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October 7, 2015


What's the biggest controversy in TV history?

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 11th 2009 6:00PM
Twenty-OneNo, I'm not talking about the first Darrin being replaced on Bewitched. I'm talking about real, big controversies that not only affected the TV world, but the real world, as well. AOL has chosen the 20 greatest TV controversies of all-time.

Included on the list are the Letterman/Palin battle, the Aqua Teen Hunger Force bomb scare in Boston, the Smothers Brothers political controversy, the quiz show scandals, and a certain nipple that made a cameo appearance at a rather important sporting event.

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Greatest TV Controversies (10-1)

by AOL TV Staff, posted Aug 10th 2009 6:00AM

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The Ultimate Kiddie Show Quiz

by AOL TV Staff, posted Jun 29th 2009 5:00PM
The SmurfsAs kids, we watched the darndest things -- everything from educational series like 'Sesame Street' to shows that would launch some of today's biggest pop stars ('The Mickey Mouse Club').

Looking back on it now, how well do you remember your favorite kiddie shows?

Take our quiz and get in touch with your inner-child.

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Polish government launches probe to determine if Teletubbies are gay

by Paul Goebel, posted May 29th 2007 11:20AM

Tinky WinkyThe conservative Polish government recently launched a probe to find out whether or not the children's show Teletubbies promotes a homosexual agenda. Much like the late Jerry Falwell, government appointee Ewa Sowinska is concerned that the show may have a negative effect on the children of Poland. Her concerns began when she "noticed (Tinky Winky) has a ladies purse, but (she) didn't realize he's a boy."

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Bad Girls, Bad Guys, Barbie, and Borat: Entertainment Weekly in 60 seconds

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 15th 2006 7:16PM
  • Steve CarellOn the cover: Borat!
  • Take the poll: Which TV characters are so bad they're good? Included are Michael Scott (The Office), Edie (Desperate Housewives), Sawyer (Lost), and many others...including Dipsy from the Tele-Tubbies??
  • Which little six year old girl just turned 50 and has a new TV show?
  • Is it really fair to call Barbie the plastic Paris Hilton? I thought Paris Hilton was the plastic Paris Hilton?
  • Last week I told you about Stephen King's essay about Nancy Grace. It's now online.
  • DVD reviews: the fourth season of Scrubs gets an A-, while the 1996 TV version of Pride and Prejudice gets a B-.
  • Book reviews: Simpsons veteran Harry Shearer has a new novel, and EW gives it a C. But they like Jeopardy champ Ken Jennings' book Brainiac. They give it a B+, and I'll second that. It's an interesting look at the world of trivia.

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