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October 13, 2015

the x-files

Fringe - an early look - VIDEO

by Jane Boursaw, posted Sep 2nd 2008 11:01AM
J.J. Abrams' Fringe to premiere Sept. 9, 2008
Wow, I really like this show! But darn, I'll have to wait to see what happens next, because FOX only sent us the pilot episode. I hope the continuing episodes are just as good. I expect nothing less from writer/producer J.J. Abrams, who already has a slew of hits on his IMDB page, including Lost and Alias (and I have high hopes for the upcoming Star Trek feature film, which he's directing and producing). Also on board for Fringe are the writers of Transformers: Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Good combo there.

Let's see ... what can I tell you about Fringe without giving away any spoilers? The first scene hooked me and wouldn't let go until ... well, it still hasn't let go, because I can't wait to see what happens next. The show is equal parts Lost, Heroes, CSI, and The X-Files, and the pilot episode covers a lot of ground in the set-up, but also ends with lots of questions.

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What shows had the best seasons of the past 20 years?

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 29th 2008 3:04PM
Scully and MulderAugust has been a slow month for these "Best XXXX of All-Time" and "Worst XXXX Sitcoms of the Decade" lists, but here's an interesting one: the 20 best seasons of the last 20 years.

It's an interesting subject for a list because TV fans can often agree on what shows are generally good or bad, and we can generally agree that even the best shows have bad seasons if they run long enough. But if you think about the shows that you've watched over the past 20 years (and watched all of the seasons, not just episodes here and there), what seasons stand out to you? Off the top of my head, before I even read the article, I thought of either season 2 or season 3 of The West Wing (the list writer picks season 2) and I would obviously pick a season of The X-Files or The Simpsons, though it would be hard to pick one season (he picks season 4 of the former and season 4 of the latter). Also on the list: season 2 of Buffy and season 1 of Deadwood. The first seasons of Friday Night Lights and Firefly? Really?

The list is for the past 20 years, but it leans heavily towards shows of the mid-90s and the 2000s. How about season 2 or 3 of NewsRadio? Or how about shows like Lost, The Sopranos, Mad Men, 30 Rock, Friends, or Seinfeld? They explain their methodology but it seems a little lame to me.

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Subtle Subtitles

by Keith McDuffee, posted Aug 8th 2008 2:24PM
Welcome to Subtle Subtitles. For those of you who are uninitiated to the purpose of this feature, we're asking you to come up with your funniest quote or description for what's going on in the screen grab we choose for the week. Winners are announced in the following Friday's contest.

subtle subtitlesLast contest's winner: Brent Todd

"Honey you were right about this mirror being slightly off"

This week, a scene from last night's Burn Notice ...

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Subtle Subtitles

by Keith McDuffee, posted Aug 1st 2008 11:42AM
Welcome to Subtle Subtitles. For those of you who are uninitiated to the purpose of this feature, we're asking you to come up with your funniest quote or description for what's going on in the screen grab we choose for the week. Winners are announced in the following Friday's contest.

cheers winnerLast contest's winner: miller980

"Let's see how much beer we can suck out of Norm!"

This week, in honor of The X-Files week here at TV Squad, a scene from the episode titled 'Dreamland' ...

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The X-Files: Humbug (or, the episode that scarred me for life) - VIDEOS

by Kona Gallagher, posted Jul 31st 2008 2:01PM
humbug x filesDo not adjust your web browser. You are now entering the Retro Squad, where we are reviewing past episodes of classic TV shows.

(S02E20) I was never a regular X-Files viewer, so I can't say that I had a favorite episode, or that I really liked or disliked certain plots or narrative directions taken by the show. For the most part, all of the episodes run together in my head -- with the exception of one.

I saw it only once, when it originally aired back in 1995. I didn't remember the details of the plot. Instead, it was just the images that still randomly come to mind over a decade later. A guy hammering a nail into his face, another covered in tattoos and eating a live fish, and a fetus in fetu that made me terrified of ever having children.

Since this week is X-Files week for Retro Squad, I knew that I had to talk about Humbug. I didn't want to, but I knew it was time to re-confront my nightmares.

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My favorite monsters from The X-Files

by Paul Goebel, posted Jul 30th 2008 3:41PM

FlukemanDo not adjust your web browser. You are now entering the Retro Squad, where we are reviewing past episodes of classic TV shows.

For the most part The X-Files was an intense character study of two FBI agents struggling with their beliefs in the supernatural, in America and in each other. Sometimes, however, it was just a show about cool monsters. Here are some of my favorites.

Eugene Tooms ("Squeeze," "Tooms")
Tooms was so cool and creepy he had to be brought back for another appearance. What I liked best about Tooms was that he was one of the few monsters that looked totally human but was pure monster. Whether he was eating livers or squeezing through an air vent, Tooms was the first threat on the show to make me believe that monsters might actually exist.


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The X-Files: I Want To Believe has a rough opening

by Brett Love, posted Jul 28th 2008 9:03AM

The X-Files - David Duchovny and Gillian AndersonI didn't think going into the weekend that the new X-Files movie (see Cinematical's review) had much of a shot at opening at number one. After the opening that the new Batman enjoyed the previous weekend, it was going to be a tough mountain to climb. That being said, I didn't think number two was an overly ambitious goal. And number three would have been a bit surprising. But number four and $10.2 million? Yikes.

As expected, The Dark Knight once again topped the box office with the biggest second weekend on record. Surprisingly though, Mulder and Scully also trailed Step Brothers and the second week of Mama Mia. The B word is already being tossed around, understandably so. Despite that, studio executives are standing by to assure everyone that with foreign box office and DVD the movie will still turn a profit. That's all well and good, but I don't think anyone should be getting their hopes up for round three any time soon.

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Short-Lived Shows: The Lone Gunmen - VIDEO

by Brett Love, posted Jul 25th 2008 2:03PM

Tom Braidwood, Dean Haglund, and Bruce Harwood - The Lone Gunmen
"We tell the stories others refuse to tell." - Richard "Ringo" Langly

Like many of you, I have a growning collection of DVD sets from shows that left the airwaves too soon. If I had to pick just one to have back, it would probably be Firefly, but The Lone Gunmen would certainly be in the conversation. It was a great example of a spin-off done right. After years of service, fighting the good fight, lending a hand to Mulder, the boys finally got their own gig. Melvin Frohike, Richard Langly, and Johy Byers weren't your typical prime-time, leading man, characters, and The Lone Gunmen wasn't your typical prime-time show.

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The X-Files: Squeeze & Tooms - VIDEO

by Brett Love, posted Jul 23rd 2008 1:02PM

The X-Files on VHSDo not adjust your web browser. You are now entering the Retro Squad, where we are reviewing past episodes of classic TV shows.

(S01E03 & S01E21) We almost take it for granted these days that a DVD set of our favorite shows will be forthcoming. We might not always agree with the scheduling, but it's a pretty safe bet that most everything we watch in the coming season will be arriving on DVD eventually. It wasn't like that back in the wilds of 1993. But things were about to change.

I'm not sure if The X-Files was the first show to embrace the home video market, but it was the first one that I took notice of. And it was the first one that I actually bought ... on VHS. That gorgeous three tape box set in the picture is one of three that I have, and each of them carry a whopping six episodes on their oh so delicate tapes. For X-Files week, I dusted this one off and fed my VCR the tape containing "Squeeze" and "Tooms," two of my favorite early episodes.

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X-Files: Aliens, conspiracy and quotes

by Debra McDuffee, posted Jul 23rd 2008 9:24AM
David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as Mulder and ScullyThe X-Files was a one-of-a-kind, groundbreaking show. It took the typical FBI detective show and spun it, but good. Add some aliens and government conspiracy and you've done one better than a weekly FBI caper.

And the extraterrestrial and supernatural make for some good quotes, starting with the pilot, when Scully refers to Mulder by his nickname from the academy: "Spooky Mulder."

Or how about Mulder's understatement of the millennium: " ... in most of my work, the laws of physics rarely seems to apply."

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Why I'm nervous about the new X-Files movie

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 21st 2008 3:06PM

X-FilesOh, I'll be there, probably on opening weekend, but something about the new X-Files flick makes me nervous as hell.

Maybe it's the fact that it has been ten years since the last movie, and I wonder if people are still interested in it enough to make it a hit (and push another movie into production). I also worry about the plot, since nothing much has been leaked about what the film is about, other than it involves snow, mysterious happenings, and Billy Connolly bleeding from the eyes.

No, the real reason I'm worried is that the movie has a "standalone" plot and is not part of the mythology arc from the show and the first movie. I think this could be a mistake.

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The X-Files: Killswitch

by Brett Love, posted Jul 21st 2008 12:01PM

Kristin Lehman, Dean Haglund, Bruce Harwood - The X-Files
Do not adjust your web browser. You are now entering the
Retro Squad, where we are reviewing past episodes of classic TV shows.

(S05E11) When I heard that we were going to be doing an X-Files week for Retro Squad the first thing that came to mind was "Killswitch." It has long been my favorite episode of the series. Aside from being a great story, it also serves as a marker for where my interest in the series changed.

By the time they made it to "Killswitch," X-Files had started to lose me with the mythology episodes. In the beginning it was almost annoying when there would be a standalone episode. I was so engrossed in the bigger picture story that it was like being forced to take a week off from that which I was really interested in. By season five, though, that interest had waned. Not that the show had gotten bad, just that it was pretty clear that those big answers weren't coming any time soon, so I started looking forward to these episodes more and more. And for me, "Killswitch" is the pinnacle of The X-Files in that form.

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TV Squad: The Week Ahead

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 21st 2008 8:02AM

Comic ConOur Monday morning roundup of a half dozen things TV Squad readers - and TV fans in general - will be talking about this week.

1. Mad Men season two premiere. More smoking, more drinking, more advertising. (Sunday at 10pm on AMC.)

2. Comic-Con. We'll be there this week, handing out DVDs and trying not to look geeky. Follow us again on twitter for what's happening and where to meet up with us.

3. It's X-Files Week here. Just in time for the new big screen movie that opens Friday. The truth is in here, if you want to believe.

4. Jingles. A new reality competition show where ordinary people try to come up with commercial jingles. Find out who's bologna has a first name Sunday at 8pm on CBS. (Update: looks like this has been delayed until at least late summer. Stay tuned...)

5. The 2008 World Series of Poker. People still watch poker on television, right? (Starts Tuesday at 8pm on ESPN.)

6. High School Musical: Get In The Picture. High School Musical + a reality competition = ratings. (Started last night; another new episode airs tonight at 8pm on ABC.)

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Giveaways reminder: Stargate: Atlantis, X-Files, Fastlane

by Keith McDuffee, posted Jul 11th 2008 11:01AM
stargate atlantis dvdIf you haven't entered our latest giveaways yet, here's a reminder that two are ending today. You've got until 5PM Eastern today to enter to win:

Stargate: Atlantis - Season Four

The X-Files: Revelations

and until next Monday to enter:

Fastlane - The Complete Series

Just head on over to the post links above, read through the rules, and make the applicable comment there (not here!). We'll notify the winners next week.

Good luck!

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Giveaway Monday: The X-Files: Revelations on DVD

by Keith McDuffee, posted Jul 7th 2008 10:01AM
x-files revelationsAnother giveaway today! This time we've got five copies of The X-files: Revelations on DVD for five lucky, random commenters. The DVD is available in stores starting Tuesday.

To enter, leave a comment below before 5:00PM Eastern, Friday, July 11 simply telling us how good you think the new X-Files movie will be. As always, we'll randomly choose five winners amongst the eligible entries. Some other details:
  • To enter, leave a confirmed comment below stating how good/bad you think the new X-Files movie will be.
  • The comment must be left before July 11, 2008 at 5:00PM Eastern Time.
  • You may enter only once.
  • Five winners will be selected in a random drawing.
  • Five winners will receive a The X-Files: Revelations on DVD (valued at $22.98).
  • Open to legal residents of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia and Canada (excluding Quebec) who are 18 and older.
Click here for complete Official Rules.

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