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August 31, 2015

the real world

Adam Is Ousted from 'The Real World' Las Vegas (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Apr 14th 2011 4:50AM
Adam Royer Leaves 'Real World'Adam Royer's violence finally got him thrown out of Las Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel on 'The Real World' (Wed., 10PM ET on MTV). Punching the walls in last week's episode, lashing out at Nany Gonzalez and generally making an ass of himself was too much for his penthouse suite mates and hotel security.

The security manager appeared and ordered him to pack up his stuff and leave. Though Adam's been a terrible boyfriend (if we can even call him that) toward Nany, his leaving upset her the most.

They hugged, and she started to cry. Adam said, "I'm sorry. I feel bad. I'm sorry I have to leave you."

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Adam Drunk and Punching Walls Is Not Nany's Problem on 'The Real World Las Vegas' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 7th 2011 2:56AM
Adam, 'The Real World'Romances on a show like 'The Real World' (Wed., 10PM ET on MTV) are very challenging. It's hard to successfully develop a bond with the heightened reality created by the cameras and all those roommates.

Adding alcohol to the mix just makes it worse. Adam is a violent drunk, too, which is another warning flag that a relationship may not be a great idea.

At least he was limited to punching walls this week, but the way he went after them was still very dangerous and a little frightening. Especially if you're between him and the wall, as Nany was at one point.

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'Real World': Nany Sleeps with Adam, Dumps Her Boyfriend (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Mar 31st 2011 6:30AM
Nany Dumps Jordy on 'Real World'Jordy and Nany have been on-again, off-again for six years. On 'The Real World' (Wed., 10PM ET on MTV) in Las Vegas, Nany hooks up with Adam. Soon it's time to come clean with Jordy back in New York.

Over the phone, she confesses sleeping with one of her house mates. He guesses correctly that it was Adam. She tells him, "I just need to like do this experience on my own. It's nothing against you."

"You're the one telling me, 'When [I] get back you better have a ring for me. We're gonna move in together. I love you so much,'" replies Jordy. "But you know what that is? That's all bulls---."

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Journal of a Couch Potato: Do I Want My MTV Again?

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 27th 2011 2:15PM
MTV We had a hard time deciding what I should watch for Couch Potato this month. I've watched women's programming all day (OWN) and The Disney Channel, and I was hoping this time that my editor -- a perfectly lovely woman who has never showed any cruel streak before -- would assign me something I was familiar with, or at least something I could identify with.

She chose MTV.

I am 45-years-old. I have not watched MTV regularly since Nirvana smelled Teen Spirit and Michael Jackson told us it didn't matter if things were black or white. I haven't "wanted my MTV" in a while. There was a time -- say, from 1981, when MTV debuted, to around 1992 -- when I watched the channel a lot. They actually played more music videos than reality shows then and the ratio of good to bad music was much more in my favor. I wore my sunglasses at night, I was caught in the heat of the moment, and I wanted Jessie's girl.

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Adam and Leroy Get in the First Fight of 'Real World: Las Vegas' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Mar 24th 2011 1:45AM
The First Fight on 'The Real World'In today's fractured modern era, there are so few shared events that still bind us all together. There's the first pitch of the baseball season. The first songbird of spring. The first fallen leaf of the autumn. The first snowflake of the winter.

... And then, of course, there's the first fight on the latest installment of 'The Real World' (Wed., 10PM ET on MTV). Stick a group of bored/drunken twenty-somethings together in a house, and a fight is bound to happen. The only question is, who will the fight involve? Will it be guy-on-guy, girl-on-girl, or the far rarer cross-gender fight?

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MTV Gives 'Real World' Two More Seasons ... But Why?

by Chris Harnick, posted Mar 23rd 2011 5:45PM
Real WorldGet ready for more partying 20-somethings on MTV. The network has renewed 'Real World' for not one but two more seasons.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, MTV is currently casting season 26 and gave a green light to seasons 27 and 28. Season 25, set in Las Vegas, is currently airing on MTV.

Although in many minds 'Jersey Shore' has taken 'Real World''s place in the pop culture landscape, the latest 'Real World' has brought in around 2 million viewers. They're not 'Jersey Shore'-level numbers, but still OK for an MTV series.

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Christina Applegate Lands NBC Role, USA Announces 'White Collar,' 'Covert Affairs' Premiere Dates and More TV News

by Jean Bentley, posted Mar 18th 2011 3:00PM
Christina ApplegateChristina Applegate is eying a return to TV in Lorne Michaels' new NBC pilot.

The 'Samantha Who?' star fielded many pilot offers, including ABC's 'Good Christian Bitches,' before taking the role of a working mom in NBC's untitled comedy.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Applegate will star as a working mom who has a stay-at-home husband and pretty opinionated parents. The project comes from 'Parks and Recreation' writer Emily Spivey.

In other TV news ...

USA Network will roll out new seasons of hit shows 'White Collar' and 'Covert Affairs' June 7. Although 'White Collar' just finished airing its second season last week, production begins on season 3 in the next few days. [Variety]

'90210' showrunner Rebecca Sinclair is stepping down from her post. Sinclair's contract was up, and she decided not to renew. The show finished filming its third season last week. Sinclair took over showrunner duties after the end of the critically panned first season, and has largely been credited for instilling a renewed energy into the rebooted series. No word on her replacement yet. [TV Line]

Two 'Real World: Back to New Orleans' cast members are wanted by police after failing to show up for their Wednesday court date in Florida. Jemmye Carroll and Ryan Knight were arrested for disorderly conduct on Saturday. According to the police report, Carroll blamed a black eye on a security guard but a witness saw her repeatedly punching herself in the face. [RadarOnline]

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Adam Is 'Getting Real' By Getting Drunk And Out of Control on 'The Real World' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Mar 17th 2011 2:02AM
'The Real World: Las Vegas'Do you remember when 'The Real World' (Wed., 10PM ET on MTV) was about finding out what happens when people stop being polite, and start getting real? Yeah, well apparently neither does anyone on the show or behind the scenes.

Now, 'The Real World' is virtually indistinguishable from the typical trashy reality TV that VH1 and MTV have become known for. In other words, this 25th season might as well be the next season of 'Jersey Shore,' for the way these people are behaving.

Downstairs at the bar, Adam decides to make sure he has way too many drinks so that everyone can see what a terrible drunk he is. He got himself escorted out of the club and back up to the gang's hotel room, which horrified his roommate. That's just the kind of reputation they need in Vegas.

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'The Real World' Turns 25 With the Boys Trying to Bring Nearly That Many Women Into the Hot Tub (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Mar 10th 2011 1:32AM
'The Real World' season 25 premiere'The Real World' (Wed., 10PM ET on MTV) turns 25 this season, and like most 25-year olds on MTV it kicked off its new year by bringing home lots of questionable women and getting them undressed.

Sure, the pretense was that there was a hot tub to enjoy, so getting the girls down to their underwear was even easier than usual. But nobody's naive enough to think it stopped there. But not everybody in the house was impressed with the quality of young ladies parading through the pad.

"Obviously the boys wanted to bring home girls, which is fine," Heather said. "But, is it gross? Yeah."

Michael didn't get involved, instead watching from a distance in what looked like a mix of awe and horror. "Grandma would not like that," he said.

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'The Real World Las Vegas' Season 25 Premiere Recap

by Jean Bentley, posted Mar 10th 2011 12:05AM
The Real World Las Vegas['The Real World Las Vegas' Season 25, Episode 1]

'The Real World'
has chosen to mark its 25th season in the sinningest of cities -- Las Vegas.

Nearly a decade after the first go-round in Sin City, though, the latest 'Real World' installment doesn't really seem all that scandalous.

Sure, the cast is young, tan, beautiful, reality-TV savvy and, most of all, drunk. But in a post-'Jersey Shore' world, is that enough anymore?

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'Real World' Heads Back to Las Vegas: First Look

by Jean Bentley, posted Feb 3rd 2011 6:20PM

The Real World Las Vegas"Oh my God," groans a 20-something guy at the end of the first trailer for MTV's newest season of 'The Real World,' which returns to Las Vegas after an eight-year absence. That's essentially how we feel after watching the two-minute clip.

Considering that the first Vegas season marked the show's turn from "interesting glimpse at diverse roommates interacting with each other" to "hot, angry, young people drinking, having sex and fighting," we're a little torn at the prospect of watching yet another batch of PYTs get into trouble.

Included in PEOPLE's first look trailer are drinking, making out, gambling, punching, scromiting (screaming + vomiting) -- really everything you've come to expect from an MTV reality show. That doesn't mean we won't tune in when season 25 (!!!!!) premieres in March.

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Yes, It Happened: Sean Duffy Goes From 'The Real World' to Congress

by Joel Keller, posted Nov 3rd 2010 11:45AM
Sean Duffy, former 'Real World' cast member and soon to be a congressman'The Real World' has become such an ingrained part of our pop culture, most people who are fans of the show these days probably don't realize that the program has been on for 18 long years. This means that some of the "kids" who populated the show during its early seasons are now old enough to have real, adult jobs.

So, for anyone who decried the fact that one day the "slackers" on 'The Real World' will one day run the country, take notice: one of them just got elected to help do just that.

Sean Duffy, a cast member of 'The Real World: Boston' in 1997, was elected to Congress last night by residents in Wisconsin's 7th district. The Republican district attorney of Ashland County won quite handily over opponent Julie Lassa, for a seat that was held by Democrat Dave Obey since 1969 (two years before Duffy was born).

And while this event may indicate to people my age (I'm about five months older than Duffy) and older that we're going to hell in a handbasket, what I thought when I heard about Duffy's victory was: why didn't this happen sooner?

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Ryan Studies Eric's Dirty Underwear on 'The Real World' (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Sep 30th 2010 7:30AM
Ryan Studies Eric's Underwear on 'The Real World'We don't know which guy is more disgusting on 'The Real World' (Wed., 10PM ET on MTV): Eric Patrick, the one with extremely dirty underwear, or Ryan Leslie, the one examining it.

Ryan dug out a few pairs of house mate Eric's filthy undies. (We don't know why.) He discovered ... more than skid marks. It pains us to write more detail. As Eric explained, "When I run, I spray fart. I can't help it -- God made me this way."

Jemmye Carroll summed it up by saying: "I don't know what's creepier -- the fact that Eric [beep] himself, or the fact that our roommates enjoyed watching it and pulling out his dirty underwear."

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News Roundup: Oprah Picks Jonathan Franzen for Her Book Club, J.J. Abrams' Second New Pilot Gets Picked Up and More

by Jean Bentley, posted Sep 17th 2010 11:40AM
'Freedom'Is all forgiven between Oprah Winfrey and Jonathan Franzen?

The talk show host has reportedly chosen Franzen's newest novel, 'Freedom,' for her book club, although the announcement will not officially be made until later today, according to the AP.

This is the second time Franzen has been selected -- Oprah picked Franzen's 'The Corrections' in 2001, but the author denounced Oprah's previous book club choices by calling them "schmaltzy," which prompted her to cancel his appearance on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show.' It seems nine years was enough time for both sides to work things out.

In other TV news...

MTV's 'The Real World' is heading back to Las Vegas. The show's 25th season will begin production next week. 'The Real World' filmed its 12th season there in 2002. [Variety]

'Glee' creator Ryan Murphy has teamed up with '24' showrunner Howard Gordon for a drama about phobias. Gordon previously worked on 'The X-Files,' so the pedigree sounds promising. Though Fox hasn't officially picked up the pilot yet, it will likely end up at the network. [Deadline]

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'The Real World' Finale: Knight Takes Us Out With Some Spanking (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Sep 16th 2010 5:27AM
'The Real World' Finale: Knight Takes Us Out With Some SpankingThis is the end of 'The Real World' (Wed., 10PM ET on MTV). Well, it's not really the end. The show has been around for twenty-four seasons, and god knows, it'll probably be around for twenty-four more. This is the finale of the current New Orleans season, though -- and the castmates took us out in traditional classy 'Real World' style: With some vandalism and some spanking.

Sahar was busy lamenting that soon she would be gone from the house on Dufossat Street -- along with all the other housemates. So Knight made an effort to raise everyone's spirits. (Or maybe he was just being crazy; it's always hard to tell with Knight.)

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