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October 10, 2015


What to Watch: TV Picks for December 12 - 18

by Stephanie Earp, posted Dec 12th 2011 9:10AM

Barbara Walters: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2011 - Wednesday December 14, 9:30PM ET/PT, Global/ABC

Poor Babs. She's forced to include the Kardashians on her list this year, though there's no denying they took up plenty of tabloid and head space over the year. Also included are Pippa Middleton, she of the royally sexy bum, Simon Cowell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet of 'Modern Family' and is-he-or-isn't-he political animal Donald Trump.

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CBS Renews 'Survivor' For 2 More Seasons

by Chris Harnick, posted Nov 17th 2011 2:30PM
SurvivorCBS has renewed 'Survivor' for Season 25 and 26, a move that will keep the show on the air until 2013.

Jeff Probst will return as host and executive producer.

"I am thrilled to continue working on the longest-running reality competition show with the world's greatest adventure crew for two more seasons," Probst said in a statement. "We are so thankful for the supportive fans who remain with us every season, and we promise to deliver another year of quality television."

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Cochran Takes a Verbal Beating for Betraying His Tribe on 'Survivor' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Nov 10th 2011 1:30AM
'Survivor: South Pacific' - 'Cut Throat'Now wait a minute, Jeff Probst! I could have sworn you said there would never be more than two people at Redemption Island this season, after the insanity of last season where they seemed to pile up there forever after the merge. And yet, after this week's episode of 'Survivor: South Pacific' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS) saw two Tribal Councils, there are now three residents.


Cochran really got reamed by his former tribe for making the strategic decision to betray his old tribe and start voting with Upolu. But he was clearly at the bottom of his own tribe's pecking order, so it was a risk worth taking. Worst case scenario he's at the bottom of this new tribe, but at least he made a move to try and improve his situation.

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'Survivor' Winner Ethan Zohn Runs NYC Marathon

by Crystal Bell, posted Nov 7th 2011 11:00AM
Ethan Zohn NYC marathonJust a week after news spread that Ethan Zohn's cancer had returned, the 'Survivor: Africa' winner proved that he wasn't going to let the cancer crush his spirits by completing the New York City marathon.

It was an emotional moment for both Zohn and his girlfriend or eight years, Jenna Morasca, who was there when he received the news that his cancer had returned to his lungs. But Zohn wasn't going to let his aching body stop him from achieving his goal. He was determined to outrun the cancer.

"My quads were burning, my hamstrings felt like they were about to rip off," he told People magazine after the marathon. "But I knew with every step I was crushing little cancer cells on the road. I even wrote 'f--k canzer' on the bottom of my shoes. That's what kept me going."

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'Survivor' Winner Ethan Zohn's Cancer Returns

by Chris Harnick, posted Nov 2nd 2011 1:15PM
Ethan Zohn's Cancer ReturnsEthan Zohn's cancer is back. The winner of 'Survivor: Africa' and recent contestant on 'The Amazing Race' told People his cancer returned in September.

"It's localized in my lung area," Zohn said. "But it's good that it's not all over my body."

In 2009, Zohn was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called CD20-positive Hodgkin's lymphoma. After undergoing treatment, Zohn revealed he was cancer-free in late April 2010.

Zohn's girlfriend, fellow 'Survivor' winner Jenna Morasca, appeared with him on CBS's 'The Amazing Race.' She was also by his side when he got the news. However, Zohn said she's taking the news in stride. "We're both filled with fear and anger and anxiety and gratitude and frustration. But there's so much love there. It's this whole spectrum of emotions."

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Ozzy Makes One of the Biggest Moves in 'Survivor' History (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 27th 2011 3:15AM
'Survivor: South Pacific' - 'Trojan Horse''Survivor' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS) is often won or lost by players making big moves, but perhaps no one has ever made a bigger move than Ozzy did this week. Will it pay off?


Unity seemed to be the theme of the night. More than on most seasons, these two tribes seem to have a bitter rivalry with one another, and have become very tightly knit. With them also being two of the most evenly matched tribes of all time, post-merge life could be very interesting.

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Another Incredibly Close Finish in a Disgusting 'Survivor' Challenge (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 13th 2011 1:15AM
'Survivor: South Pacific' - 'Taste the Victory''Survivor' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS) got really gross this week with its Immunity Challenge. And then, to make it worse, they made the disgusting part of the challenge part of the reward as well. Still, after 14 days out there, the contestants weren't complaining.

When they arrived, they found two roasted pigs, and the challenge was pretty simple. Get the most meat into a bowl in the allotted amount of time. The gross part was that their hands were tied behind their backs and they could only use their mouths.

Cue several minutes of contestants spitting meat and slobber into the bowls, picking meat up off of the ground -- and out of each other's mouths.

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Brandon Hantz Breaks Down Talking About His Uncle Russell (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 6th 2011 12:45AM
Brandon Hantz, 'Survivor: South Pacific'While the returning contestants seemed to overwhelm the last season of 'Survivor' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS), Ozzy and Coach haven't been as dominant a presence. Both have built solid positions for themselves, but the rest of the contestants have still managed to stand out as individuals.


Brandon Hantz, of course, has gotten a lot of attention as the nephew of notorious two-time villain Russell Hantz. This week, when his tribe lost the Immunity Challenge, Jeff Probst got his first chance to talk to Brandon about his uncle when Brandon admitted he'd come clean to his tribe about his lineage.

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Brandon Hantz Reveals His Secret to His Tribe on 'Survivor' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 29th 2011 12:00AM
'Survivor: South Pacific' - 'Reap What You Sow'Russell Hantz was fascinating to watch because he was so diabolically evil. On 'Survivor: South Pacific' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS), we're discovering that his nephew Brandon may be an even more fascinating case study.

After failing to get Mikayla eliminated because she's distracting to look at, he tried to come clean to his tribe in an attempt to turn over a new leaf. But all it seemed to do was make his tribe even more wary of him; and especially his closest ally in the game, Coach.

Luckily for Brandon, his tribe won the Immunity Challenge that week, as he once again blew up. He called a second tribal meeting so he could yell at Mikayla in front of everyone and tell her that no one likes her or trusts her. But no one seemed to have much clue what's going on.

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Brandon Hantz Reveals His Secret to Coach on 'Survivor: South Pacific' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 22nd 2011 1:15AM
'Survivor: South Pacific'Brandon Hantz is proving to be a much more difficult man to figure out than his Uncle Russell. On 'Survivor: South Pacific' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS), he continued to assert that he's trying to play a nicer game than his uncle, that he's allowing his faith to guide him.

He even confided in his ally Coach, showing the veteran player the tattoo on his arm that reveals his last name. It was a risky move on his part, particularly since Russell helped orchestrate Coach's ouster the last time the two played together.

But it was later in the episode, when Brandon again decided he needed to target Mikayla because she's beautiful and he's married. It's as if he doesn't believe he can control himself around pretty girls, which is a pretty scary prospect for a show where you run around in your underwear most of the time.

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'Survivor: South Pacific' Premiere: Never Suck at the First Challenge! (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 15th 2011 3:13AM
'Survivor: South Pacific' - 'I Need Redemption'
['Survivor: South Pacific' Season 23, Episode 1 - 'I Need Redemption']

Usually it's just a mess trying to figure out the new players on a 'Survivor' premiere, but 'Survivor: South Pacific' (Wed., 8PM ET on CBS) did a great job of spotlighting several of the outcasts. This despite having to give plenty of face time to returning 'All-Stars' Coach and Ozzy.

And just like that, I'm hooked for another season. I don't know how this show manages to stay so compelling. This time, I got completely wrapped up in the tribe dynamics and early alliances.

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What to Watch: TV Picks for September 12 - 18

by Stephanie Earp, posted Sep 12th 2011 9:00PM
Survivor: South Pacific - Wednesday September 14, 8PM ET/PT, CBS/Global

'Survivor' returns, looking a lot like last season. The Redemption Island twist is back, as are two previous castaways, Coach and Ozzy. Which is a far cry from Rob and Russell, but I can see why the producers would be eager to reproduce the experiment that led to such an interesting game last time. Another round of Coach wisdom is just about the last thing I was hoping for but I imagine he'll get himself voted off pretty quick. The other thing that hasn't changed -- the prize is still a million dollars. It makes you wonder when they're gonna get a cost-of-living or inflation raise on this show.

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'Survivor: South Pacific': Coach and Ozzy Return to the Game

by Chris Harnick, posted Aug 24th 2011 10:05AM
Ozzy and CoachThe rumors are true: Coach and Ozzy Lusth are back in the game! The duo will be competing for redemption on 'Survivor: South Pacific.'

The two veterans join 16 new contestants -- including Russell Hantz's nephew Brandon -- for a new season of the game.

According to EW, Coach and Ozzy will be on different teams. However, there isn't a rivalry between the two like last year's Boston Rob and Hantz. On the other hand, Ozzy and Coach both share a problem playing the social part of the game.

"So we looked at it and said here are two guys that do have a redemption story," host Jeff Probst told EW. "Yes, you've played. Yes, you're popular, but you don't know what you're doing in this game."

Meet the rest of the contestants below!

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'Survivor: South Pacific' Cast Revealed

by Chris Harnick, posted Aug 22nd 2011 11:30AM
Survivor: South Pacific CastStarting Wed., Sept. 14 at 8PM, 18 contestants will do their best to outwit, outplay and outlast the competition in 'Survivor: South Pacific.' CBS has revealed 16 of the 18 contestants -- two former 'Survivor' players will return to the game in order to seek redemption.

The castaways will be divided into groups of nine, forming the Savaii and Upolu tribes.

This latest batch of contestants also features Russell Hantz's nephew, Brandon, an oil tanker crew member. According to Reality Blurred, Coach and Ozzy Lusth will be the veterans seeking redemption.

Meet the cast below!

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'Love in the Wild': 2x the Reality, 2x the Fun

by Stephanie Earp, posted Jul 4th 2011 2:30PM
I've never really followed an entire season of reality dating show, except for Meredith's turn on 'The Bachelorette', mainly because I was pretty sure she was doing it as a joke.

So color me surprised to find I actually enjoyed the debut of 'Love in the Wild' last week and have mentally penciled episode two into my calendar this Wednesday (9PM ET/PT, CTV/NBC). The show definitely hearkens back to the era of 'Paradise Hotel' or 'Temptation Island' but manages to feel like a fresher take on the pretty-people-in-a-hot-tub genre. Basically, it's a blatant attempt to mix 'Survivor' with 'The Bachelor'. The result includes some of the best and worst elements of both of those shows.

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