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August 3, 2015

survivor south pacific

Russell Hantz' Brother Visits Brandon, Isn't Pleased on 'Survivor' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Dec 8th 2011 1:00AM
'Survivor: South Pacific' - 'Ticking Time Bomb'The final six made it to the loved ones visit on 'Survivor: South Pacific' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS). While the producers didn't bring in the notorious Russell Hantz to visit his nephew, Brandon's father Sean did stop by and prove that the Hantz brothers think a lot alike.

Sean Hantz was flabbergasted to hear that his son was more concerned about setting an example for Christ and viewers than he was about winning the prize.

"What are you here for then?" he asked his son. "You came here to win a million dollars. Let's not lose perspective."

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Cochran and Ozzy Fight to Stay Alive on 'Survivor: South Pacific' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Dec 1st 2011 12:30AM
'SurvivorTheir battles may be very different, but Cochran and Ozzy were both fighting to stay alive. For Ozzy, it was do or die every time on Redemption Island. But challenges are what he's famous for, and he's continued his winning streak on 'Survivor: South Pacific' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS).


Cochran's battle is much more cerebral. He turned on his former tribe, allowing Upolu to pick them off one by one. Now he is the last former Savaii standing, and he needs to break their alliance of six. Otherwise, if he goes out while there are six remaining, that's one spot worse than he'd have likely done staying with his own tribe.

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Cochran Suspects Two Castaways are Having Sex on 'Survivor' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 24th 2011 12:00AM
'Survivor: South Pacific'It's Thanksgiving week, which means its time for another special edition of 'Survivor: South Pacific' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS). Rather than move forward, we get to look back over the season and see new scenes. Usually, this is a tedious episode each year, but this time around it proved rather interesting as we've got a good crop of castaways this season.

We saw a lot more personality and cunning out of Cochran -- are they setting us up to watch him win the whole thing? -- through extra confessional scenes. But we also saw even more suffering from the season's most "fragile" player. Particularly when he had to share a bunk with Keith and Whitney, who were apparently doing more than cuddling for warmth.

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Redemption Island Duel Determines First Two Jury Members on 'Survivor' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 17th 2011 2:30AM
'Survivor: South Pacific' - 'Running the Show'After a rather lackluster week that saw Jim and Keith join Ozzy at Redemption Island, 'Survivor: South Pacific' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS) saw some tribe members trying to shake things up. And it wasn't even Whitney and Dawn stirring things up, though they were certainly willing to do anything to stay alive.


Ozzy did just as he promised eating very well and providing food for Jim and Keith before eliminating both of them at the Duel. He's definitely looking hungry to get back into the game, and he's proven that the Ozzy of 2011 is pretty impressive still.

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Cochran Takes a Verbal Beating for Betraying His Tribe on 'Survivor' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 10th 2011 1:30AM
'Survivor: South Pacific' - 'Cut Throat'Now wait a minute, Jeff Probst! I could have sworn you said there would never be more than two people at Redemption Island this season, after the insanity of last season where they seemed to pile up there forever after the merge. And yet, after this week's episode of 'Survivor: South Pacific' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS) saw two Tribal Councils, there are now three residents.


Cochran really got reamed by his former tribe for making the strategic decision to betray his old tribe and start voting with Upolu. But he was clearly at the bottom of his own tribe's pecking order, so it was a risk worth taking. Worst case scenario he's at the bottom of this new tribe, but at least he made a move to try and improve his situation.

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Did Ozzy's Big Gamble Last Week Pay Off on 'Survivor: South Pacific'? (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 3rd 2011 1:00AM
'Survivor: South Pacific'Last week, Ozzy made a potentially huge move on 'Survivor: South Pacific' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS). He sacrificed himself to Redemption Island with hopes of eliminating Christine so that Savaii could come in 6-6 against Upolu when the merge hit. They needed him to win and the merge to happen for the first part of the plan to work.


If Ozzy was seeking his own sort of redemption with this plan, he certainly got it. He handily defeated Christine, who seemed frazzled by the heightened competition. It's interesting to speculate if you think Cochran could have beaten her. The thing is, though, Christine would have surely sided with Savaii anyway upon her return.

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Ozzy Makes One of the Biggest Moves in 'Survivor' History (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 27th 2011 3:15AM
'Survivor: South Pacific' - 'Trojan Horse''Survivor' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS) is often won or lost by players making big moves, but perhaps no one has ever made a bigger move than Ozzy did this week. Will it pay off?


Unity seemed to be the theme of the night. More than on most seasons, these two tribes seem to have a bitter rivalry with one another, and have become very tightly knit. With them also being two of the most evenly matched tribes of all time, post-merge life could be very interesting.

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Jeff Probst Shocked as One Contestant Says 'Send Me Home' on 'Survivor' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 20th 2011 1:15AM
'Survivor: South Pacific' - 'Free Agent'Christine was looking to repeat Matt Elrod's performance last season by getting back into the game on 'Survivor: South Pacific' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS). Meanwhile, Brandon Hantz continues running from the legacy of his Uncle Russell, though ironically Coach noticed this week that he runs exactly like his uncle.


It was Survivor Shuffleboard at Redemption Island, and Christine kept alive another week, and proved to her tribemates she's still holding a grudge by flipping them the bird when they tried to root for her.

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Brandon Hantz Reveals His Secret to His Tribe on 'Survivor' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 29th 2011 12:00AM
'Survivor: South Pacific' - 'Reap What You Sow'Russell Hantz was fascinating to watch because he was so diabolically evil. On 'Survivor: South Pacific' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS), we're discovering that his nephew Brandon may be an even more fascinating case study.

After failing to get Mikayla eliminated because she's distracting to look at, he tried to come clean to his tribe in an attempt to turn over a new leaf. But all it seemed to do was make his tribe even more wary of him; and especially his closest ally in the game, Coach.

Luckily for Brandon, his tribe won the Immunity Challenge that week, as he once again blew up. He called a second tribal meeting so he could yell at Mikayla in front of everyone and tell her that no one likes her or trusts her. But no one seemed to have much clue what's going on.

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'Survivor: South Pacific' Premiere: Never Suck at the First Challenge! (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 15th 2011 3:13AM
'Survivor: South Pacific' - 'I Need Redemption'
['Survivor: South Pacific' Season 23, Episode 1 - 'I Need Redemption']

Usually it's just a mess trying to figure out the new players on a 'Survivor' premiere, but 'Survivor: South Pacific' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS) did a great job of spotlighting several of the outcasts. This despite having to give plenty of face time to returning 'All-Stars' Coach and Ozzy.

And just like that, I'm hooked for another season. I don't know how this show manages to stay so compelling. This time, I got completely wrapped up in the tribe dynamics and early alliances.

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'Survivor: Redemption Island' Season 22, Episode 14 (Season Finale) Recap

by Jason Hughes, posted May 16th 2011 7:40AM
Jeff Probst, 'Survivor: Redemption Island' finale['Survivor: Redemption Island' - 'Seems Like a No Brainer']

Could "Boston Rob" Mariano pull off one of the most impressive victories in the history of 'Survivor'? Going into the finale, he looked poised to do just that. Of course, he still had to whittle down his Final Four, contend with whoever returned from Redemption Island and then convince the jury to not be bitter and reward his game play.

From Redemption, he faced the possibility of going up against Matt, who'd spent 29 days there, surviving every single duel up to this point. Mike was well-liked and had dominated even Matt since going there, while Andrea and Grant were members of his own alliance.

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