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October 7, 2015

the cosby show

'Read Between the Lines' Puts Malcolm-Jamal Warner Back in a Family Sitcom (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Oct 10th 2011 5:45PM
Malcolm-Jamal Warner grew up in one of TV's most iconic families in his role as Theo Huxtable on 'The Cosby Show.' Now, all these years later, after a cameo on 'Community' and a bevy of other projects, Warner is back to tackling the family sitcom. He stopped by 'Good Day NY' (weekdays, (9AM ET on Fox) to preview his new show 'Read Between the Lines.'

Warner doesn't shy away from the 'Cosby Show' comparisons, although he was careful to say that trying to recreate it would be foolish. But he did say the show was striving to capture that same "sense of universality, that sense of positive family values and family love, and a couple that's actually happily married."

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Raven-Symone Talks New Show 'State of Georgia' on 'GMA' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jun 23rd 2011 3:30PM
Raven-Symone on 'Good Morning America'On her new show, 'State of Georgia,' Raven-Symone plays a woman from Georgia who moves to New York City to become a star. Of course, Raven-Symone has been a star since she was four-years-old, when she played Olivia on 'The Cosby Show.' Thursday on 'Good Morning America' (weekdays, 7AM on ABC), Raven-Symone talked about the new show and some show-business advice she got from Bill Cosby.

Raven-Symone was thankful to have had Cosby, a legendary comedian and television icon, as a mentor from an early age. "He told me that this is a business, and you have to stay professional," she said. "No matter how much glitz and glamour or money that you can collect, it's all about, can people respect your business ethic."

She'll also be joined by a couple of TV veterans on 'State of Georgia': Loretta Devine ('Boston Public,' 'Grey's Anatomy') and Majandra Delfino ('Roswell'). A TV staple for most of her life, it's hard to believe that Raven-Symone is still only 25-years-old.

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Clarice Taylor of 'Cosby Show' & 'Sesame Street' Fame Dies at 93

by PopEater Staff, posted Jun 1st 2011 5:00PM
Clarice Taylor deadClarice Taylor, most recognized for her role as Bill Cosby's mother on 'The Cosby Show,' succumbed to heart failure on Monday, according to People.

The 93-year-old actress was surrounded by family when she passed away.

Taylor was nominated for a 1986 Emmy for her seven-year role as Anna Huxtable in the celebrated sitcom. She also appeared in 'Smoke' alongside Harvey Keitel, 'Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon' with Liza Minelli and 'Sesame Street,' on which she played David's grandmother.

Taylor was also an active member of the New York Stage group and the Negro Ensemble Company -- her presence as a leading actress in the African-American community did not go by unnoticed.

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'The Cosby Show' Cast Reunites to Accept the TV Land Impact Award (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 18th 2011 12:48AM
Bill Cosby and the cast of 'The Cosby Show' at '2011 TV Land Awards'It was appropriate, considering 'The Cosby Show' was the brain child of Bill Cosby, that the comedian was the only one who spoke when the cast was on stage to accept their Impact Award at the '2011 TV Land Awards' (Sun., 9PM ET on TV Land). Cosby was charming and funny, lamenting that he had just watched all of his "children" drinking. Still, it would have been nice to hear from some of the other cast members.

The award was presented by Stevie Wonder, and Cosby spent a good chunk of his time riffing with the legendary musician, when we suspect fans of 'The Cosby Show' would have preferred him talk more about his inspiration for the show, how he feels the show influenced television, or even some classic Cosby grumbling about the world today.

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Raven-Symoné on TV Land's 'Cosby Show' Reunion and Her New Series, 'State of Georgia'

by AOL TV Staff, posted Apr 17th 2011 10:00AM
Raven-Symone, TV Land Awards, The Cosby ShowBy Breia Brissey
Tonight's TV Land Awards will bring together the cast of 'The Cosby Show' for the first time in years.

When TV Squad caught up with Raven-Symoné a few weeks ago at the ABC Family upfronts, the now-25-year-old former 'Cosby Show' star said she was excited for the cast to receive the TV Land Impact Award.

"I loved working with Bill Cosby. And it's such an honor to end up on TV Land," Symoné said. "I mean, it's weird because I'm only 25 and on TV Land! But when I was little, I was only allowed to watch TV Land and the cooking network, so it's really cool."

Two decades after she started on the iconic series, the actress formerly known as little Olivia Kendall has a new show of her own. She'll return to TV with ABC Family's 'State of Georgia' (formerly known as 'The Great State of Georgia') in June.

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10 Most Stylish Female Characters in TV History

by Maggie Furlong, posted Mar 31st 2011 9:00AM
Mary Tyler MoorePeople watch TV for entertainment, escapism and stories that can keep them tuning in season after season.

But let's face it: for a lot of people, it's also about the sexy celebs in fabulous clothes. When it comes to women on TV, wardrobe may not make the character, but it does make her more interesting. It doesn't matter if the lady never wears the same thing twice or never changes clothes -- we've got both represented here -- it's the style that adds substance.

From hip-hugging chic to hippie chic, eclectic couture and housewives demure, we came up with a definitive list of some of our favorite fashionable ladies in TV history.

Did yours make the cut, or was she out-dressed? Sound off in the comments.

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TV Kisses Mashup: Watch Our Smooching Supercut (VIDEO)

by Avaryl Halley, posted Feb 10th 2011 3:00PM
Ross and Rachel's kiss on FriendsIt's Valentine's Day, so we thought it best to celebrate the occasion by getting everyone in the mood for love!

And what better way to do that than to watch a montage of some of the greatest kisses in television history? These kisses broke the "will they, or won't they?" tension between some of our favorite on-screen couples, challenged the censorship of the time, and quite simply, are just plain hot!

Warning: This montage may cause an uncontrollable urge to make out, so be sure to snuggle up and watch with your special someone (if you have one!) And if not, just close your eyes and fantasize about kissing Mulder yourself!

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Top 10 Thanksgiving TV Episodes Ever!

by Kim Potts, posted Nov 22nd 2010 2:00PM
Gilmore Girls
Here they are, the 10 best Turkey Day-themed primetime TV episodes of all time. 'Gilmore Girls,' 'The Bob Newhart Show' and the gang from 'Cheers' all make the list, as does the sitcom that tried to prove that turkeys could be dropped out of a helicopter and safely land in the parking lot of a Midwestern shopping center.

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Raven Symone Shares Details of First Kiss on 'Wendy Williams' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Feb 10th 2010 4:00PM
Raven Symone shared details of her first kiss on 'The Wendy Williams Show' (weekdays, syndicated) today. According to the former 'Cosby Show' star, she forcibly took her first kiss from a fellow student in high school who flirted with her, but never made any other advances.

Symone said she decided one day to lock lips with her crush after growing weary of his nonstop flirting. "Before math class, I pulled him to the side of the hallway, gave him a kiss and said, 'Don't ever elude me again,'" she said.

Watch the video after the jump.

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Best TV Pilots: Series Premieres That Made Our Jaws Drop

by Gary Susman, posted Nov 6th 2009 5:30PM
VThis week's 'V' debut episode on ABC has some dazzling moments, including a few that may shock and surprise even viewers with vivid memories of the original 1983 miniseries. But does it belong on the list of all-time great TV series premiere episodes? Compare and contrast with the list below, featuring 10 of our favorite TV pilot episodes of all time.

10. 'The O.C.'
"Welcome to the O.C., bitch," says snobby jock Luke (Chris Carmack) to poor newcomer Ryan (Benjamin McKenzie). "This is how it's done in Orange County." For that exchange alone, this episode belongs in the pilot Hall of Fame.

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Bill Cosby awarded Mark Twain Prize

by Danny Gallagher, posted Oct 27th 2009 9:03AM
Bill Cosby: HimselfOne of America's greatest TV icons has been officially recognized as one of its greatest humorists. Yes, he's still one of the greatest TV icons, but giving him another honor for his work in TV is like giving Jay Leno a free car.

Bill Cosby received the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor on Monday at the Kennedy Center.

The event, set for broadcast on PBS on Nov. 4., featured presentations and words from comedy notables such as Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld. It also featured a Cosby Show reunion of sorts with Phylicia Rashad and Malcolm-Jamal Warner. It's a good thing Dr. Huxtable didn't take his boy out of the world after all.

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Happy 25th anniversary, Cosby Show

by Bob Sassone, posted Sep 22nd 2009 10:29AM
This week marks the 25th anniversary of the premiere episode of The Cosby Show. Here's the famous scene from the episode where Cliff explains to son Theo about the realities of living on your own and not going to college. This was an instant classic, because Cliff's reaction to Theo's speech about being a "regular person" wasn't expected, especially by an audience that had just clapped at what Theo had said.

[via Pop Candy]

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Rocky Carroll doubling down on NCIS franchise

by Allison Waldman, posted Jul 2nd 2009 2:55PM
Leo G. Carroll did it in 1966. Lisa Bonet sort of did it in 1987. What am I talking about? Double duty. That is, playing the same role on two series which are running at the same time. There are probably quite a few other instances, but Leo was head man Mr. Waverly on both The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. for a year, and Lisa was Denise Huxtable in college (A Different World) and when she came home to visit the family in Brooklyn on The Cosby Show.

Now, Rocky Carroll will appear on both NCIS shows. Doing double duty makes perfect sense for the NCIS twosome, especially since they're going to be airing back to back on Tuesday, 8-10 P.M.

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Greatest TV Dads

by AOL TV Staff, posted Jun 8th 2009 6:00AM
John GoodmanReal-life dads are sometimes preoccupied with their careers and distracted by life's many complications. Happily, on TV, all dads have plenty of quality time to share with their kids, while dispensing encouraging words and occasional tough love.

Maybe that's because TV dads never spend much time at work. (We're pretty sure everyone's fathers would sign up for that!) Step into the wonderful make-believe world where every day is Father's Day, and join us as we count down our 20 favorite TV dads.

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Fantasia and Rudy Huxtable getting reality shows ... Who's next?!

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 16th 2009 3:05PM
Keshia Knight PulliamDoes Gary Coleman have a reality show yet? At this point, it seems that everyone and their brother is getting a reality show. You knew the end was nigh when Kim Kardashian's entire family got a reality show. That's a family getting a show based on a big ass. And I mean that in more ways than one. Keshia Knight Pulliam, who's famous for being a cute little girl on The Cosby Show twenty years ago is getting her chance to shine. Now 30, Pulliam is set to "star" in a reality show for Oxygen about her fun, young life with her live-in boyfriend. Yawn, man I think I fell asleep typing that.

But that's not all! Fantasia Barrino is getting her own reality show on VH1 and it doesn't have anything to do with skanks or dating! Fantasia won American Idol way back in Season 3, had her own Lifetime movie and a successful book and musical accolades to spare. But she's been more out of the public limelight in recent years while she performed on Broadway in The Color Purple. But still, I think Taylor Hicks needs a reality show more than Fantasia.

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