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October 4, 2015


Grant Show and the porno moustache

by Allison Waldman, posted Aug 4th 2008 3:23PM
Grant with stacheI can't believe it's gone. I've been watching for weeks now and the damn thing has grown on me, not to mention the polyester pants and paisley shirts. Are you lost? I'm talking about Swingtown. There are but two episodes left of the series and unless there's a dramatic spurt in the ratings, I don't think CBS is going to re-up the show. Add to that the fact that Grant Show has shaved his moustache. That could be a signal that Swingtown is not coming back.

Grant actually named the Fu-Manchu moustache, Sebastian. "[It'd] gotten out of control. The moment they called wrap on the last episode, I shaved it off," he told the New York Times. "I feel like myself again. People who didn't know me looked at me like, 'What the hell are you doing?' I was at a restaurant the other day, and a woman asked me if I was a porn star."

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Swingtown: Swingus Interruptus

by Allison Waldman, posted Aug 2nd 2008 1:03AM
Roger train station(S01E09) Okay, we're really into swinging tonight. Everybody seems to get into the action, including the kids. Frankly, the summer of '76 is making everyone in Swingtown hot and horny and just a touch too adventurous. It makes for interesting viewing, but I'm not sure how realistic all this is supposed to be. What is the difference between swinging and cheating?

Brad and Sylvia are back. It's yet another dinner party at the Deckers! The writers really have to find other ways to get these people together. Anyway, after Bruce's admission of his overt flirtation with Melinda -- a couple of kisses and a trip to her apartment -- the Millers accept an invitation to the Pendulum Club. That's an erotic cabaret according to Trina, and yes, the Deckers decide to go along at Susan's behest.

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Swingtown: Puzzlerama

by Kona Gallagher, posted Jul 26th 2008 3:19PM
swingtown bar(S01E08) "New year, new neighbors, new secrets." That's Trina as she sets up for tonight's game of Puzzlerama, but can pretty much be said about tonight's episode. Everyone has secrets, and they're all coming out.

Before we get started, I just want to mention that I'm filling in for your normal Swingtown host, so if I miss anything, don't blame her. She'll return to give you next week's review.

The kids are back in this week's episode, but they're only making cameo appearances. The focus is really on Susan and Bruce and Janet and Roger and the feelings they have for each other and those around them.

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Are you ready for the return of ... Knight Rider?

by Bob Sassone, posted Sep 27th 2007 3:05PM

Knight Rider opening

I know, I know, you're thinking, "how the hell can NBC think of bringing back a show like Knight Rider?" But people were saying the same thing when they announced a new Bionic Woman and look what happened.

It's true: NBC has given the OK for a TV movie pilot (we don't see much of those on TV these days) for a new, updated Knight Rider, to be directed (possibly) by Doug Liman (Swingers, The Bourne Identity, Mr. and Mrs. Smith). Hopefully this updated version means that the car isn't going to talk but will have other, more impressive capabilities to fight crime. We can also assume that David Hasselhoff will not be asked to reprise his role as Michael Knight, though I bet we see a wink-wink cameo at some point.

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith -- A look at the pilot script

by Brett Love, posted May 8th 2007 3:03PM
The cast of Mr & Mrs Smith
ABC had garnered a fair amount of press over this one because of the obvious tie-in to the Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie movie. The big news is that the creators of the movie are back for the TV show. Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity, Swingers) and Simon Kinberg (X-Men: The Last Stand) have signed on to try and transform their movie to the small screen.

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Swingers and exorcist make CBS' wish list

by Anna Johns, posted Dec 20th 2006 9:22AM
cbs logoKeeping with its promise of shying away from procedurals, CBS has ordered pilots for two seemingly unusual series. The first is centered around an ex-priest who travels around performing exorcisms. It's called Demons. It's being created by Barbara Hall, who also created Joan of Arcadia, and executive produced by movie man Joe Roth.

The second series is called Swingtown and it sounds like it's bound for a 10 pm time slot. The series is set in the 1970s and is about a bunch of married couples who swap spouses. It's being created by Mike Kelley, writer and executive producer of The O.C.

Pilot season, by the way, is soon upon us. January is traditionally the time of year when the networks request pilots from all the television veterans and wanna-bes who have been pitching them this fall.

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Moral Orel: Elemental Orel

by Adam Finley, posted Dec 4th 2006 10:15AM

moral orel(S02E04) Sadness is nature's spankings. - Clay Puppington

Those of us who have been watching Moral Orel since the beginning know that the show is more complex than it appears on the surface. The inner tensions within his own family and the other grown ups in Moralton were hinted at in the first season and have come more into focus this season. I'm not a television writer, but I imagine trying to meld the funny and the emotional into an eleven-minute amalgam can't be easy, which is why I think the "slow reveal" approach has worked so well for Moral Orel. In this episode, when Orel finds out his mother might have another family, the scene doesn't feel like it was suddenly sprung on us out of nowhere, because Bloberta's unhappiness and detachment has been part of the show's subtext since it first aired a year ago.

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What's on tonight: America's Got Talent, Sean Connery, lots of poker

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 21st 2006 4:44PM
  • SwingersAt 8, ABC has a repeat George Lopez, followed by a repeat Freddie and two repeats of Lost.
  • CBS has the premiere of Big Brother: All-Stars, followed by repeats of Criminal Minds and CSI: NY.
  • NBC has a new Dateline at 8, followed by the series premiere of America's Got Talent.
  • FOX has a new So You Think You Can Dance at 8.
  • The WB has a new Blue Collar TV at 8, a repeat ep, then a repeat of One Tree Hill, while UPN has Drew Barrymore in the documentary My Date With Drew.
  • At 9, USA has the AFI Life Achievement Award, honoring Sean Connery.
  • Bravo has a new Celebrity Poker Showdown, with players Jenna Fischer, Rocco DiSpirito, Mario Cantone, Jordan Peele, and Keegan-Michael Key.
  • IFC has one of my favorite movies at 9, Swingers.
  • Also at 9: the Travel Channel has a new World Poker Showdown.
  • At 10, HBO2 has Lewis Black: Red, White & Screwed.

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