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October 6, 2015


Venture Bros. just made my wardrobe even geekier

by Annie Wu, posted May 27th 2008 2:08PM
Guild TeeDespite my desperate attempts to look somewhat sophisticated by keeping my shirts pressed and my cuffs crisp, every once a while, an irresistible piece of geeky attire will throw off my entire wardrobe. Just take my beloved, ill-fitting "Plan 9 from Outer Space" shirt for example. Oh, Ed Wood, what is this power you have over me?

Now, here comes The Venture Bros. to make things extra-horrible for my wardrobe and my wallet. Fans have spent the last four years or so moaning about how there are barely any goodies for purchase, and the merch gods (in this case, aka Jackson Publick) have spoken just in time for the new season.

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Would you buy a "headline shirt" from CNN?

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 22nd 2008 4:24PM

CNN logoOK, so maybe a MILF Island t-shirt isn't quite your style, but you're looking for something a little bit different than the usual Lost t-shirt or Office mug. How about a t-shirt that has headlines from CNN printed on the front?

Yup, CNN.com is selling the shirts for $15.00 (plus tax and shipping). The American Apparel shirts come in black, grey, or white,and come with a little timestamp printed on the shirt that tells you the date and time the headline was created (and for you tech geek wiseasses out there, you can alter what the shirts say, but CNN won't let you order it that way). The shirts aren't exactly getting rave reviews from other sites and journalists.

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TV Squad at Comic-Con this week

by Keith McDuffee, posted Jul 25th 2007 2:07PM
comic-con logoIt's time once again for the big geek-out event, Comic-Con 2007, where legions of fans descend upon the city of San Diego for several hot days in July, hoping to meet some stars and learn some juicy news about their favorite comic book, movie or television show. How on Earth could we dare miss it?

Our own Julia Ward will be representing TV Squad this year with some help from Kevin Kelly, attending as many of the panels and events they can muster in three or four days. While at Comic-Con, Julia will be using our handy-dandy Twitter account (widget after the jump) to not only update on big TV news as it happens at the event and when she's got new posts up on this site, but she will occasionally update on her whereabouts so you can locate her and get one of our awesome new TV Squad T-Shirts! Check back here later for an update from Julia on what she'll be attending and more.

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Holiday loot spending guide: TV Tees

by Julia Ward, posted Dec 29th 2006 4:06PM
Tobias Funke T-ShirtCombine the modern miracles of the silk screen, the Hanes Beefy-T and Cafe Press, and you get more fans than ever emblazoning their TV-related affections across their chests, backs and sleeves. There are literally hundreds of tees that you could be spending your holiday booty on. What better way to tell the world that "Hiro is your hero" or that you're voting Stewart/Colbert in '08?

See ten of the best TV tees the world of online sales has to offer after the jump.

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Horny manatees help save real manatees

by Julia Ward, posted Dec 15th 2006 6:29PM
Horny Manatee SchoolgirlCharitable giving just got funnier. Adding an altruistic spin to their HornyManatee.com gag, Late Night with Conan O'Brien is donating $5 from the sale of every Horny Manatee t-shirt to the Save the Manatee Club, champion to sea cows everywhere.

Having spent much of my youth in Florida, I can tell you that the poor manatee has been a glorified motorboat speedbump for years. It's a sad state of affairs for our gentle warm water friend. Groups like Save the Manatee educate boaters and swimmers on proper human-manatee interaction - don't touch; don't ride; watch from a distance. Ummm... I'd say all those rules are pretty much violated by Horny Manatee fans, but that's alright. If non-profit organizations knew that you could raise money by dressing up in a furry costume and humping a bedpost, they wouldn't have wasted all that time begging the government for money.

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Jon Stewart for President? Nah, it's just a t-shirt.

by Joel Keller, posted Oct 9th 2006 4:31PM
Stewart/Colbert '08It seems that nowadays, mandates from the people come in the form of kitschy t-shirts. I guess a bunch of Internet t-shirt makers got it into their heads to create t-shirts that say "Stewart/Colbert '08," essentially touting the combination of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert as a Presidential ticket in the 2008 election. The shirts have gotten so popular that Stewart felt the need to dispel the sartorially-created rumor at The New Yorker Festival this past weekend.

"Nothing says 'I am ashamed of you my government' more than 'Stewart/Colbert '08,'" he told the audience during an on-stage interview conducted by David Remnick, the magazine's editor. In other words, no, a bunch of screen-printed cotton does not a campaign make. Anyway, why would either Stewart or Colbert ever run for office? They'd have to take massive paycuts and then won't be able to make fun of anyone. They're both doing more of a public service on Comedy Central than they ever would in the West Wing.

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BREAKING SCREECH NEWS: Diamond mugged at hotel

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 8th 2006 8:55PM

Dustin DiamondOh God, here we go.

Dustin Diamond, aka Screech from Saved By The Bell, told a Florida radio station that a woman mugged him in his hotel room. He says the woman busted into his hotel room with mace, grabbed some PSP games, then ran out. He had her for a few seconds against the hotel room door (she cried "rape"), but then she got away.

Luckily, his T-shirts are fine.

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TV Squad T's at ComicCon

by Keith McDuffee, posted Jul 21st 2006 12:24PM
tv squad t-shirtSo, you're down at ComicCon this weekend, looking for TV Squad's presence? Well, we originally planned to have a couple of people down there this year, but scheduling mayhem put a wrench in those works. But we've got the next best thing -- Netscape's own (and formerly TV Squad's) Ryan Budke is down on the showroom floor today and throughout the weekend, and he'll be feeding us scoops and links whenever he can. Even better, he's carrying around a bunch of TV Squad T-shirts, handing them out to the 'Squad faithful.

What are you waiting for? Go find Ryan (seen in the video here) and get a shirt while supplies last!

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Buy a t-shirt and help Screech save his house

by Joel Keller, posted Jun 14th 2006 11:50AM
Save Dustin Diamond's houseYesterday, Dustin Diamond, best known as Screech from Saved by the Bell, appeared on the Howard Stern show. During the appearance, he mentioned, among other things (let's just say the number "10" came up somewhere in the conversation... that's all I'll say about that) that he signed a messed-up land contract to get his house in Wisconsin, and for various reasons, he's about to lose it. As part of his efforts, he is selling t-shirts online for $15 ($20 if you want them signed by Dustin).

It's not that he's destitute; Diamond tours the country as a stand-up comic. It's just that he had bad credit and had to rely on some shady people in order to get the house. He doesn't want to sell (though he'd make a profit) and wants to stay right where he is. So if you felt bad for Screech or identified with him (I certainly did), or just laughed at his Screechiness, go to Dustin's site and buy a shirt. Or just go to the site and laugh at him. It's up to you.

(Update: for all of the readers who are about to write, "Well, he should just get the money from his father, Neil Diamond, or his brother, Mike Diamond from the Beastie Boys," just stop right now. He is not related to either Diamond. Need proof? Look here.)

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