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September 1, 2015

sydney pollack

What's On Tonight: The Mole, Monday Night RAW, Legally Blonde

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 2nd 2008 4:03PM
  • World Poker TourAt 8, ABC has a new episode of The Bachelorette, then the season premiere of The Mole.
  • NBC has the Red Wings/Penguins Stanley Cup Game at 8.
  • TCM has Sydney Pollack movies starting at 8: The Slender Thread and Three Days of the Condor.
  • At 9, Lifetime has the new movie The Capture of the Green River Killer.
  • USA has a new Monday Night RAW at 9.
  • Discovery has a new Dirty Jobs at 9, followed by a new Verminators.
  • GSN has a new World Poker Tour at 9.
  • G4 Rewind debuts at 9 on G4.
  • Also at 9: TV Land has a Mad About You marathon.
  • At 10, VH-1 has the series premiere of Legally Blonde: The Search For Elle Woods.

Check your local TV listings for more.

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TCM schedules Sydney Pollack film retrospective

by Allison Waldman, posted May 28th 2008 3:39PM
Sydney PollackRecently, I wrote about why I respect, admire, and -- yes -- love Turner Classic Movies. Well, today they've done something else to reinforce my feelings. On June 2, TCM will air a salute to director Sydney Pollack, showing four of his films. The Oscar-winning director, who was also an actor and producer, passed away on Monday following a short bout with cancer. It was only a few months ago that the word spread in Hollywood that he was seriously ill. Film critic Joseph Morgenstern wrote a salute to him on February 2 in the Wall Street Journal, honoring the man before his death.

Sadly, the cancer that fell Sydney Pollack was one that didn't respond to treatment.

On Monday, TCM will show Sydney Pollack's directorial debut in features, 1965's The Slender Thread starring Sidney Poitier and Anne Bancroft. In the same year, he won an Emmy for directing The Game, part of the Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theater anthology series. On TV, he'd also done Ben Casey and The Fugitive episodes, learning his craft.


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Sydney Pollack dead at 73

by Bob Sassone, posted May 26th 2008 10:30PM

Sydney PollackAlthough TV fans would know him from his role as Will's dad on Will and Grace, he was also, of course, an acclaimed film director, helming such movies as Three Days of the Condor (one of my favorite films), Tootsie, Out of Africa, The Way We Were, The Firm, Havana, Absence of Malice, They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, Jeremiah Johnson, and The Interpreter. He also directed several TV shows back in the 60s, including The Fugitive, Ben Casey, Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theatre, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Defenders, Slattery's People, and many others.

Pollack's other acting roles included spots on The Sopranos, King of the Hill, Frasier, Mad About You, Playhouse 90, and The Twilight Zone, along with the movies Michael Clayton, Eyes Wide Shut, Husbands and Wives, A Civil Action, Death Becomes Her, and The Player. His last acting role was in this year's Made of Honor and his last directing job was 2005's Sketches of Frank Gehry.

Pollack died of cancer this afternoon in Pacific Palisades, CA. He was 73.

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Entourage: No Cannes Do

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Aug 27th 2007 8:02AM

Drama, Turtle, and Vince

(S04E11) "Ninety-seven minutes, E." - Drama

It just keeps getting better. Like everyone else, I've complained here and there about some of the mediocre episodes that have aired this summer. However, it's hard to stay angry when we get one like this. It was perfect really. Hands down, one of the best written episodes of Entourage -- spanning all four seasons. Think about it. When was the last episode that flawlessly integrated every character into the action as well as guest spots from Kanye West, Sydney Pollack, and Anna Faris?

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Pollack out, Roach in for Recount

by Adam Finley, posted Aug 6th 2007 3:01PM

jay roachLast April I told you Sydney Pollack was attached to direct HBO's "dramatic re-imagining" of the 2000 election kerfuffle in Florida.

Pollack has stepped away from the director's chair for personal reasons, and Austin Powers director Jay Roach has stepped in. Pollack will remain as an executive producer, however.

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What's on tonight: Jericho, Project Runway, Good Eats, Kidnapped, Frank Gehry

by Bob Sassone, posted Sep 27th 2006 5:01PM
  • BonesAt 8, ABC has a new Dancing with the Stars, followed by another Lost recap show, then a new 20/20.
  • CBS has a new Jericho at 8, followed by new eps of Criminal Minds and CSI: NY.
  • NBC has a new, two-hour Biggest Loser at 8, followed by a new Kidnapped.
  • There's a new Bones on FOX at 8, followed by a new Justice.
  • The CW has a new America's Next Top Model at 8, followed by the season premiere of One Tree Hill.
  • At 9, PBS has a new American Masters, "Sketches of Frank Gehry."
  • Larry King interviews Clay Aiken on CNN at 9.
  • Food Network has the special Cereal-Scapes at 9, followed by new eps of Good Eats and Ham on the Street.
  • At 10, A&E has a new Criss Angel Mindfreak.
  • IFC has Jesus' Son at 10.
  • Bravo has a new Project Runway at 10.
  • Also at 10: HBO has a new Inside the NFL.

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Pollack's Frank Gehry documentary on PBS tonight

by Adam Finley, posted Sep 27th 2006 4:26PM
frank gehryIf you've been wanting to rent Sketches of Frank Gehry, director Sydney Pollack's portrait of the renowned architect that was released on DVD recently, I figured I'd save you the cash by letting you know that the movie will be airing on PBS this evening at 10 pm. The film traces how Gehry's abstract sketches are modified, changed and eventually turned into three-dimensional structures. The film is being shown as part of PBS' American Masters series, which recently aired a great examination of the life and work of Andy Warhol. Both of these specials will be repeating throughout the next several days, so check your local listings, as they say.

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Things I Hate About TV: Sitcoms that kill off characters

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 8th 2006 1:12PM
Will and GraceDid you see Will and Grace the other night? If you recorded it or you're waiting for the rerun, then stop reading right here. Well, actually, you don't have to stop reading right here, because I won't reveal the spoiler until after the jump. So I should rephrase the above and say that if you haven't seen it yet, don't click below. OK? OK.

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