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October 9, 2015

tenth season

'Smallville' Is Coming Back Next Season

by Brad Trechak, posted Mar 4th 2010 9:45PM
SmallvilleIn a move that surprises very few, The CW has decided that 'Smallville' will get a tenth season next year. God willing, it's the last one and Clark finally wears the tights and cape at the end of it.

Truthfully, the show's quality has improved in the last two years. The teen angst factor has gone down in favor of the geek factor. The increased ratings reflect this improvement, added to the change of the broadcast night (because Friday night is geek night on television).

To The CW: here is some free, unsolicited advice. Ten years is a good number, but the tenth year should be the show's last. If it continues, then have Clark don the costume at the end of the season and either spin-off a 'Superman' movie series or create a sequel television series called 'Metropolis.' Don't call it 'Superman' if it's a television series. That's the kiss of death.

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South Park teams with World of Warcraft (plus clips)

by Adam Finley, posted Oct 3rd 2006 3:03PM

south parkSouth Park returns tomorrow evening to finish off its tenth season with an episode titled "Make Love, Not Warcraft." South Park Studios has a couple funny, albeit rather short clips to whet your pallet, which can be seen here and here (both link to a QuickTime movie). Apparently the Warcraft craze takes over South Park big time, which isn't much of a surprise considering the residents' habit of overreacting to everything. Also, Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of World of Warcraft, helped out with the episode. Oh yeah, and I'll be picking up where I left off, giving my thoughts and reflections on the episodes, too. Ah, South Park, how I've missed your hilarity and scathing indictment of our misguided culture. If you had a torso I would hug you. If you had an ass I would cop a feel. That's how much I love you, computer-animated series for mature audiences.

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Comedy Central to air the ten South Park episodes that changed the world

by Joel Keller, posted Sep 20th 2006 2:01PM
South ParkCan you believe that South Park is coming up on its tenth season already? I remember when I first watched it in 1997, taking a break with my buddies as they helped me move into my current home (which means that I've been in this apartment for almost ten years, too... gulp). Since then, the show has aired many episodes that have caused controversy, got people all over the world talking, and pretty much pissed off anyone in any position of power.

Comedy Central acknowledges this and, leading up to the tenth season premiere, will air the "Ten South Park Epiosdes that Changed the World," playing a different episode from the list every night at 10 PM starting on Sunday, September 24. I'm sure some of the more recent controversial eps, like "Trapped in the Closet," or "The Return of Chef!", but I'm also sure they'll play some of the earlier episodes, including the pilot, "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe." Sniff. I'm getting misty-eyed just thinking of that one.

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