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October 14, 2015

the late show with david letterman

Republicans Hate 'Jersey Shore,' Love 'The Bachelor'

by Chris Harnick, posted Dec 6th 2011 2:30PM
Democrat, Republican TV StudySnooki's poof apparently doesn't work its magic on Republicans.

A new study by Experian-Simmons found conservative-leaning viewers tend to favor reality programming like 'Dancing With the Stars,' 'The Bachelor,' 'The Biggest Loser,' 'MythBusters,' but one exception to that trend was 'Jersey Shore.' Also among GOP favorites is the History Channel's block of programming: 'Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy,' 'American Pickers,' and 'Swamp People.'

Two other popular liberal shows, 'Glee' and 'Modern Family,' topped the conservative list last year, but are no longer two of the favorite shows among Republican viewers, according to EW. They did, however, still rank high with those on the more liberal end of the political spectrum.

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Julianna Margulies: 'Good Wife' Premiere Sex Scene Too Hot for Hubby (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 2nd 2011 4:55AM
Julianna Margulies, 'Late Show with David Letterman'Julianna Margulies certainly got David Letterman's attention when she started talking about the season premiere of 'The Good Wife' on 'Late Show' (Weeknights, 11:35PM ET on CBS). It was her use of the word 'steamy' twice in describing one scene in particular.

"I'm inclined to believe you that it's steamy," he said. "I guess I don't know what steamy is. Nudity?"

"Semi-nudity," she said. "You can't do full frontal nudity."

But Letterman tried to get out of her just how much we were going to see, and all Margulies would confirm was a lot of thigh. She did say, though, that it's the first time she's been a little concerned about her husband watching her on television.

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Samuel L. Jackson Chats About Golfing with Donald Trump and Bill Clinton on 'The Late Show' (VIDEO)

by Mike Moody, posted Jun 17th 2011 2:53AM
samuel l jackson david lettermanSamuel L. Jackson and Donald Trump are golfing buddies? Who knew?

The Marvel movie staple dropped by 'The Late Show With David Letterman' (Weeknights, 11:35PM ET on CBS) to chat about a star-studded golf game that Trump invited him to play in.

Trump asked Jackson to join a game with a few friends, and one of those friends just happened to be Bill Clinton. Which brings me to my next question: Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are golfing buddies?

Perhaps golf is a more important sport than we thought it was. Maybe, one day, golf will be the one interest that all men will have in common.

While Jackson himself isn't a pro at the sport, he says Clinton isn't exactly gonna be seen wearing a green Masters jacket anytime soon either.

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Jim Carrey Shows David Letterman His Best Tom Hanks Impression (VIDEO)

by Mike Moody, posted Jun 16th 2011 3:57AM
jim carrey, lettermanJim Carrey proved that you don't have to be original to be funny (or awkward) on 'The Late Show With David Letterman' (Weeknights, 11:35PM ET on CBS).

Making the rounds to promote his new flick 'Mr. Popper's Penguins,' Carrey dropped by 'Letterman' to chat up the family comedy and to offer his best Tom Hanks impersonation.

Carrey recreated one of Hanks' more memorable visits to the 'Late Show' note-by-note, scream-by-scream, and gyration-by-gyration by retelling Hank's story involving an unfortunate skunk spraying.

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Ryan Reynolds Recalls a High-Flying, Near-Death Experience on 'Letterman' (VIDEO)

by Mike Moody, posted Jun 15th 2011 3:12AM
ryan reynoldsIt sounds like Ryan Reynolds was in need of his 'Green Lantern' power ring during a recent skydiving adventure.

The star dropped by 'The Late Show With David Letterman' (Weeknights, 11:35PM ET on CBS) to talk about his penchant for jumping out of airplanes -- he's done it 13 times -- as well as that one time when his parachute didn't open.

Luckily, Reynolds was packing a reserve 'chute, but he was reluctant to pull it because, as he said, "then I'd have none left!"

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Betty White Offers Tips for Living a Long, Healthy Life in Letterman Top Ten (VIDEO)

by Mike Moody, posted Jun 14th 2011 3:04AM
betty white lettermanIf anyone out there has found the secret to aging with grace and wit, it has to be Betty White.

The former 'Golden Girl'-turned-'It' girl dropped by 'The Late Show With David Letterman' (Weeknights, 11:35PM ET on CBS) to deliver her personalized Top Ten List: 'Betty White Tips for Living a Long and Happy Life.'

Surprisingly, the 'Hot in Cleveland' star managed to restrain herself from hitting on Letterman, but she took a few shots at some other newsworthy celebs, including LeBron James and, of course, Representative Anthony Weiner ("Number Six: Avoid tweeting any photos of your private parts.")

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Tina Fey Jokes She'll 'Never' Learn Gender of New Baby (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Apr 20th 2011 8:45AM
Tina Fey Jokes She'll 'Never' Learn Gender of New BabyTina Fey of '30 Rock' continued to be cagey about the sex of her second child on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' (weekdays, syndicated). Fey recently said she knows the child's gender on 'The Late Show With David Letterman,' but she offered no additional details while speaking with Ellen DeGeneres.

Fey, who's due at the end of summer, joked that she and husband Jeffrey Richmond intend to wait a significant number of years before actually learning the baby's sex.

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David Letterman Uses Paris Hilton's iPhone App to Make Her Boyfriend Jealous (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Feb 18th 2011 2:17AM
Paris Hilton's iPhone app, 'Late Show with David Letterman'Paris Hilton was on 'Late Show' (Weeknights, 11:35PM ET on CBS) to hawk her new iPhone app, but David Letterman had a better idea. After she showed him the feature that allows you to superimpose a picture of Paris Hilton onto a picture you take of yourself, he decided it would be more fun to driver her boyfriend, Cy Waits, crazy.

"I wonder what the boyfriend thinks of this shot," Letterman said of the first picture Hilton took. It had her leaning provacatively toward him while he was sporting a huge grin.

To make it even better, the producers cut to a shot of Waits off-camera, and he did look uncomfortable about the whole thing. That just egged Letterman on.

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Lindsay Lohan Won't Read Top Ten on 'Letterman' After All

by Jean Bentley, posted Feb 16th 2011 10:55AM
Lindsay LohanAccording to Lindsay Lohan's Twitter, reports yesterday that she was scheduled to read the Top Ten list on 'The Late Show With David Letterman' Thursday night are false.

"I am NOT going to be doing David Letterman, I'm not sure how this happened, but I am sorry for the confusion," the actress tweeted this morning.

UPDATE: According to TMZ, the person who booked Lindsay on the show was her father, Michael Lohan.

CBS issued the following statement, according to Entertainment Weekly: "Lindsay Lohan will not be delivering a Top Ten list on Thursday's 'Late Show With David Letterman,' as had been previously announced. We made a mistake. Someone purporting to be a friend of Lindsay's reached out to the show yesterday, allegedly on her behalf, and booked her to appear. Clearly, this person was not authorized to make commitments on her behalf. We wish Lindsay well, and look forward to having her on the show in the future."

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Martha Stewart Recalls Cheese-Throwing Incident With David Letterman (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Feb 7th 2011 2:00PM
On 'The Martha Stewart Show' (weekdays, 10AM ET on Hallmark), Martha Stewart recalls an incident where she threw cheese at David Letterman during a cooking segment on 'The Late Show' last Friday.

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Kim Kardashian Denies Rumors of Plastic Surgery on 'Wendy Williams' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Jan 21st 2011 3:45PM
On 'The Wendy Williams Show' (weekdays, syndicated), Kim Kardashian denied rumors that she's had plastic surgery, arguing that a photo of her puffy, supposedly post-op face instead showed her after a bout with the flu.

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Steven Tyler Prefers the Old Ways of Paying Your Dues to Earn 'Idol' Status (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jan 18th 2011 3:47AM
Steven Tyler, 'Late Show with David Letterman'Steven Tyler became a rock idol in the 1970s, long before reality television even existed. And now he's joining 'American Idol,' the biggest reality show to ever hit these shores. As a judge, he'll be helping America choose their next 'Idol' through a competition. It's certainly a different journey.

"I always thought that in order to become an American Idol, or any kind of idol, you have to pay your dues," Tyler said on 'Late Show' (Weeknights, 11:35PM on CBS), referring to the years of national touring he did with Aerosmith. "But, today's a different world."

"I prefer the process that gave us you to this process," David Letterman said of 'American Idol.' "By the time you're ready, you're ready, and we have the honest, legitimate stamp of approval."

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Six Late-Night Talk Show Hosts: Winners and Losers

by Gary Susman, posted Dec 18th 2010 2:00PM
'I'm With Coco' PosterCountdown to Festivus on Dec. 23: On the sixth day of Festivus, TV gave us to ... six late-night talk show hosts battling.

Hard to remember, but at this time a year ago, David Letterman was facing one of the biggest crises of his career in the wake of his sex-and-blackmail scandal, Conan O'Brien was just settling into his job at 'The Tonight Show,' Jay Leno was tanking in primetime and Jimmy Fallon was still finding his voice as a late-late-night host.

The late night landscape has changed a bit since then.

It was clear a year ago that there was trouble on the horizon, but few (save, perhaps, for Andy Richter) anticipated the earthquake to come. Most of the cataclysm occurred in January, when NBC decided to bring Leno back to 11:35, and O'Brien decided to take a golden parachute after just seven months on the job rather than follow Leno at 12:05.

The aftershocks from that event, which continue to this day, affected not just the two of them, but also Letterman, Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Craig Ferguson. (Not to mention a supporting cast of millions, including network bigwigs, obstinate local stations, and angry fans nationwide.)

Miraculously, all six night owls are still working -- though maybe not for much longer. How did the rollercoaster year shake out for each of them? Let's see ...

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Nine Fantastic Talk Show Guests

by Bob Sassone, posted Nov 9th 2010 1:00PM
Tom HanksTonight, Tom Hanks will appear on the second episode of the new 'Conan.' Hanks is one of the all-time great talk show guests (and likely a favorite of hosts) because he doesn't do what most people do: simply plug their latest movie, TV show, CD or book.

Very few things on TV are more lame and uncomfortable than watching a talk show where the guest has very little to say and hasn't even planned anything to say or do in advance.

After the jump is my list of nine talk show guests you can count on to be funny, interesting, unpredictable -- and often all three. They're the talk show guests that are "must-see" for me.

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The 5 Funniest TV Clips of the Week (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Oct 9th 2010 3:00PM
Don't have the time to sift through hours and hours of fall TV for the funniest moments from the past week? Well, we've done the legwork for you and collected the best here. So, sit back, relax and have a chuckle. You're welcome!

On 'The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret' (Fri., 10PM ET on IFC), Todd travels to London to sell "Thunder Muscle," a new energy drink made in North Korea that has questionable effects. Problem is, Todd is a terrible salesman and, when he tries peddling the drink to a grieving mother and a couple on the street, things go horribly awry.

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