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September 1, 2015

the doctor

Doctor Who blinks and picks up a Hugo

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 10th 2008 9:04PM
Doctor Who - Very rarely does a television series put out a standalone episode that is not only brilliant in and of itself, but also stands above pretty much every episode of that series. And yet, with the tenth episode of the third series, Doctor Who did just that with "Blink." Even more remarkable is that this episode barely featured the Doctor or then-companion Martha Jones. It had become common, due to the tight production schedules, for an episode each season to barely feature the Doctor, but this one absolutely blew our minds.

And apparently voices that matter agreed, because writer Stephen Moffat was just awarded the prestigious Hugo Award for short form dramatic presentation for "Blink." I have to figure it's a large part of why he's been selected to take over as lead writer and executive producer of Doctor Who from Russell T. Davies when the show returns for its fifth series in 2010. Based on this one episode alone, the show couldn't be in better hands.

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Doctor Who: Journey's End (season finale)

by Brad Trechak, posted Aug 1st 2008 10:00PM
Doctor Who(S04E13) The latest season of Doctor Who gets resolved with a story that seems rushed, confusing and filled with self-love on the part of showrunner Russell T. Davies. But that doesn't necessarily mean it was bad.

To begin, the CGI and special effects are quite possibly the best ever seen on the show. Despite being in charge of the specials that will be airing next year, it seems that this episode was treated as the last that Davies will ever run. As a result, he wrapped up most every storyline he could think of going back to the first season.


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Doctor Who: The Stolen Earth

by Brad Trechak, posted Jul 28th 2008 9:38AM
Doctor Who(S04E12) Russell T. Davies seems to include everyone and the kitchen sink in this episode. Appearing in the parent program are Captain Jack, Ianto and Gwen from Torchwood and Sarah Jane and Luke Smith from The Sarah Jane Adventures. Also making appearances are Martha Jones, Martha's mother Francine, Harriet Jones (former Prime Minister...yes, we know who you are), and British celebrities Richard Dawkins (real-life husband of former Doctor Who companion Lalla Ward) and Paul O'Grady as themselves. Oh, and Rose is back.


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Doctor Who: Turn Left

by Brad Trechak, posted Jul 18th 2008 10:00PM
Doctor Who(S04E11) With this episode, Donna has become my favorite Doctor Who companion of all time. Yes, better than Sarah Jane. Yes, better than Rose (who finally reappears as a person and not in a cameo or on a video screen). I love her quick temper yet human personality (it's reminiscent of Rose's mother from the first two seasons), which makes sense since this episode is about the Doctor's adventures from the human perspective.


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Doctor Who: Midnight

by Brad Trechak, posted Jul 11th 2008 10:00PM
Doctor Who(S04E10) Russell T. Davies proves me wrong...and right. I have said since the first season of Doctor Who's relaunch that the man can't write science fiction. I still believe that. But I never said he couldn't write. Actually, he's a very good writer in terms of writing about emotions and relationships (which is why we're introduced to each companion's family in the new series). Fortunately, this episode's writing plays more upon his strengths.


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Doctor Who: Forest of the Dead

by Brad Trechak, posted Jun 27th 2008 10:00PM
Doctor Who(S04E09) In our last episode, the Doctor and Donna were trapped on a planetary repository of books called The Library along with a archaeological team and a microscopic, carnivorous species that hides in the shadows called the Vashta Narada. And somehow, all this is linked to a little girl who seems to be watching the events within the Library the same as the viewer.

And now, part two.


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News regarding this season's Doctor Who finale

by Brad Trechak, posted Jun 26th 2008 1:20PM
Doctor WhoUsually we here at TV Squad try not to post news when we don't have an online article as reference (except perhaps in the Spoilers Anonymous columns), but this is one I couldn't pass up. Plus, it will give Doctor Who fans a head's up with regards to this season's finale.

According to Doctor Who Magazine (and repeated on several Doctor Who message boards online), the finale of Season Four ("Journey's End") is going to be 65 minutes in length, as opposed to the usual 45 or 50 minute length of the season's episodes so far. This length, of course, deals with the original broadcast on the BBC and not the American broadcast.

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Doctor Who: Silence in the Library

by Brad Trechak, posted Jun 20th 2008 10:00PM

Doctor Who(S04E08) Thank you very much, Steven Moffat. You can't satisfy yourself with making me terrified of statues, now you have to make me afraid of the dark as well. Besides scaring the pants off me, this episode is the highlight of this season so far (having seen the second episode already, I can assure you that one is just as good). Since all the remaining episodes after this two-parter are written by Russell T. Davies, I may be able to stand by that statement before watching the rest of the season. As I've mentioned before, Mr. Davies is an excellent writer (and recent O.B.E. recipient) and I will always be greatful for his actions in returning Doctor Who to television, but the man just can't write science fiction.

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Doctor Who: The Unicorn and the Wasp

by Brad Trechak, posted Jun 13th 2008 10:00PM
Doctor Who(S04E07) The Doctor and Donna are caught in the middle of an Agatha Christie murder mystery adventure. Literally.

The British have always been proud of their history. This is evident in the excellent quality of most historical dramas done by the BBC. Doctor Who, being a BBC production, has displayed this in spades having had the Doctor already meet two of their most famous writers in previous seasons (Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare). The tradition continues in this episode when the Doctor and Donna travel to England in 1926 and meet Agatha Christie in the midst of a set of murders.

Spoilers after the jump...


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Doctor Who: The Doctor's Daughter

by Brad Trechak, posted Jun 6th 2008 10:03PM

Doctor Who(S04E06) The Doctor gives birth to a daughter. And he didn't even get any snu-snu out of it.

A quick synopsis: The TARDIS suddenly dematerializes unexpectedly before Doctor Martha Jones has a chance to leave and finds itself on the planet Messaline in the year 6012. There is a generations-long war between the two occupying races, the humans and an alien race called the Hath.


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Doctor Who: The Poison Sky

by Brad Trechak, posted May 30th 2008 11:29PM
Doctor Who(S04E05) When we last left our intrepid Time Lord, the Sontarans had released poison gas from every car fitted with their ATMOS device. Donna Noble's grandfather, Wilfred Mott, was trapped in one of those cars and suffocating on the gas while the Doctor and Donna looked on in horror as every car on the street released deadly clouds of smoke. And now, part two...


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Doctor Who: The Sontaran Strategem

by Brad Trechak, posted May 17th 2008 12:02AM
Doctor Who(S04E05) Yet another classic Doctor Who villain gets an update. This time it's the Sontarans in their first television appearance in 23 years.

For a revision, it's actually pretty accurate to the original series. The only difference with the Sontarans now is that they're all short. This is actually an improvement on the original series since they've always been from a heavy gravity world yet appeared at normal size (which always struck me as a little odd, unless the Sontarans we've seen historically were the professional wrestler versions).

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Doctor Who: Planet of the Ood

by Brad Trechak, posted May 10th 2008 11:23AM

Doctor Who(S04E04) The Ood return.The race was seen two years ago in the two-parter "The Impossible Planet" and "The Satan Pit" as a servant race. In this episode, we learn exactly why they're so good at being servile. Here's a hint: it's not by choice.

Arriving on the planet known as the Ood-Sphere in the year 4126, the Doctor and Donna find the planet's Ood-production factory which prepares them for shipping throughout the three human-occupied galaxies.


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Doctor Who: The Fires of Pompeii

by Brad Trechak, posted May 3rd 2008 7:00AM
Doctor Who(S04E03) The Doctor and Donna land in ancient Pompeii, and it's Volcano Day (a phrase used by Christopher Eccleston a few seasons ago to describe when Mount Vesuvius erupted). As usual with Doctor Who, a race of aliens are involved and this time they're called the Pyrovile. They are trying to harness the power of the volcano for their own nefarious needs and are turning local humans into creatures like them as a side-effect.


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Doctor Who: Partners In Crime

by Brad Trechak, posted Apr 26th 2008 8:21AM
Doctor Who(S04E02) Catherine Tate returns as Donna Noble from last year's Christmas Special "The Runaway Bride" and this time she's going to stick around for a little while. While investigating a shady weight-loss company called Adipose (named for the scientific name of fat tissue), the Doctor and Donna run into each other.

For a Doctor Who episode, this was a great episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures. This goes back to my statement from last week in which Russell T. Davies, while not a bad writer, simply cannot write science fiction.

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