new time slot starting on January 29 at 7 pm EST. Let's hope the Sunday night slot will give Malcolm new life! I know I'll be watching.

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