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October 7, 2015


'American Idol' Contestant Ousted Over Criminal Record

by Brad Trechak, posted Feb 15th 2010 9:45PM
American IdolLadies and gentlemen, remember that if you plan on appearing on the biggest reality show on television, be sure that you don't have an arrest record. Apparently, one of the 'American Idol' hopefuls named Danielle Hayes was ousted because she has had, among other things, a DUI, theft, driving with a suspended license and marijuana possession.

It's not that big a deal, particularly if she isn't a repeat offender. 'Idol' is likely just afraid of tarnishing its squeaky-clean family-values image, particularly if she ended up getting to the finals or even close to them. Given how drugs and booze are usually associated with the music industry, perhaps they should just let her go directly into the final round.

This is a show that made William Hung and Sanjaya into stars. How could they not let Ms. Hayes audition? At the very least, it would lead to some good drama.

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Big Love: The Happiest Girl

by Jen Creer, posted Aug 14th 2007 9:39AM
Alby and Nicki(S02E10) I'm going to go out on a limb here and argue that Bill has essentially not changed since the beginning of the show. Oh, sure, he is still acting and behaving-- but I don't think there is anything inherently different about the way he is behaving. He is still ambitious, still thinks he is right, and he is a salesman: He thinks he can talk his way into or out of any situation. However, I bet that was cold comfort at the end of tonight's episode, considering who he ended up in bed with...

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Animation news: Shaun heads to Disney, Homer gets stolen and more - VIDEO

by Adam Finley, posted Jun 23rd 2007 1:01PM

dangermouseHere's some animation news:

Aardman Animation, the studio behind various Wallace and Gromit projects and the new CBS series Creature Comforts, is bringing its Shaun the Sheep series to the Disney Channel starting July 8. The series, aimed towards younger kids, focuses on a barnyard sheep who gets into crazy adventures with his animal pals.

Nahnatchka Kahn, a writer and producer on FOX's recently-renewed series American Dad, has been bumped up to executive producer on the series and will also be developing new projects for the studio.

Kahn previously wrote for such series as Recess, Unfabulous and Malcolm in the Middle.

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King of the Hill: Peggy's Gone to Pots

by Adam Finley, posted May 7th 2007 9:38AM

king of the hill(S11E09)

Peggy: I'll bet Minh likes foreign movies, she's a foreigner. To her, it's just a movie.

I've watched enough episodes of King of the Hill over the years to know that Dale Gribble sometimes uses the alias "Rusty Shackleford' to fly under the radar of all those conspiratorial entities that only exist in his head, but this is the first time I've heard the story behind it: "Rusty Shackleford" was the name of a kid from Dale's third grade class who passed away. At least, that's what Dale thought. It turns out that Rusty just moved away.

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Smith: Three

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 3rd 2006 11:09PM
Smith(S01E03) Three episodes into Smith, and this show has started to come off the rails. It's sort of a mess now. And it's getting tedious and boring, with just too many elements (side plots, characters, etc) the writers have thrown into the mix that ruin the tone set by the stylish, clever, moody pilot.

Anyone else having this reaction to this show?

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Smith: Pilot (series premiere)

by Bob Sassone, posted Sep 19th 2006 10:59PM

Smith(S01E01) As I sat watching the premiere episode of Smith, I kept thinking the same thing: after Heist and Hustle and Thief, are people really going to want to watch yet another show about a gang of clever thieves who pull off elaborate robberies?

If it's based on quality, it shouldn't really be a problem. This is a good show. But we all know it's not just based on quality, there are about 9 other things that come into play when people decide to watch or not watch a TV show, and I wonder how viewers will calculate those other things in their head when deciding whether or not to watch it.

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Reno 911!: Rick's On It

by Adam Finley, posted Jul 31st 2006 10:35AM

reno 911(S04E04) After a pre-credit opening where the male deputies try to conduct a "panty raid" and end up face to face with a completely naked and pregnant Wiegel, we cut to the first real scene of the episode where a motivational speaker Dangle found on the internet gives the deputies some rather confounding advice, including this diatribe:

"I ask you, does the belt not go through all the loops? You all see yourselves as brilliant little pebbles just waiting for your code word. Well, what if your code word doesn't come, huh? Are you gonna sit around in your cruiser and wind up ejected from somebody's crazy physics package?"

More profound advice I've never heard. Let's move on.

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Hustle coming to DVD in September

by Bob Sassone, posted May 21st 2006 3:50PM
Robert VaughnI really enjoy this show. The stories are entertaining, the cast is great, and it's good to see Robert Vaughn doing something besides those commercials. And now season one of the show is coming to DVD on September 5.

It's only 6 episodes, but there are going to be two DVDs for some reason. I guess the "Assembling The Team" featurette is a little longer than I thought it would be.

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