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October 7, 2015

terminator the sarah connor chronicles

Larry King Announces 'Standing Up' Tour, Ted 'Golden Voice' Williams Gets Reality Show and More

by Jean Bentley, posted Feb 22nd 2011 6:30PM
Larry KingLarry King, stand-up comedian?

At the age of 77, the former CNN host is embarking on his newest career journey with a one-man comedy show called 'Larry King: Standing Up.'

The suspender-clad 'Larry King Live' star will crack wise about his life and career as well as answer audience questions beginning April 14 in Torrington, Conn., TV Guide reports. The tour will also take him to Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, New Jersey and Nevada.

King stepped down from his namesake show last year after a quarter-century grilling public figures about the latest news.

In other TV news ...

The Man with the Golden Voice is getting another chance to extend his 15 minutes of fame in the form of a new reality show. The series, which begins shooting in two weeks, will document his life in Ohio, Brooklyn and Los Angeles. [TMZ]

Yet another 'Teen Mom' star is in legal hot water -- but this time, it's one of the teen dads. 'Teen Mom 2' star Jonathan "Jo" Rivera was "arrested last week for being under the influence of marijuana while driving with his brother in Warren County, Pa." [E! Online]

Courteney Cox is traveling from 'Cougar Town' to the Food Network. Don't worry -- it's not too far of a relocation. Since Cox films her sitcom on the same lot as Bobby Flay's 'The Next Food Network Star,' she recently popped over to film a guest judge spot. [NY Post]

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Gone Too Soon: 'Freaks and Geeks'

by Jason Hughes, posted Feb 22nd 2010 4:02PM
Freaks and Geeks
Created by Paul Feig and produced by Judd Apatow, 'Freaks and Geeks' is one of those rare television treasures that no one saw or appreciated until it was too late. Okay, that's unfair. Critics, the press and the loyal fans who did find the show on NBC immediately knew that it was something special. Unfortunately, it didn't find wide enough appeal to last beyond its first season.

Ironically, the show's cast of virtual unknowns now reads like an all-star comedy troupe, which is a testament to the brilliant casting that went on behind the scenes of the show. Finding such talented kids, and then coupling them with brilliant writing crafted on of the most revered television shows of all time.

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Top TV Stories of 2009: Series finales

by Mike Moody, posted Dec 23rd 2009 4:03PM
battlestar galactca daybreak
I don't think anyone cried over the cancellation of According to Jim, which managed to stay on the air seemingly due to some kind of deal with the devil, for eight cruel seasons. But 2009 also saw the end of some of our favorite shows here at TV Squad.

Some of these series finales left us in tears, some of them sparked debate, and a few even left us wondering, "what did I just watch?"

After the jump you'll find a list of six notable series finales for 2009. Feel free to share your thoughts about the finales in the comments, and don't forget to tell us about your favorites that didn't make the list. (And needless to say, there be spoilers below!)

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12 Sci-Fi Shows That Were Canceled Too Soon

by Bryan Enk, posted Nov 14th 2009 1:15PM
Joss Whedon has become something of a tortured artist since 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' ended its highly successful seven-season run in 2003. Since Sunnydale was destroyed and 'Angel' got pulled right when it was finding its own identity post-'Buffy,' Whedon has yet to find another long-running hit. It's still hard to believe that a show as great as 'Firefly' only lasted one season!

Whedon's bad luck continues with the recent announcement that Fox is pulling the plug on 'Dollhouse,' a series that had enough of a following -- and potential -- to warrant another season. Would 'Dollhouse' have really hit its stride further down the road? We'll never know. Here are some other sci-fi television series that met their makers too soon.

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Brian Austin Green in talks to join The CW's One Tree Hill

by Mike Moody, posted Jun 2nd 2009 11:02AM
Brian Austin Green in talks for One Tree HillBeverly Hills 90210 alum Brian Austin Green earned a number of new fans playing the tough, militaristic Derek Reese on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Now, with TSCC officially canceled, Green is heading back to the world of prime time soaps. The actor is currently in talks to join the cast of The CW's One Tree Hill.

According to Variety, Green will potentially play a sports agent who is "enjoying the spoils that come from being a wealthy, handsome single guy" on the veteran drama.

It looks like One Tree Hill might be looking to Green to fill a void left by the departures of stars Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton. Green certainly has Murray beat in the charisma department, and I'm sure the show's fans -- I assume they are mostly young women -- will welcome him with open arms. But I can't help but feel disappointed by this news.

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Which Bubble Show Should Be Saved?

by Kelly Woo, posted Apr 21st 2009 1:00PM
TerminatorAh, spring. It's the time of year for daffodils, chirping birds ... and cancelling shows.

TV Squad has a rundown of shows that will be renewed, cancelled or are on the bubble. The Hollywood Reporter also has a handy update, and we're sad to see some of our favorite shows are in jeopardy of going dark, including a personal fave, 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.' TV critic Alan Sepinwall also makes a good case to NBC for keeping the action-comedy 'Chuck.'

So, if you had the power to save a show on the bubble, which one would you choose?

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What to Watch Friday, April 10

by Kim Potts, posted Apr 10th 2009 5:00AM
Terminator'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles'
(8PM, Fox) 2nd season finale
The big rumor for tonight's season two finale is that a major character will bite the dust, but we have to ask: who's left?! Derek, Riley and Charley (and maybe Jesse) have all been big deaths so far this season, and with mama Sarah in jail, that leaves Johnny boy with an ever-dwindling list of allies.

Fans are still waiting to hear whether or not the show will get a greenlight for a third season, which makes the finale's big moment all the more pivotal: The Connors finally come face-to-face with Weaver, and the results 'change John's reality forever,' according to the network. That's not sounding so good for the females in his life ...

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What to Watch Friday, April 3

by Kim Potts, posted Apr 3rd 2009 5:00AM
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles'
(8PM, Fox)
The season two finale is but a week away, and a third season pick-up is far from a sure thing, so tune in while you can, Connor fans.

Tonight's penultimate installment certainly ratchets the tension up to a nice respectable level, as John gets close to Weaver while trying to rescue a Skynet target. Meanwhile, when plans go askew, Sarah and Ellison reunite, and Weaver learns a thing or two about Ellison.

It all leads up to next week's season ender, when the Connors face Weaver, and, rumor has it, a male character (okay, another male character – R.I.P. Charley) bites the dust. Brian Austin Green, you have a pilot lined up for next season, right? Just asking.

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What to Watch Friday, March 27

by Kim Potts, posted Mar 27th 2009 5:00AM
Friday Night Lights'Friday Night Lights'
(9PM, NBC)
Several dramas that have been brewing for weeks explode in yet another smartly written, superbly acted episode of 'FNL': An accident with his grandma forces Matt to admit he needs his mom's help in caring for his granny, while Riggins is uncharacteristically unselfish in order to help Lyla snap out of her self-destructive funk and Tyra gets some much-needed confidence boosting from her mom.

But it's beleaguered J.D. McCoy whose situation takes a turn for the worse.

The QB's dad has belittled his beaten down son all season, and when the teen finally stands up to the old man, the senior McCoy crosses the line from screaming creep to physical abuser.

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TV Squad Ten: The hottest MILFs on TV today

by Danny Gallagher, posted Mar 24th 2009 2:01PM
TV MILFsThe MILF has become a staple of the modern male's sexual appetite, along with groveling and porn.

How did this evolution occur? Did the average young male grow tired of trying to impress shallow women their own age who wouldn't pay attention to them if a shark was eating them? Were older women going broke from the rising cost of chlorophyll? What chemical imbalance caused this carnivorous and shallow love affair and how can I increase it without melting my brain in the microwave?

Maybe the true answer is like opening the Ark of the Covenant. The only way to walk away from its truth unscathed means not opening your eyes to it. So here are the hottest TV moms who could make any guy turn his knob in their direction (thanks to the digital switch, that innuendo no longer works so enjoy that image I put in your head).

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On the 11th day of Festivus, TV gave to me...

by Jason Hughes, posted Dec 13th 2008 6:30PM
It's cold outside, but it's warm in here...... Eleven babes worth watchin'

Oh sure, there may be 12 shows a stinkin', but there's still reason to tune in. See just like advertisers, show-runners and TV executives know that sex sells. And hot chicks sell. And hot chicks selling their sexuality sell like hotcakes ... or chicks ... I never can get that right. But just being hot and sexy isn't enough. To really sell it, they need to be as close to naked as legally allowed on the airwaves. We're talking "Oops, sorry to barge in on you standing there in your underwear bending over the bed pulling on your fishnet stockings. Nice rack."

Sometimes near-nudity, and even nudity, legitimately serves the plot. Let's face it, Anna Paquin had to bang that vampire on True Blood so she was going to have to get naked. It's a necessity. But Yvonne Strahovski on Chuck? Does she have to be in her underwear that often to protect the Intersect? Was it required by Simon Elder that Karen Darling be in her underwear in order to talk to him? Of course not. But it's hot and that's the way we like it. Hell, they made Catalina a stripper on My Name is Earl.

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Did TV execs get kinder and gentler this year?

by Jason Hughes, posted Oct 23rd 2008 8:28PM
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Has anyone else noticed the lack of hair trigger cancellations thus far this season? We're a good month or more in now and only Opportunity Knocks and Do Not Disturb have had the plug pulled. And believe me those needed to happen. By now, though, your high quality shows that have underperformed like Pushing Daisies usually would be doing just that ... pushing up daisies. But, for some reason, not this year. At least not yet.

Hell, ratings-challenged shows like Knight Rider and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles are even getting full season pick-ups. And that's FOX giving Sarah Connor a chance to find an audience! FOX!! I think what we're seeing is the continuing fallout from the Writer's Strike last year. Remember when the execs were talking about how they were going to rethink their approach to television, ordering fewer pilots and possibly even altering the landscape of television in regards to seasons and sweeps? Well, the fall season started up pretty much like it always has, but I do believe there are far fewer shows waiting in the wings to replace this season's failures.

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Five shows I love to watch with my kids

by Jane Boursaw, posted Apr 21st 2008 11:01AM
House, M.D.We watch a lot of TV around this house -- hey, it's my job, man -- so the kids, ages 11 and 13, get to see a wide assortment of shows. Sure, there's a few I can't get them interested in (hard as I try), like Lost, Heroes, and Grey's Anatomy (probably just as well, with all the bed-hopping). Still, there are lots of shows I've had to recap or review over the years that they've gotten hooked on. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. House, M.D. There's something refreshing about an infectious disease specialist who walks with a limp, pops Vicodin like dinner mints, and has the bedside manner of a schoolyard bully. The kids and I can't wait to gather around the TV and watch the tortured doc hurl insults at colleagues and break into patients' homes looking for mysterious mold or a DNA sample. We like to place bets on how long it'll take somebody to start seizing and spewing blood. Last season broke the record when a drug-addicted rock star started puking blood during the first five seconds of the show. Sure, this show is rated PG-14, but it's still a family favorite around here. My kids especially love the scenes where the camera goes inside the cells and arteries of a patient (not). House, M.D. moves to Mondays at 9/8c, and returns with new episodes on April 28.

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