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October 7, 2015

the good guys

'The Good Guys' Are Saved by a Brick (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jun 29th 2010 3:10AM
'The Good Guys' Are Saved by a Brick'The Good Guys' (Mon., 9PM ET on Fox) throws together a straight-arrow cop and a reckless maverick cop. And -- as usually happens -- the combination manages to work. On tonight's episode, loose cannon Dan (Bradley Whitford) makes a bet with by-the-book detective Jack (Colin Hanks). When the pair of them can't get department funding, Dan says that he can stop some criminals with his own money -- and by spending only $3.52.

[Spoiler alert.]

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What to Watch: June 28 - July 4

by Stephanie Earp, posted Jun 28th 2010 2:45AM
The Good Guys - Monday June 28, 9 pm ET/PT, Global/Fox

Without meaning to, I've managed to catch every episode of 'The Good Guys' since it debuted earlier this summer, and I'm starting to warm up to the show. There is something not-quite-right about the comedic timing of the Tarantino-style flashbacks but I do get a chuckle out of Bradley Whitford's anachronistic cop sometimes. This week, a bad interrogation leads to a dealer being let out on the street -- and of course the boys vow to bring him back in.

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Summer Cop Shows: Comparing the New Police Dramas

by Kim Potts, posted Jun 23rd 2010 1:20PM

One of the most popular genres on TV remains the cop show, which means, with such a ubiquitous presence, there's always going to be some good cops (and series) and some bad cops in the mix.

Here's our cheat sheet to help you decide if you should tune in, or whether the crime isn't worth your time.

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Not So Batman on 'The Good Guys' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jun 22nd 2010 12:35AM
Not So Batman on 'The Good Guys'What do all normal human males want to be? Well, they all want to be Batman. (Okay, maybe that's not true. Maybe only truly geeky dudes want to be Batman. But anyway, let's go along with it, and not ask too many questions).

On 'The Good Guys' (Mon., 9PM ET on Fox), detectives Jack Bailey and Dan Stark meet a fairly wussy criminal. So they try to psyche him up by making a Batman reference.

[Spoiler alert.]

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Flirting, Murder and a Hot Wife on 'The Good Guys' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jun 14th 2010 11:25PM
Flirting, Murder and a Hot Wife on 'The Good Guys'Sometimes, you can never really tell where a case is going to go.

On 'The Good Guys' (Mon., 9PM ET on Fox), mismatched cop buddies Jack and Dan (Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford) start out by investigating a broken vending machine. But soon enough, this seemingly simple case leads them to an high-class prostitution ring ... and then to an ugly murder. These things all happen so inevitably on cop shows, don't they?

[Spoiler alert.]

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Fox Cancels 'Past Life' (Again)

by Catherine Lawson, posted Jun 9th 2010 9:30AM
Past LifeFor the next two weeks, FOX will be airing reruns of 'The Good Guys' on Friday nights in place of 'Past Life,' according to Variety.

Supernatural detective series 'Past Life' was canceled back in February after only three episodes had been aired. FOX has been showing the remaining episodes on Friday nights, with the last two due to be aired on June 11 and 18. However, execs have now decided to cancel the series (again), replacing it with repeats of 'House' and 'The Good Guys.'

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'The Good Guys' - 'Bait & Switch' Recap

by Jane Boursaw, posted Jun 8th 2010 11:20AM
The Good Guys: Bait & Switch
(S01E02) "I've gotta tell ya ... worst date ever." -- Jack to Kiersten as they're being held at gunpoint

Ever since I recapped the pilot episode of 'The Good Guys' a few weeks ago, I've been impatiently waiting for it to return. It's comical, it's different, and it's got the great pairing of Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford. What more could a girl want? It's escapism TV at its best.

This episode had pretty much everything in terms of great lines, fast cars (even if they were sitting in a warehouse), hot girls and, of course, great chemistry between Jack and Dan. OK, so the stolen cars story was a little clichéd, but at least it led to some funny separation anxiety for Dan and the Trans Am, his own personal version of T&A.

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'The Good Guys' Fall for the Hot Girl (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jun 8th 2010 12:45AM
'The Good Guys' Fall for the Hot GirlNever trust anyone! That's the first rule of police work. And it's probably an excellent rule for the rest of life, too -- if you want to become a paranoid recluse, that is. ... Still, never trusting anyone is a good rule to follow sometimes. And on 'The Good Guys' (Mon., 9PM ET on Fox), detective Jack Bailey (Colin Hanks) learns this to his peril.

[Spoiler alert.]

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TV's Greatest 'Staches: Bringin' Bushy Back

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jun 7th 2010 6:00PM
Bradley Whitford as Lt. Dan Stark on Last week's premiere of Matt Nix's 'The Good Guys' on Fox brought something back to TV that's been desperately needed, other than a cop show that doesn't take itself too seriously and a satirical TV sitcom that's actually funny.

It brought back the "'stache," that glorious physical indicator of a man's virility and willingness to face danger, literally face first. And, mind you, these aren't just mustaches. These are "'staches," fuzzy face fluffers that draw huge amounts of attention by refusing to conform to much subtler forms of facial hair. They say, "I'm dangerous, I'm daring and I'm clearly in denial because I'm so pissed we're not living in the hard drinking and fast partying world of the 1970s, so back off punk."

Recent TV hasn't sported many until Bradley Whitford's hairy hood ornament practically stole the show, but there was a time when these fuzzy lip slugs filled up the TV screen and weren't just reserved for foreign heads of state, Journey back-up singers or classic porn stars. Here are some of TV's fuzzy forefathers that blazed a hairy path to freedom.

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'The Good Guys' - 'Pilot' Recap (Series Premiere)

by Jane Boursaw, posted May 20th 2010 8:33AM
The Good Guys: Pilot
(S01E01) "There are no small crimes, there are only small cops. Put that in your computer circuit. Look, you wanna get rid of me? You wanna work on your career? Grow a pair! Crack some cases!" - Dan to Jack

I'm not usually one to go for police procedurals. For one thing, it's a lot of work keeping track of alibis, clues, witnesses, perps, and everything else. But I figured 'The Good Guys' would be different, and I was right. It's not so much a procedural as it is an action-thriller with plenty of laughs thrown in. Our own Danny Gallagher has been having a blast with it, too; check out his preview and interviews, and he even got to play an extra!

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Good Cop/Bad Cop on 'The Good Guys' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted May 20th 2010 1:00AM
Good Cop/Bad Cop on 'The Good Guys'It's a new cop show, hurray! 'The Good Guys' (Wed., 8PM ET on Fox) stars Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford as a pair of mismatched policemen (of course).

[Spoiler alert.]

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Adventures in Extra-ing on the Set of Fox's 'Good Guys'

by Danny Gallagher, posted May 19th 2010 5:06PM
TVSquad's Danny Gallagher with Fox 4 Weather Report Fiona Gorostiza on the set of Fox's 'The Good Guys'That dumpy guy in the middle with the tasteful sportscoat and tussled hair that screams "I stopped caring long ago" may just look like a random shot of John Q. Public walking down a busy Dallas thoroughfare.

Actually, that's me, Danny Gallagher, your humble TV Squad blogger and believe it or not, I'm acting.

During my recent visit to the set of Fox's 'The Good Guys' in downtown Dallas, FOX didn't just give me and my fellow gaggle of media types a chance to get chummy with the stars of the show. This was far from a friendly get together or a chance to score some free grub from the craft services table. This was hard work. We were cast as extras.

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Get the Good, the Bad and the Ugly from the Cast of Fox's 'The Good Guys'

by Danny Gallagher, posted May 19th 2010 1:02PM
TVSquad's Danny Gallagher with Bradley Whitford and Colin Hanks on the set of the Fox action comedy 'The Good Guys'In the gritty police world of the good, the bad and the ugly, Det. Jack Bailey, played by Colin Hanks, is the good. He's the guy who always tries to do right by doing right, even if he's driving everyone around him right up a tree.

Det. Dan Stark, played by Bradley Whitford, is the bad. The cop who always tries to do right -- even if he has to do a little wrong to get the job done.

So what does that make me in that photo, the ugly?!?

I don't mind. During my visit to the set of 'The Good Guys,' creator Matt Nix's ('Burn Notice') new action comedy, Whitford and Hanks, along with co-stars Jenny Wade and Diana-Maria Riva, were all good enough to make some time to talk about the show. Fox is airing a preview May 19 at 8PM ET, and it settles into its regular Monday at 9PM ET slot on June 7.

After the jump, check out a video of my interviews with the show's principal cast on what they thought of the show when they first saw Nix's script, the show's uniqueness in the history of TV cop shows and the awesome responsibility and powers of maintaining a Thomas Magnum-grade mustache.

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FOX Upfront Presentation and Preview: A Confident Network and a 'Glee'-Heavy Show

by Joel Keller, posted May 18th 2010 11:39AM
Outside the FOX upfrontYesterday, FOX unveiled its Upfront presentation at the historic Beacon Theatre on Manhattan's Upper West Side. One of the reasons why TV critic types like the upfront presentations, even though they're designed and presented for advertisers and not journalists, is the potential for potshots from the executives and painful banter from the network's stars.

Neither really took place at FOX's presentation. Aside from network entertainment president Kevin Reilly getting a dressing down from Jane Lynch as 'Glee's' Sue Sylvester -- she made fun of his teeth, hair and "local weatherman" look -- and a slight jab at NBC from Reilly -- which, given his history with Jeff Zucker and company, is almost a reflex for him -- the presentation was straightforward and confident. That's what you get when you're first in primetime for six consecutive years, as the network's execs claimed.

But between the executives' celebratory talk and the rousing rendition of Madonna's 'Like A Prayer', which closed things out, FOX showed everyone previews of their new shows. And the new slate is interesting to say the least. Clips and comments are after the jump.

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Matt Nix's 'The Good Guys' Rocks Cop Dramas, Dallas and 'Staches

by Danny Gallagher, posted May 18th 2010 10:08AM
Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford, stars of the new Fox cop comedy Cop shows have been in serious need of a humor transfusion. Ever since the hard nosed days of 'Dragnet" in which Joe Friday would lecture young punks on the dangers of drug use, grand theft and bad grammar, cop shows have always had a hard time finding the funny in the lives of the boys and girls in blue. Although, 'Cop Rock' made me laugh harder than most of the sitcoms of the '80s, but I'm sure that wasn't intentional.

It's easier said than done. Police work is dirty business and mining it for humor is like trying to find hay in a needle stack. It's possible but you still have to dig through loads of misery and suffering that comes with every shield for that one lone nugget of comedy hidden in the pain pile.

'Burn Notice' creator Matt Nix has found it. 'The Good Guys,' premiering Wednesday on Fox, offers a fresh take on the buddy cop comedy that does for police shows what Thomas Magnum did for bushy mustaches: made them hilariously cool.

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