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September 3, 2015

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On the Premiere of 'Conan,' a Look Back Into the Tragic Past (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Nov 9th 2010 2:05AM
On the Premiere of 'Conan,' a Look Back Into the Tragic Past It's been a rough year for Conan O'Brien. First, he got his dream job hosting 'The Tonight Show.' But after giving "Coco" the job, the "suits" at NBC changed their minds. Based on lower ratings, they wanted Conan to move into a new time-slot -- to accommodate rival Jay Leno.

O'Brien refused -- the rest is history. The host either quit or was fired (depending on who you believe). After eight months, his time on 'Tonight Show' was done. But you can't keep a good comic down. Now, Coco is back ... on basic cable. And on the premiere of 'Conan' (weeknights, 11PM ET on TBS), he peered back into the tragic past.

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Oprah Bans the B-Word, Conan O'Brien to Broadcast 'Show Zero' and More

by Jean Bentley, posted Oct 28th 2010 6:00PM
Oprah WinfreyNo "bitches" will be allowed on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

In a speech at Maria Shriver's Women's Conference in California, Winfrey promised to ban the word "bitch" from her new cable channel. Instead, OWN will be "fun and entertaining without tearing people down and calling them bitches. Imagine that. Imagine."

OWN debuts Jan. 1 and will include shows featuring Gayle King, fashion guru Carson Kressley and chef Cat Cora, among others. Winfrey told the conference audience that she was "destined" to launch the channel.

"Growing up, I could never find my name on any of those license plates or lunchboxes," she said. "Now, I know what it was for -- to start my own network. A whole network, a whole channel that we're designing to carry the Oprah Winfrey message. I know that as I start out on this next chapter, there's going to be some mistakes. I know there's going to be some stumbles. I know I'm a work in process and progress. I know nothing new is perfect, but I'm not scared. I'm not afraid."

In other TV news ...

Conan O'Brien will air a 'Show Zero' online before his show's TBS debut. Can't wait this excruciating final week before Conan O'Brien returns to television with his new TBS late-night talk show, 'Conan'? Team Coco feels your pain. That's why TeamCoco.com, along with Facebook and YouTube, will live stream 'Show Zero' on Monday night at 11PM ET/8PM PT.

O'Brien promises the warm-up will include celebrity guests, The Basic Cable Band and sidekick extraordinaire Andy Richter and will be broadcast live from the Conaco Production offices in Burbank.

Speaking of OWN, Carson Kressly will get a solo show on the network. In addition to hosting 'Your Own Show,' the former 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' guru will headline makeover series 'Carson-Nation.' [Deadline]

ABC's 'Modern Family' aired its most-watched episode ever last night. Preliminary ratings show 13.1 million viewers tuning in and a 5.1 adult demo rating. [The Hollywood Reporter]

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Watch Conan O'Brien's Live Coco Cam

by Jean Bentley, posted Oct 20th 2010 1:30PM
Team Coco Live CamYou should probably stop whatever you're doing and click over to the new live cam Conan O'Brien and TeamCoco.com installed in the stairwell of his "comedy bunker." Seriously. Do it now.

The Live Coco Cam promises dancing tacos and intern Twister in the description for its just-launched live stream, but the first 30 minutes of the 24 hour broadcast have featured three women decked out in ultra-brightly colored leotards exercising. It's a little confusing for the staffers in the building actually trying to use the stairwell, but one man gamely joined in before heading to his destination. What's going to happen next?

No Conan sightings yet, but we'll keep you posted. After the jump, watch the live feed teaser.

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Conan Unveils New TeamCoco.com Site

by Nick Zaino, posted Aug 30th 2010 2:00PM
The new TeamCoco.comWondering what Team Coco has been up to this summer? Wonder no longer. You can now get a running account of Conan O'Brien's behind-the-scenes goings on with the new TeamCoco.com site, which officially launched Saturday.

The site features a blog written by official Team Coco blogger Aaron Bleyaert (who also played the Masturbating Bear on tour), a link to a Team Coco YouTube site with a few TBS promos, a Fan Wall with fans' Twitter posts, and an online store. For those counting the seconds until the new TBS show's Nov. 8 premiere, there is a countdown clock in the upper right corner.

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Conan O'Brien's Writers Get the Spotlight on 'Team Coco' (VIDEO)

by Chris Harnick, posted Jun 28th 2010 11:20AM
Team Coco Presents: Conan's WritersOn 'Team Coco Presents: Conan's Writers' (Sun., 10PM on TBS), Conan O'Brien's writers took to the stage and performed routines along with host Andy Richter.

"My brother called me last night to complain that his teenage daughter dresses too sexy," Brian Kiley said. "Because she doesn't wear a bra and she should, her shirt never covers her belly, half the time her butt crack is exposed. It made me realize that my dad dresses too sexy."

Other writers tackled topics such as race and Facebook, specifically if Shakespeare had a Facebook account.

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Jay Leno Continues to Lose in the Court of Public Opinion

by Kona Gallagher, posted Apr 4th 2010 4:43PM

About a year ago, Jay Leno traveled to Michigan to do a show for unemployed auto workers. It got him some good PR, and I'm sure the folks in attendance enjoyed themselves. It was a pretty positive experience all around. Since then, very little has gone right for Leno PR-wise, and now, a year later, he's even screwing things up in the Wolverine State.

In March of '09, Jaws Jumbo Burgers, a burger joint in Farmington Hills, Michigan, made a "Thank You Jay Leno" burger as a way to thank the late night host for doing those free shows. They offered Leno an all-expense-paid trip back to Michigan to try the burger out, but they never heard back from him.

They sent him emails, hand delivered packages, took out an ad in a newspaper; still nothing. They even started a blog,documenting the process of trying to get Jay to acknowledge them, but it was still radio silence. So now Jaws Jumbo Burgers is about to defect to Team CoCo.

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Tour Dates Announced For Conan's Live Show

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 11th 2010 12:02PM
ConanAfter being just a rumor and then unofficially officially announced, it's now officially official: Conan O'Brien is going on tour. It's going to be called the "Legally Prohibited From Being On Television Tour" and it starts April 12 in Eugene, OR. Andy Richter and members of the band will go with him and they're actually hitting a lot of cities (30 in all). Tickets will be available at TeamCoco.com or through TicketMaster.

Here's the complete list of cities. The most interesting part of the tour? He's going to play both Universal City (where he did 'The Tonight Show' for seven months) and 30 Rock (where he did 'Late Night' for years).

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Team Coco Takes Over Leno Message Thread, So NBC Takes It Down

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 3rd 2010 5:04PM
ConanNBC has removed a thread on their Jay Leno message forum that was taken over by Team Coco. The Conan fans not only posted messages about Conan (that they wanted Jay "to see"), they also posted pictures of Conan like the one on the right (both bearded and clean-shaven versions).

I'm going to side with NBC here. Hey, you're bound to see that stuff online and there's a history of people doing things like this to get their point across, but it's their forum and they can do whatever they want with it, especially if it's overrun with messages and photos from fans of someone who doesn't even have a show on the network anymore. Of course, this doesn't excuse NBC from the other "let's delete Conan" stuff they pulled, including taking down all of his 'Tonight Show' clips from the site and the dumping of Conan collectibles from the NBC online store.

[via TV Week]

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Conan is Hitting the Road for a Live Stage Show

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 19th 2010 1:40PM
ConanThose of you waiting for Conan O'Brien to come back to television in some form are going to have to wait a little while first - he's hitting the road.

TheWrap.com says that Conan and his team at William Morris Endeavor have been planning the road shows for a couple of weeks now but haven't wanted to say anything until now. He can't go on TV for a while but he can go on stage! Conan will also have a web show at some point, before his TV show debuts (if there is a TV show, though we all assume there will be at some point the only question is where).

This is still in the early stages so there's no word yet on what cities will be on the tour or what the shows will be like (though there probably won't be a Masturbating Bear).

Let's just hope he cleans up a little bit before he goes on tour.

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The Next Step for Team Coco

by Stephanie Earp, posted Jan 26th 2010 10:42AM

Now that it's official - Conan O'Brien's job at NBC is over as of Friday - it's time for Conan to think about how he wants to spend the next few months. He's free to take a new job as of September 1st, but in the meantime, if there's nothing to prevent him from taking part-time gigs, I have a few ideas of how he could spend his time.

'This Hour Has 22 Minutes' and Conan

I give Mark Critch full credit for this idea. Last week, he finished up a broadcast by inviting the beleaguered O'Brien to join the cast of '22 Minutes.' Conan should do it.

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Hulu users are not big Jay Leno fans

by Kona Gallagher, posted Jan 21st 2010 10:30AM
jay leno hulu tags
I was on Hulu this morning looking for a clip from The Jay Leno Show for another post I'm doing, and I quickly found out that Hulu users are not on Team Jay. I let my cursor rest on one of the episodes (his January 19th one featuring Chelsea Handler), and some information about the show popped up, including user-generated tags. The above picture is a screenshot from Hulu, and if you can't read it, the tags say, "hack," "thief," "unfunny," "has been," and "backstabber."

If you scroll all the way down on the Jay Leno Show page on Hulu, in addition to a pretty nasty comment thread about how he stole The Tonight Show from Conan, you'll see a place where you can tag videos. Currently Leno has 51 tags, and the ones I mentioned above aren't even the worst ones. They're ranked by order of use, and "hack" is number 1, having been used 66 times. However, "nicest guy in tv" has been used four times, so that's something, right?

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