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October 9, 2015

the real l word

Showtime Renews 'The Real L Word' For Season 3

by Chris Harnick, posted Nov 3rd 2011 1:35PM
The Real L Word Season 3'The Real L Word' will be back for a third season and it's moving to New York City ... sort of.

The reality series from 'The L Word' creator Ilene Chaiken will now feature cast in both Los Angeles and New York.

"We're excited and gratified to be picking up the stories of our most beloved season 2 cast members at some truly major and life-altering junctures, and we think it's time to throw down and invite the women of New York to join in and demonstrate the claims they've lobbed at us these past few years ... that New York's women have something more to say about lesbian life, something that isn't being said by our Los Angeles ladies," Chaiken, creator and executive producer of the series, said in a statement. "Bring it on, Brooklyn!"

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Kacy and Cori's Sperm Donor Backs Out on 'The Real L Word' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 6th 2011 5:50AM
'The Real L Word' season premiereSome things you really shouldn't do via text message. Breaking up with someone, reporting a loved one's death and, as we saw on 'The Real L Word' (Sun., 10PM ET on Showtime), telling a couple that you're backing out of being their sperm donor.

Nevertheless, that's how Cori got the news that the donor she and Kacy thought they had all lined up had changed his mind.

"Sorry guys. I love you, but I think this is too much for me." That's it. Sure, it might be understandable that he's a little overwhelmed at the thought of his biological child being out there, and he may not be ready for that, but how about a phone call?

How much do you want to bet he turned off his phone after that so he could pretend the battery died? Or it fell in the toilet?

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Ed Helms to Host 'Saturday Night Live,' 'Chase' Star Joins 'The Good Wife' and More

by Chris Harnick, posted Apr 25th 2011 5:35PM
Ed HelmsEd Helms has signed to host 'Saturday Night Live' for the first time.

According to NBC, Helms will be joined by Paul Simon. Helms' hosting duties align with the season finale of 'The Office' and the release of 'The Hangover 2.'

Simon's appearance on the May 14 episode will be his eighth on the 'SNL' stage. Tina Fey will host the May 7 show and Justin Timberlake will close out the season on May 21.

In other TV news ...

'Chase' star Kelli Giddish has booked a two-episode guest role on 'The Good Wife.' Giddish will play an investigator and former colleague of Kalinda. The role could extend to season 3 (if/when CBS picks up the show). [TVLine]

When 'The Real L Word' returns to Showtime for season 2, expect it to look a whole lot different. Only Whitney from season 1 is still with the cast. Joining Whitney is Claire, an aspiring magazine publisher; Claire's ex, Francine, a business executive; fashion designer Romi; couple Cori & Kasey and activist Sajdah. Season 2 premieres June 5. [Entertainment Weekly]

Coco, wife of 'Law & Order: SVU' actor/rapper Ice-T, is getting her own E! reality show. In November, the New York Post reported seeing Ice and Coco filming, but new details indicate Coco will be the focus. [TMZ]

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Showtime Sets Spring, Summer Premiere Dates, Ashley Judd Officially Joins ABC and More

by Chris Harnick, posted Mar 1st 2011 6:40PM
Weeds Season 7 Premiere DateShowtime's first lady of comedy, Nancy Botwin, will be back with all new 'Weeds' episodes starting Mon., June 27 at 10PM. She's not alone: Laura Linney will be back in her Golden Globe-winning role on 'The Big C' the same day at 10:30PM.

Deadline Hollywood reports both programs will have 13 episodes. 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl' will return for an 8-episode final season on April 7 at 10:30PM and reality series 'The Real L Word' returns June 5 at 10 PM for 9 episodes season)

Among the series premieres is Lisa Kudrow's 'Web Therapy' on July 19 at 11PM and 'Gigolos' on April 7 at 11PM.

In other TV news ...

Ashley Judd has officially signed to star in ABC's 'Missing.' Judd will play Becca Winstone, a former CIA agent who travels to Europe to track down her missing son. [Deadline Hollywood]

'Deadliest Catch' will premiere April 12 at 9PM. Season 7 will see Josh and Jake Harris try to prove to the crew that they can handle operating the Cornelia Marie. Watch a NSFW trailer at the source. [Entertainment Weekly]

Christina Hendricks will appear on Bravo's 'Top Chef Masters.' The 'Mad Men' actress will be part of a 'Mad Men'-themed challenge. [Entertainment Weekly]

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The Player Gets Played on 'The Real L Word' (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Aug 16th 2010 7:26AM
Whitney Gets Played on 'The Real L Word'Whitney Mixter has been the love-'em-and-leave-'em cast member of 'The Real L Word' (Sun., 10PM ET on SHO). But on the first-season finale, she discovers a taste of her own medicine isn't so delectable.

At the annual Dinah Shore gathering in Palm Springs, Whitney thinks she and Sara are "starting to expand our relationship ... We're definitely, like, learning about each other and potentially developing trust."

By day two, the player says, "At this point, I'm not gonna lie, I'm kind of like only eyes-only on Sara."

Next thing you know, she discovers Sara making out with Romi in the pool. Back in the hotel room, Whitney says, "I like to pride myself on not needing anybody." But the tears streaming down her face tell a different story.

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'The Real L Word': Mikey Proposes to Her Girlfriend on the Catwalk (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Aug 9th 2010 6:45AM
Mikey Koffman Proposes on 'The Real L Word'On 'The Real L Word' (Sun., 10PM ET on SHO), L.A. Fashion Week producer Mikey Koffman popped the question on the runway at the Dolce Vita Fashion Show.

She called up Raquel Castaneda, her makeup-artist girlfriend, from backstage. Getting down on one knee, she asked, "Will you marry me? Please say yes. It'd be really embarrassing if you say no right now," she said, as the audience (including fellow cast mate
Whitney Mixter) clapped and cheered her on.

It was a big "yes." Raquel later said, "That is so amazing to me. Mikey doesn't have the easiest time showing how she feels, so saying something that loud really got my attention, and I just can't believe she made a statement like that."

Mikey explained it this way: "I wanted to speak her language. I felt like she likes big gestures, and I was trying to give her that." Mission accomplished.

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Creamed-Corn Wrestling on 'The Real L Word' (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Aug 2nd 2010 7:50AM
Creamed-Corn Wrestling on 'The Real L Word'On 'The Real L Word' (Sun., 10PM ET on SHO), Whitney's barbecue offers creamed corn, but not as a side dish. The ladies in attendance wrestle in an inflatable kiddie pool filled with the vegetable concoction.

Scarlett takes on Whitney and says, "I just knew that she would be just worried about her dreads." But apparently they aren't much of a concern, because Whitney wins the contest after her hair is doused in creamed-corn goo.

Next up is Tora, who proved to be a "slippery little devil," says Whitney. "I'm also not going to lie to the fact that I'm slightly turned on at this match-up."

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'The Real L Word' Cast Teases More Nudity, Sex - TCA Report

by Kelly Woo, posted Jul 29th 2010 3:00PM
The Real L Word castViewers will get to see a lot more of the ladies of Showtime's 'The Real L Word' in the last three episodes of their first season.

"You'll see several sexual situations and some nudity," said a sly Whitney Mixter.

Episode 7, in particular, "is epic," teased Rose Garcia.

'Real L Word' cast members Mixter, Garcia, Jill Goldstein, Mikey Hoffman, Tracy Ryerson, Nikki Weiss were joined by executive producers Ilene Chaiken and Jane Lipsitz on a panel at the Television Critics Association press tour. The group previewed the rest of the season, which Chaiken promised will bring some of the "shock value" that was a hallmark of her scripted series, 'The L Word.'

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Coming Out on Oprah on 'The Real L Word' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jul 26th 2010 2:00AM
Coming Out on Oprah on 'The Real L Word'Not getting support from your family can be tough. This is the problem that Nikki is dealing with on 'The Real L Word' (Sun., 10PM ET on SHO).

In her twenties, Nikki was married to a man -- but then she decided the whole "straight" thing wasn't for her, and came out as a lesbian in front of a national audience on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show.' These days, Nikki is planning on getting married to her fianceé Jill. But her father isn't happy about the situation.

Nikki hasn't heard from her father in four years. The last time she talked him was after she came out on 'Oprah' in 2006. At that point, her dad called her and said this: "I was in my house ... and turned on 'Oprah,' and saw a beautiful woman, and I thought to myself, 'What a waste of a woman,' when I heard the subject matter. And then I realized it was [my daughter]."

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Facebook Friend Requests to a Girlfriend's Parents on 'Real L Word' (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Jul 19th 2010 6:45AM
Facebook Friend Requests to Girlfriend's Parents on 'Real L Word'Now that Tracy is living with Stamie (and her two kids), Stamie thinks it's high time her girlfriend's parents were told. And the best way to break the ice? Facebook.

On 'The Real L Word' (Sun., 10PM ET on SHO), Stamie discovers Tracy's mother is on the site, so she sends a friend request.

"She's gonna be my friend on the Internet but not in real life," chuckles Stamie. "She's gonna be my virtual mother-in-law ... Your dad is next, beeyatch!"

Stamie later explains her actions, saying, "Tracy's been out for five years. And I think she's at a point where she needs her mom now ... You want to share your life with your mom."

She goes on to friend request Tracy's step-mom, whose age (she's younger than Tracy) further complicates matters.

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Almost a Surprise Wedding on 'The Real L Word' (VIDEO)

by Chris Harnick, posted Jul 12th 2010 9:45AM
The Real L Word What's better than a wedding in Las Vegas? A surprise wedding in Las Vegas!

On 'The Real L Word' (Sun, 10PM on Showtime), Mikey started to plan a surprise wedding for her and her fiance Raquel, but there were a few problems.

1. Many chapels in Vegas do not perform commitment ceremonies.
2. Raquel missed her flight.

Yup, after finding a chapel and making sure everything was set for a quickie wedding, Raquel missed her flight. Mikey did her best to keep it together, but she was clearly disappointed. After all, wouldn't you be?

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Sexy Lesbian Photos on 'The Real L Word' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jul 5th 2010 11:10PM
Sexy Lesbian Photos on 'The Real L Word'So what is a good Valentine's Day present for a girl? Flowers? Perfume? Chocolates? ... Sexy lesbian photos? On 'The Real L Word' (Sun., 10PM ET on SHO), Natalie decides to come up with the ideal V-Day gift for her girlfriend Rose. And the present she decides upon is -- you guessed it! -- half-naked photographs.

Even though Natalie claims that she's "nervous" and that she's "never done anything like this before," she manages to model for quite a lot of photos, while wearing nothing more than some skimpy lingerie and (occasionally) a garter belt. When Rose gets the naked pics, she calls it "one of the best gifts" she's ever gotten. Oh, like you even care. Just go ahead and watch the video of Natalie posing in her undies.

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Rose Abuses Natalie on 'The Real L Word' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Jun 28th 2010 2:00PM
At a party, Rose makes fun of girlfriend Natalie's pink lip gloss, then complains to a friend that she can get a hotter girl than Natalie anytime she wants on 'The Real L Word' (Sun, 10PM ET on SHO).

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Get to Know The Ladies of 'The Real L Word'

by Jo Garfein, posted Jun 18th 2010 5:30PM
The Real L Word 'The Real L Word,' from 'The L Word' executive producer Ilene Chaiken, is a sexy, spicy, sassy and sweet new reality series on Showtime. Produced by Magical Elves (Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz, who also produce 'Project Runway', 'Top Chef' and 'Last Comic Standing'), 'The Real L Word' is an unflinching glimpse into the fascinating lives of six lesbians in Los Angeles.

As an out journalist living in the Bay Area and having spent a good deal of time in LA during college, I am approaching this series with an equal serving of enthusiasm and curiosity.

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Legitimate Lesbians in Los Angeles: A Look at 'The Real L Word'

by Jo Garfein, posted Apr 28th 2010 6:00PM
Just about 40 miles up the road from the real housewives in Orange County are the real lesbians of Los Angeles, and Showtime is presenting a slice of their life in the new reality series 'The Real L Word.'

The response by the gay community to the portrayals of bisexuals and lesbians in the original series 'The L Word' was equally divided between delighted and offended, and from a marketing standpoint -- 'The Real L Word' is poised to be just as controversial.

Take a peek behind-the-scenes; just be warned that the content is rather racy and not necessarily safe to view at work.

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