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October 9, 2015

t.r. knight

T.R. Knight Books First TV Role Since 'Grey's Anatomy'

by Jean Bentley, posted Aug 1st 2011 2:00PM
TR KnightAfter T.R. Knight's highly publicized exit from 'Grey's Anatomy' in 2009, the actor has stuck to stage roles in the ensuing two years. Now, the man formerly known as Dr. George O'Malley has scheduled his return to the small screen.

According to TV Guide, Knight will guest star on a fall episode of 'Law & Order: SVU' as a "serial rapist who consistently maintains his innocence despite overwhelming evidence." There's not yet an airdate for the episode.

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Best TV of the '00s: Scandals

by Mike Moody, posted Dec 29th 2009 2:00PM
grey's anatomy scandalMore of our best of the decade coverage, which started earlier today. You can read the other posts at the link above. Here, we talk about the decade's biggest TV scandals.

Who doesn't like a little drama? We love it here at TV Squad. Of course, its usually the scripted kind that we obsess over, not the real-life variety. But it was hard to escape all of the behind-the-scenes scandals going on during the Aughts.

The backstage drama often spilled out onto the tube, in talk show interviews, reality series, and with the 24-hour news networks looking to fill time and boost their ratings. Needless to say, we had little trouble picking our top TV scandals of the '00s.

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Jane After Dark: Grey's Anatomy season five; Private Practice season two

by Jane Boursaw, posted Oct 4th 2009 10:00AM
Grey's Anatomy, season five dvdWith Grey's Anatomy and its spin-off Private Practice starting new seasons, I decided to refresh my brain with the previous seasons of these two ABC shows. So this week's Jane After Dark was all about the dreamy doctors.

I've been on board with Private Practice since the beginning, and was especially interested to see what happened with Violet and her baby in the season three premiere. Happy ending there, thank goodness! And while Grey's Anatomy has certainly ebbed and flowed since it began in 2005, I've stuck with it because I've grown to love the dysfunctional characters with all their baggage. It makes my life seem just that much better.

Grey's Anatomy, Season Five

There were parts of this season that drove me a little nuts, like Izzie having "mind-boggling sex" with dead Denny. That whole storyline made me want to jump off a roof, but there were plenty of highlights to the season, as well...

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Grey's Anatomy update: past guest stars return, funeral in the works, etc.

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Aug 3rd 2009 1:00PM
Grey's Anatomy
Shooting of Season 6 of Grey's Anatomy has already begun which means only one thing: spoilers are leaking to the web!

Are Izzie and George dead of alive? Will Meredith be pregnant since actress Ellen Pompeo is? Who is returning to the show? Are they introducing new characters? These questions and more are answered in this Grey's Anatomy update!

Warning! Spoilers coming up.

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Spoilers Anonymous

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Jun 27th 2009 9:03AM

This is Spoilers Anonymous, a weekly column here at TV Squad where we supply you with the dirt on some of the more popular shows on the air. We'll never put spoilers up here on the main page in order to help the reformed stay unspoiled. If you have anything to add to the group, feel free to step up and let yourself be heard, either with our tips form or by emailing us at tvsquad at gmail dot com, or call and leave a message at (775) 640-8479. Your anonymity is guaranteed, if you wish to remain as such.

Note that over the summer, Spoilers Anonymous will be published every two weeks due to production hiatus for most TV series. Weekly columns will resume in August.

This week we have spoilers for: 90210, Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, Greek, Grey's Anatomy, House, NCIS: Los Angeles, One Tree Hill, Scrubs, Smallville, The Office and Ugly Betty. (SPOILERS FOLLOW!)

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Fun Finds: June 20

by AOL TV Staff, posted Jun 20th 2009 12:00PM
Homer Simpson

-- How well do you know your TV dads? Take the Father's Day quiz to find out [BuzzSugar]

-- Joe Buck is talking the talk with Asylum. Read the play-by-play interview [Asylum]

-- T.R. Knight is leaving 'Grey's Anatomy.' But it looks like George O'Malley won't be missed by everyone [Test Pattern]

(more headlines after the jump)

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TV Squad Ten: Series that should be canceled

by Isabelle Carreau, posted May 6th 2009 11:03AM
Grey's Anatomy
Earlier this week, I let you know of the ten shows I thought should be renewed. Now it's time to reverse the question and think about the shows that shouldn't be renewed. Yes, there are some shows that should end now, either because they have annoying characters (*cough* Meredith Grey *cough*), are not treated properly by their network (insert here pretty much all shows on FOX), have been on TV for too long and have a hard time being original (I'm talking about you Survivor), etc. ER would have been a prime candidate for this list, but NBC finally made the right decision and ended the show a few weeks ago. Note that my list includes some shows that have received early renewals. Still, I think they should be canceled asap. So what other shows, besides ER, I think should bite the dust? Let's find out!

If you just want the list, click here.

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T.R. Knight wants to leave Grey's. Should we care?

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Dec 9th 2008 8:02PM
T. R. KnightIf you are like me and use a RSS reader to keep tabs of the TV news of the day, you were probably overwhelmed by the number of articles claiming that T.R. Knight asked to leave ABC's Grey's Anatomy. In order to make my RSS reader a tad more crowded with this news, I decided to join in on the fun and blog about it!

The reason for Knight's request? He is unhappy with his storylines. Now where have we heard this reason before?

You have to admit that the actor has a point since he hasn't been doing much on the series so far this season and from the look of spoilers, it seems that no huge storylines are coming his way. Actually, he has been so underused since the season premiere that writing him off would not hurt the series at all. And you know what? I don't care if he stays or if he goes.

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Sarah Silverman: best comedy actress?

by Brett Love, posted Jul 1st 2008 8:23AM

Sarah SilvermanAs the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences tries to whittle the submissions down to actual nominees, it's interesting to take a look at who has made it to the semifinals. It's not a nomination, but it's one step away. Today comes word of the finalists for best comedy actress and best supporting drama actor. There are some surprises.

Chief among those for me is Sarah Silverman. I honestly hadn't even considered her in the running. I'm not much of a fan, but I do like that she is being considered for the simple fact that the base the nominees are drawn from can always use some expansion. And if she is the most surprising inclusion, the most surprising snub just might be Teri Hatcher. Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross, and Felicity Huffman all made the cut, but not Hatcher. Ouch. The rest of the finalists, and the supporting actors from a drama, after the jump.

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An open letter to Katherine Heigl

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Jun 13th 2008 2:23PM

Katherine HeiglHey Miss Heigl,

How's it going? Good I hope! You must be enjoying the off-season, huh? I bet you can't wait to get back into production for Grey's Anatomy though. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I think you're a really good person. You seem awfully nice and it's very admirable the way you stand up for things you believe in.

You held your own against Isaiah Washington and stood up for your friend T.R. Knight when Washington's hateful words stunned us all. You even spoke out against the sexist undertones of Knocked Up, a film you starred in no less!

Since you seem so nice, I'm wondering if you could do me a small favor. I need a few thousand bucks to cover some recent medical costs. See, I sprained a muscle in my neck real bad a few days ago. How'd it happen you ask?

From craning to get a glimpse of your self-righteous mug way up on top of that high horse of yours.

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Isaiah Washington says T.R. Knight should've been fired

by Anna Johns, posted Jun 21st 2007 3:25PM
isaiah washingtonAt this point, it just feels like we're watching Isaiah Washington self-destruct. Since being fired from Grey's Anatomy, he has said some pretty stupid stuff. But this one takes the cake.

Washington gave an interview to the Houston Chronicle, his hometown newspaper, where he says that actor T.R. Knight is the one who should have been fired from Grey's Anatomy. Sure, Washington is the one who practically got into a fistfight on set with co-star Patrick Dempsey after Washington used a derogatory gay slur referring to Knight. But, Washington says, Knight went on to have the nerve to be offended by it and ended up creating a negative work environment.

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Isaiah Washington says he's powerful, great, and that he loves himself

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 20th 2007 2:21PM

Isaiah WashingtonThere probably comes a time in every controversy where the person involved should just...stop...talking.

Fired Grey's Anatomy star Isaiah Washington is now comparing himself to Malcolm X and Paul Robeson. He isn't happy about getting canned from the show after he apologized, went to "rehab" and did everything the network asked him to do, and now he wonders if it's because of who he is and not what he did.

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Isaiah Washington not returning to Grey's Anatomy; he's "mad as hell"

by Joel Keller, posted Jun 8th 2007 8:24AM
Isaiah WashingtonIt's official: Isaiah Washington isn't coming back to Grey's Anatomy.

According to E! Online (who confirmed the story with ABC Television Studios), Washington, who portrayed Dr. Preston Burke, was informed yesterday that his contract will not be renewed. The actor's statement was succinct: "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore."

Recall that Washington caused an uproar around the Grey's set and in the entertainment industry when he called co-star T.R. Knight a "faggot" late last year. Knight publicly came out of the closet after the incident, and Washington had to spend the rest of the season in damage control, going to "rehab" and meeting with representatives from GLAAD, among other forms of restitution. Apparently that incident, combined with an overall difficult attitude, sealed Washington's fate.

[thanks to Dorv and Jillian for the tips.]

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Who's returning to Grey's Anatomy? - UPDATE

by Anna Johns, posted Jun 7th 2007 12:35PM
grey's anatomyA few of the actors on Grey's Anatomy have said that they're not sure whether their characters will be returning for next season. In the case of T.R. Knight, his character George O'Malley failed the intern exam in the season finale, which left his fate hanging in the balance. Viewers were also left with a cliffhanger regarding Isaiah Washington's character, Dr. Burke, who appeared to have fled Seattle in the season finale. And, Katherine Heigl, who plays Izzie, has been in heated contract negotiations for some time now.

It appears things have changed... but in case you don't want spoilers, I have put the information after the jump:

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Rumor: T.R. Knight May Leave Grey's Anatomy

by Kelly Woo, posted Jan 29th 2007 5:45PM

Grey's Anatomy on ABCWill Grey's Anatomy soon be George-less? MSNBC.com's The Scoop reports that a source says T.R. Knight is upset by how the network/show handled the aftermath of co-star Isaiah Washington's uses of a homophobic slur.

According to the source, Knight was asked to keep quiet about the initial incident, which happened on set. But then, Washington caused a furor by using the word again at the Golden Globes while trying to deny he'd ever used it in the first place.

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