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October 10, 2015

tax evasion

Richard Hatch Still Ticked About Being Thrown Back in Jail

by Joel Keller, posted Feb 17th 2010 2:07PM
Richard Hatch attends 10th Anniversary party for 'Survivor' in January 2010When CBS threw their tenth-anniversary party for 'Survivor' last month during the TCA press tour, there was only one person I wanted to talk to: Richard Hatch. And there was only one reason I wanted to talk to him: Someone claiming to be him sent us an e-mail comment in response to a post Allison did in October; Allison basically told him to stop airing public comments regarding the incident that sent him back to jail last summer.

If you recall, he gave an interview with 'Today' and two other NBC properties last August; he was sent back to jail because he was supposedly only given permission to talk to 'Today.'

In the note to us, the person -- who we're pretty sure was Hatch, based on some digging we did after the note came in -- claims that the system is "broken" and that he doesn't owe any back taxes, something Hatch has said in public a number of times.

So, I decided to ask him about whether he liked sending websites e-mails like that, then we talked a little about the case.

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An open letter to ex-con Richard Hatch

by Allison Waldman, posted Oct 16th 2009 1:06PM
richard_hatch_survivorDear Rich,

You don't mind if I call you Rich, do you? I feel like I know you well. And it's not just because I watched you walking around naked on an island somewhere either. No, it's because you were on Survivor twice and in both those instances, you really impressed me with your game-playing. You deserved to win that first Survivor. You earned it, Richard Hatch. You outwit, outplayed and outlasted all the rest, including Sue who probably wanted to kill you.

So, now that you're out of jail -- hopefully for good -- I'm rooting for you to get your stuff together and move on with life. That means shut your mouth. Stop yapping about how the authorities are conspiring against you. Stop saying it's because you're gay.

The first thing you must do is pay the back taxes on the prize money you legitimately won. Surely, you know that's how they got Al Capone. Pay the IRS, man. Start a payment system, they'll accept that.

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Richard Hatch really wants out of prison

by Anna Johns, posted Nov 16th 2006 2:31PM
richard hatchRichard Hatch has been corresponding from prison with a Boston gay publication called Edge-- proclaiming his innocence and calling prison "torture" for an innocent man. He's serving four years in prison, remember, for failing to pay income tax on his Survivor winnings and related income.

In his letters, Hatch says that the first six months of incarceration were awful. There were reports he was being held in segregation for his own safety, but what the reports didn't say--and what Hatch claims--is that 51 other rapists, murderers, and pedophiles were segregated along with him from the general prison population. Now Hatch is in a lovely prison compound that kind-of sounds like Martha Stewart's camp cupcake. He's in West Virginia, in a wilderness setting where there is all sorts of wildlife. And he's teaching fellow inmates study skills and helping them search for jobs. Most of all, he's miserable without his spouse, Emiliano Cabral (they were married in Canada before the trial). "Emi", as Hatch calls him, has moved back to his native Argentina because his American visa only allows for six-month stays.

Hatch says he does plan to appeal his conviction and he also says the prosecuting attorneys lied about him on several occasions during the trial. The court is expected to decide whether to hear the case in 2007.

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Richard Hatch is now in federal prison

by Anna Johns, posted Jul 24th 2006 6:16PM
richard hatchMaybe 'Naked Guy' doesn't fly in prison. Season one Survivor winner, Richard Hatch, has been moved to a federal prison in Oklahoma. He's serving a 51-month sentence for not paying taxes on his $1 million prize and other income. The judge was especially harsh because he believed Hatch repeatedly lied on the stand.

Hatch was doing time at the Plymouth County Correctional Institution in Massachusetts and he was inexplicably moved to the federal transfer center in Oklahoma and it's not clear whether he'll serve the remainder of his sentence there or be moved elsewhere. When he was sentenced, he requested to serve his time either in Rhode Island or Florida, to be near his family.

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Survivor: the most hysterical headline of the day

by Bob Sassone, posted May 17th 2006 9:44AM
Richard Hatch and his checkHave the Onion writers hacked into CNN.com and started tinkering with the articles there? In a story about first Survivor winner getting 51 months in jail for tax evasion, this is the headline they used:


Um ... fat naked guy? I mean, yeah, he was a fat naked guy, but he's also known as "Richard Hatch" (it's even in the story below the headline). I guess it could have been worse. They could have called him that "fat, naked gay guy."

Update: I think I confused some people with this post, so read my explanation in the comments (#7).

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Richard Hatch in jailhouse segregation

by Anna Johns, posted Apr 12th 2006 2:22PM
richard hatch; survivorThe notorious Survivor winner Richard Hatch is festering in jail these days... by himself. E! Online is reporting that Hatch is being kept in isolation at a jail in Plymouth, Massachusetts as he awaits sentencing for tax evasion. Although he was known for stripping all his clothes on the reality show, that's not why he's separated from the other inmates. A U.S. marshal says Hatch requested solitary confinement because he's worried that he won't be safe among the other prisoners because of his celebrity status.

In case you don't remember, Hatch lost his trial earlier this year when he claimed that Survivor producers promised they'd handle the taxes for his $1 million prize. He also was found guilty of spending money on himself that was earmarked for a charity.

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Richard Hatch found guilty of tax evasion

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 25th 2006 5:39PM
Not only was Richard Hatch found guilty of not paying taxes on his $1 million prize for winning Survivor, he was handcuffed and taken into custody because a judge decided he's a flight risk. Today a Rhode Island jury also found him guilty of not paying taxes on $327,000 he earned co-hosting a Boston radio show (dude, I want that gig!) and $28,000 he made by renting out his property. He was acquitted on mail fraud charges relating to a charity he operates. Hatch could spend up to 13 years in prison and pay a fine of up to $600,000. His sentencing is April 28.

This is no surprise, considering his lawyer's "defense". In closing arguments, Hatch's own lawyer called his client the "world's worst bookkeeper" and said that Hatch never meant to do anything wrong. I'd say Hatch hired the "world's worst lawyer". Is there a mug for that?

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Richard Hatch's defense makes no sense

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 24th 2006 9:18AM
Closing arguments are scheduled for today in Richard Hatch's tax evasion trial. The IRS contends that Hatch owes back taxes on his $1 million prize when he won the first edition of Survivor in 2000. He's also accused of not paying taxes on other income that year and of using money on himself that he had set aside for a charity.

Hatch's lawyer argued that the producers of Survivor made a deal with his client to pay taxes on his win when he caught the other castaways eating unauthorized food. But, Hatch never actually testified to that claim while he was on the stand. As for the $25,000 he was supposed to give to charity, Hatch had 3 explanations. First, he said that he put the checks in his own bank account since his charity didn't have an account. He also blamed the credit union for actually writing the checks to him, but a bank teller refutes Hatch's story. And he says the charity money he spent on renovations on his home was legit since he runs his charity, a wilderness retreat for troubled kids, out of the home. Survivor executive producer Mark Burnett testified that Hatch, just like every other Survivor contestant, signed an agreement that he would be responsible for the taxes on any winnings.

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Hatch claims that he cut tax deal with Survivor producers

by Joel Keller, posted Jan 20th 2006 5:28PM
Richard Hatch - Augusta ChonicleOnce a weasel, always a weasel. Today, at the tax evasion trial of original Survivor winner Richard Hatch, his lawyer mentioned to the judge that Hatch and the show's producers cut a deal after Hatch caught fellow castmembers cheating on the show. If Hatch didn't expose the cheating, the producers would pay the taxes on his winnings. Of course, that didn't happen, or else Hatch wouldn't be in the deep doo-doo he's in today. The judge is still deciding whether Hatch can give this information on the stand.

Hatch is also accused of dodging taxes on other income from outside the show (although I'm sure it stemmed from his appearance and win) and of using charitable funds for his own purposes. Sounds like a nice fella.

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Richard Hatch's tax evasion trial begins

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 11th 2006 9:52AM
The very first winner of Survivor could be headed for prison. Richard Hatch is accused of not paying income tax on his $1 million prize and on other income. Hatch is also accused of spending money on himself that had been earmarked for a charity that he helped create. Charges include tax evasion, filing a false tax return, wire fraud, bank fraud and mail fraud.

Hatch and his youthful-looking boytoy attorney appeared in court on Tuesday as the task of jury selection began. Media reports say, when potential jurors entered the courtroom, a lot of them appeared to recognize Hatch and whispered to each other. I think I know what they were saying: "I've seen that man naked."

Jury selection continues today, then opening arguments should begin on Thursday. The trial is expected to last up to three weeks.

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