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October 4, 2015

the green room with paul provenza

Eddie Izzard Tells 'The Green Room' That He Wants to Be a Politician (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 2nd 2011 5:13AM
Eddie Izzard, 'The Green Room with Paul Provenza'Things took a turn toward the serious with Eddie Izzard in 'The Green Room with Paul Provenza' (Thu., 11PM ET on Showtime). The comics started talking about how comedy can be used to put forth serious ideas and raise serious issues.

Izzard stunned his fellow comics by announcing that he's going to run for political office.

He said that the comedy environment that's been fostered in the US and the UK means that "you can be comic philosophers where you just put out your idea of where things should go or what things should be or whatever. I think people want to listen to a voice."

As such, he explained his decision to enter politics. He said that in 2020 he'll either run for Mayor of London, or stand for election as an MP either in the UK or the European Parliament. While most of his fellow guests agreed he could win, and might even do well at it, Jimmy Carr couldn't understand it at all.

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Tony Clifton Heckles, Is Thrown Out of 'The Green Room with Paul Provenza' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 26th 2011 6:54AM
Tony Clifton, 'The Green Room with Paul Provenza'Tony Clifton strikes again! The fictitious character was made famous by Andy Kaufman, but true to the uniqueness of Kaufman's trade, he's been played by other people and continues making appearances to this day. His most recent was on 'The Green Room with Paul Provenza' (Thu., 11PM ET on Showtime).

His schtick has always been to be obnoxious and incredibly annoying, and he was in perfect form, completely disrupting the show to the point that security came in and eventually took him down. Was it all staged? Was he really acting that way because he was as drunk as he seemed?

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Joe Rogan Talks About His Slacktivism Against the War on Drugs (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 19th 2011 7:57AM
Joe Rogan, 'The Green Room with Paul Provenza'With Tommy Chong sitting in 'The Green Room with Paul Provenza' (Thu., 11PM ET on Showtime), it was inevitable that the topic of drugs came out. The guys talked about their belief that marijuana is harmless, and the details of Chong getting busted for bongs, as opposed to actual drugs.

Joe Rogan started talking about the 'War on Drugs,' which he sees as a joke at this point, and representative of the colossal failure of government in general.

"The only way you're going to fix it is by influencing young people," he said. "Young people who are not going to be completely compromised by the system by the time they hear your message."

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Lewis Black on Why He Won't Do Jokes About Sarah Palin (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 5th 2011 5:27AM
Lewis Black, 'The Green Room with Paul Provenza'Lewis Black is never afraid to speak his mind. He usually does so in a very loud voice and with very emphatic hand gestures. It's kind of hard not to notice him. But as he explained on 'The Green Room with Paul Provenza' (Thu., 11PM ET on Showtime), he told his audiences he wouldn't make jokes about Sarah Palin, even though she "was like for me a mother lode."

It must have come as quite a shock, considering Black's very open liberal stance and left-leaning viewpoints. Why would he avoid a target that other comedians have been piling on for years? Especially as he tends to get very political and cerebral in his rants already. She's tailor-made for his point of view.

"I could not live in this world if I believed she was a real person," he explained of Palin. "And so, I have for the entire time that she's been around, treated her as a hallucination."

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News Roundup: Showtime Renews 'The Green Room,' Casting Intel and More

by Chris Harnick, posted Sep 9th 2010 7:00PM
The Green RoomShowtime has renewed its comedy series 'The Green Room with Paul Provenza' for a second season.

According to Deadline Hollywood, production on the 6-episode season will kick off in Los Angeles for a 2011 premiere date. The series features Provenza as host to a gaggle of other comedians as they discuss hot topics in an uncensored format.

Season 1 of the Showtime series featured comics such as Roseanne Barr, Eddie Izzard and Jonathan Winters.

In other TV news ...

Hal Holbrook has signed on to guest star on 'The Event.' The four-time Emmy winner will play Dempsey, a businessman with questionable intentions who clashes with President Martinez. [TV Guide]

Lindsay Lohan's coveted post-jail and rehab interview may happen on 'Oprah Winfrey.' Sources say the talks are heating up as Lohan has received many offers. [RadarOnline]

Annabella Sciorra will guest star on 'The Whole Truth.' The former 'Sopranos' star will play a cougar on trial on the new ABC law drama. [TV Guide]

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Tommy Smothers Gets Political on 'The Green Room' (VIDEO)

by AOL TV Staff, posted Jul 16th 2010 6:06PM
Anything (and everything) can happen when comedians get together to speak off-the-cuff and uncensored on 'The Green Room With Paul Provenza' (Thu., 10:30PM ET on SHO).

On Thursday's edition, Tommy Smothers got very upset with Penn Jillette when Jillette uttered the name 'The Smothers Brothers Show' in the same sentence with 'The Glenn Beck Show.' "When you say 'Glenn Beck' and 'The Smother Brothers' I'm really offended," Smothers said. "Because we never said things that were stupid and prejudicial and ..."

Clearly, this was a sore spot for the very liberal Smothers, who's always played it for laughs and rarely has shown his serious side. He just couldn't understand why Jillette -- whom he admired -- would fraternize with the clearly very conservative Beck.

[Spoiler alert]

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Ron Jeremy Talks the Current State of Porn on 'The Green Room' (VIDEO)

by Chris Harnick, posted Jul 9th 2010 10:35AM
Ron Jeremy on The Green RoomRon Jeremy popped up in the audience of 'The Green Room With Paul Provenza' (Thu., 10:30PM on Showtime) and David Feldman wasted no time asking the porn actor about the industry.

Feldman said he had issues with the use of the f-word. "I was watching one of your movies with my family and the language ..." Feldman said.

Then, Jeremy talked about the evolution of porn flicks, especially how the dialogue and plots evolved. "When it went video, the plot was, 'Here's a cup of coffee, eat me.' There's your dialogue."

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A Comedian's Criminal Lineage on 'The Green Room' (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Jul 2nd 2010 8:00AM
Jim Jefferies' Criminal Lineage on 'The Green Room''The Green Room with Paul Provenza' (Thu., 10:30PM ET on Showtime) pulls together a smattering of veteran comedians to discuss heated, taboo topics -- or their seedy ancestry, as is the case for Aussie Jim Jefferies.

The comedian has a distant forefather who was among the first fleet to Australia -- a ship full of criminals. But he made good: "He was one of the first people to be set free from [being one of] the convicts and actually become a citizen ... So there's a lot of [family] pride," explains Jefferies.

Then along came the Internet. An intrepid historian listed everyone's crimes on the web, and "old Georgy" wasn't such a model citizen after all.

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Roseanne Barr Talks About Jew-Baking Hitler Photo on 'Green Room' (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Jun 18th 2010 7:38AM
Roseanne Talks Photo of Jew-Baking HitlerOn 'The Green Room with Paul Provenza' (Thu., 10:30PM ET on Showtime), the host brought up Roseanne Barr's stunt as a Jew-baking Hitler for the Jewish magazine 'Heeb.'

Looking at the image on his laptop, Provenza said, "These are little gingerbread Jews, aren't they?" Responded Barr: "Yeah I got in a little bit of trouble for that, too."

She then attempted to explain the image, saying, "He's in drag -- Hitler -- and he's baking cookies, and he's really proud of 'em." Yeah, we got that. But ...

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Larry Miller Talks Awkward Comedy Gig on 'The Green Room' (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Jun 11th 2010 4:42AM
Larry Miller Talks Awkward Comedy Gig on 'The Green Room''The Green Room with Paul Provenza' (Thu., 10:30PM ET on Showtime) pulls together a smattering of veteran comedians to discuss heated, taboo topics -- or whatever they want.

One such guest, Larry Miller, shared a particularly uncomfortable stand-up gig that required him to follow a police officer's somber memorial with his comedy act.

At an Iowa State Police Association convention, explained Miller, "The police chief says, 'As you know, last week young Danny McFadden was shot and killed in the line of duty.' They bring up the widow and the family to accept a foundation check, and she faints, passes out! ... They cart her off on a stretcher." And then Miller had to follow that.

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Paul Provenza Lets Comedians Be Themselves in 'The Green Room'

by Joel Keller, posted Jun 9th 2010 2:09PM
Paul Provenza in 'The Green Room'
Paul Provenza is not OK with the status quo in the comedy world. To him, stand-up comedy in the United States has become, in his words, "bland."

"There's something arch about it," Provenza told me last week. Many comedians these days "take on characters. It's a lot of winking and nodding. Some comedians almost even apologize for the fact that they're working in the form of comedy, and they make fun of the form as they're doing it. That's the overriding trend. So what you get is people who are not actually talking from the heart. They're always putting some layer of detachment from their real, you know, emotional and intellectual passions."

Despite the dim view the producer of 'The Aristocrats' has of the overall stand-up world, he knows plenty of people in it who will speak their minds. That was the aim when he put together 'The Green Room with Paul Provenza,' a really fun and frank chat series that debuts on Showtime on June 10 at 10:30PM ET.

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Showtime Sets Summer Premiere Dates for 'Big C,' 'Real L World'

by Audrey Fine, posted Mar 18th 2010 2:00PM
Laura LinneyThis summer, Showtime, whose highly anticipated season 2 premieres of 'Nurse Jackie' and 'United States of Tara' bow next Mon., March 22, will add three new shows to its burgeoning line-up of original series.

With 'The Real L World,' fans of the cable net's long-lived "beautiful lesbians living in West Hollywood" drama, 'The L World,' will thrill to the new reality twist being taken on their cult fave. The show premieres Sun., June 20 at 10PM ET.

Also in the "reality" genre will be 'The Green Room With Paul Provenza,' a show that promises, according to the Los Angeles Times, to "give viewers unprecedented and candid access" to what goes on behind the scenes when celebrated stand-up comics like Roseanne and Bob Saget work to hone their material. Look for 'Green Room' when it premieres Sun., June 10 at 10:30PM ET.

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