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October 6, 2015

talent show

Harry Connick Jr. shocked by Australian talent show

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 8th 2009 2:33PM
Harry Connick Jr. is currently a judge on the Australian talent show Hey Hey It's Saturday, but he wasn't happy the other night. A group called "The Jackson Jive," several white guys in black makeup, appeared on the show and Connick gave them a "0" for the performance. The host tried to get him to change the score and then apologized to him for what happened. Connick said if he knew they were on he wouldn't have been on the show.

This isn't the first time they had been on the show, they actually appeared on the show in the '80s too. So is Connick right or was it just goofy funny and everyone's too PC now?

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Stairway to Stardom, or what American Idol filmed in a Staten Island basement 25 years ago would look like - VIDEO

by Eliot Glazer, posted Mar 24th 2009 11:00AM
stairway to stardom nyc cable access gloria huddleNothing breeds talent quite like cable access television.

Starting in 1979, Brooklyn resident Frank Masi created and hosted a program on local New York television called Stairway To Stardom. Filmed in what appeared to be a freshly carpeted Staten Island basement, Stairway was an especially early, low-budget predecessor to Star Search and American Idol, but sprinkled with the key element of hometown appeal.

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Do we need an a cappella American Idol on NBC?

by Jackie Schnoop, posted Mar 19th 2009 2:02PM
NBC logoI admit it. I get suckered into watching American Idol each season. I'm not a true addict -- I neither vote, nor do I buy any of the music put out by the winners. Well, except for Melinda Doolittle. But she didn't win, nor really come extremely close. But, I have to ask myself ... is there enough time in my life to get into watching yet another singing contest show?

You see, NBC has a project tentatively slated for either the summer or fall season called The Sing-Off. It wouldn't be airing during the AI season. That's a plus. It's a cappella. That could be interesting. But, aren't they a bit "too little, too late" if they're trying to jump on the popularity of American Idol? Like Idol, there would be judges and voting. The winner would receive a Sony Music recording contract.

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Everybody Hates Chris: Everybody Hates Superstition

by Adam Finley, posted Nov 28th 2006 9:47AM

everybody Hates chris(S02E09) It seems the shows I review have been somewhat light in the plot department this week. Sunday's episode of The Simpsons felt like it could have been stronger, and this most recent episode of Everybody Hates Chris centered around Chris and a pair of ugly (but lucky) socks.

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