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October 9, 2015


'Glee' Preview: Listen to the Full 'Thriller' / 'Heads Will Roll' Mashup at Last!

by Jean Bentley, posted Jan 31st 2011 11:40AM
Glee, Thriller, Heads Will Roll, Super Bowl episodeWith just six days left until the highly anticipated 'Glee' Super Bowl episode (eeeee!), it's about time the powers that be released some of the music.

Today, PopEater has the exclusive premiere of the 'Thriller' / 'Heads Will Roll' mashup, which combines the Michael Jackson classic with Yeah Yeah Yeahs' 2009 hit. YYYs paid homage to 'Thriller' for their own 'Heads Will Roll' video, so the connection isn't completely out of left field. Plus, both songs feature creepy organ music that the 'Glee' gang turned into a fun, poppy dance beat.

Head over to PopEater for the exclusive premiere of the track, plus details on your chance to win a prize pack that includes four 'Glee' soundtrack volumes and Michael Jackson's 'Vision.'

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'Glee' Super Bowl Episode Preview: 'Thriller' Photos, Promo

by Chris Harnick, posted Jan 26th 2011 5:00PM
Glee'Glee' fans, we know you've been marking your calendars and happily the wait is almost over! The Fox hit is returning with a very big episode following Super Bowl XLV on Sun., Feb. 6 at approximately 10:30PM EST (time will vary depending on the game).

The New Directions gang will bust out Michael Jackson's signature hit 'Thriller' -- also the episode title -- and we've got the very zombie-heavy preview pictures straight from Fox. Ever wonder what Dianna Agron and Lea Michele would look like undead? Wonder no more. Plus, some very blue Katy Perry wigs!

Check out the preview pictures and the first commercial after the jump. And of course, spoiler warning.

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Roland Emmerich's '2012' Series Shelved

by Mike Moody, posted Feb 24th 2010 10:02AM
2012 posterIt seems a potential disaster has been averted.

Director Roland Emmerich, known to some as Michael Bay's top rival in the "who can make the crappiest blockbuster?" contest, says a TV series based on his latest movie, '2012', has been shelved.

Speaking to Movieweb, Emmerich said budget constraints have halted pre-production on the show, which would have served as a direct follow-up to his special effects-heavy disaster flick. The series was described as being similar in theme to 'Lost'. The plot would have followed survivors of the events depicted in the movie attempting to rebuild in Africa.

"It was just too big for TV, what we wanted to do," Emmerich said.

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What's Hot on Inside Movies: 'Star Trek' Sequel, Mel Gibson Provokes Protest, Robert Downey Jr. a New Sex Symbol

by Betsey Denberg, posted Dec 30th 2009 3:10PM
We're just a day away from bidding farewell to 2009, but that doesn't mean we stop reporting the news. So, take a break from fighting the return lines at the mall and spend some time with Inside Movies, catching up on the latest Hollywood news.

This year we said goodbye to one of the greatest names in musical history, Michael Jackson, but we'll never forget the impact he made on the world. The National Film Registry is making sure of this as they selected 'Thriller' as the first music video ever to be preserved.

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Top TV Stories of 2009: TV coverage of Michael Jackson's death

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Dec 24th 2009 3:18PM
Michael JacksonAs a fan of music from the 80's and the early 90's, I didn't believe it at first when one of my friends told me that Michael Jackson died. Since TVs were rare where I was at the time, my first instinct was to check CNN.com. As soon as I got confirmation, I found a TV and was glued to one of the news-only channels to get all the latest updates on the death of one of my music idols.

TV coverage of Michael Jackson's death was worldwide and every source of media. The news of his death, the coroner's investigation, the rumors that his death may have been faked (see the video after the jump), the news of where he would be buried, the details of the various tributes, as well as coverage of the special funeral ceremony, etc., made Michael Jackson's death one of the 2009 events that got the most air time around the world. Even as huge an MJ fan I am -- I do have about 30 of his hits on my MP3 -- I can admit that this event got too much air time.

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Craig Ferguson says farewell to Michael Jackson

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 8th 2009 8:05PM
Last night, Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson talked about the death of Michael Jackson, specifically about going to a Michael Jackson concert years ago. This clip gives a good example of what Ferguson's monologues are like, if you've never seen them before. He also inadvertently comes up with a great idea for a new MTV reality show, Surprise The Skank With A Camera. (Jackson part starts around 2:16).

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Psychoville, Occupation lead the march of new series to BBC networks

by John Scott Lewinski, posted May 28th 2009 12:02PM
Members of The League of Gentlemen conceived of the new BBC series, Psychoville.This has already been a big week for series announcements in the UK. There was a time when that would be a big "Who cares?" for American viewers. Why worry about shows they couldn't see anywhere near their first run air dates?

But with US networks importing Brit shows regularly in original and remade forms, it won't be long before these shows air on screens on both sides of the Atlantic.

Yesterday, the BBC announced the arrival of the new thriller comedy Psychoville. Created by League of Gentlemen stars Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, Psychoville brings together "a misguided midwife, a lovestruck telekinetic dwarf, a blind avaricious collector and a serial-killer-obsessed man-child," as each receives a mysterious card reading: "I know what you did..."

Suffice to say, if this new show shares even a little of the hyper-creative weirdness of League of Gentlemen, you'll be entertained. But, you may need a couple of aspirin when you're done watching.

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Ted Danson moves on to legal thriller

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 31st 2007 3:28PM
ted dansonI guess this means Help Me Help You is officially canceled (it has been on 'hiatus' since mid-December). Ted Danson has signed on to a legal thriller alongside Glenn Close. Danson will play a corporate executive "involved in a class-action lawsuit brought on by a high-stakes litigator", played by Close. If the untitled series gets picked up by FX, Danson has agreed to the entire first season.

Danson and Close have starred together in a drama before. They starred together in Something About Amelia, a 1984 made-for-TV movie that got them both nominated for Emmys and won Danson a Golden Globe.

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The State Within: Episode Five

by Martin Conaghan, posted Dec 1st 2006 8:28PM
Nicholas Brocklehurst(S01E05) I'd be lying if I said I haven't been enjoying The State Within. With a little bit of tweaking in the script and acting department, it could have easily made for a reasonably good ongoing series, if only the complex premise didn't warrant so much preamble before the main event kicked in.

However, with the most recent -- and penultimate - episode, I feel it's changed tack from a complex political conspiracy theory thriller, to a relatively straightforward and middle-of-the-road potboiler, replete with a hand-in-hand male/female pursuit sequence and the suspected bad guy turning out to be a good guy after all, just as I predicted in last week's review.

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Day Break: What If He Lets Her Go?

by Jen Creer, posted Nov 23rd 2006 7:31AM
Daybreak(S01E03) Well, the good news is that Hopper is healing. The bad news is that his life still sucks. Last week, I had to agree with commenter Mrs. Eldubya, who said basically that the show wasn't as good as she had expected, but it was still worth tuning in for. Well, this week? The show got better.

This show hinges on the details-- and boy, do they get that right. Hopper is talking to his partner, Andrea, and she says, "How do you know I won't just take this into them?" (The Internal Affairs people who have offered her a deal if she brings in Hopper-- this being the hourglass that was in the package). The scene briefly shifts to her taking a bullet in a previous incarnation of the day in which she took a bullet for him so he could get away.

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Day Break: Pilot / What If They Run (series premiere)

by Jen Creer, posted Nov 16th 2006 6:46AM
Day Break(S01E01 / S01E02) Anna Johns called Day Break "Groundhog Day meets Diehard." Before I read that, I was thinking Groundhog Day meets 24, because we are talking about 24 hours in a man's day that are very important -- essential, even. I would even throw some Traffic and Crash into the mix-- maybe because of the cinematography and direction. I admit that I had preconceived notions going into this because I have seen Groundhog Day so many times.

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The State Within: Episode Two

by Martin Conaghan, posted Nov 10th 2006 8:31PM
Sir Mark Brydon(S01E02) Well folks, if I was confused last week, I'm positively perplexed this week -- but I still can't say I'm not enjoying this political conspiracy drama from the BBC.

It simply wouldn't be entertaining enough to have a basic hit-and-run plot where X marks the spot and some Tricky Dicky figure is behind the cryptic series of messages being delivered by a guy in an underground car park.

Complex is good, especially when it's well-executed and ticked down at a rapid pace like this is.

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Oh God, not another one hour continuing drama!

by Bob Sassone, posted Oct 22nd 2006 7:14PM

DaybreakI've been noticing more and more ads for the new ABC suspense-drama Day Break, which stars Taye Diggs as a cop who begins to experience the same day over and over and over again (a la Groundhog Day) when his girlfriend is murdered. Can he change events enough to save her life? Of course, there's a major, super secret conspiracy involved, as in all of these shows it seems.

Now, there's nothing wrong with a continuing drama per se. If they're good, I'll certainly watch it, and the previews for Daybreak look promising. But you have to question how parrot-like the networks are, wanting to just do anything to duplicate a megahit. Without even thinking that, while Lost is certainly a good show, maybe it was more a matter of timing, time slot, and subject matter than just the quality, that unpredictable mix that catches on. The demise of Vanished and Kidnapped and the so-so ratings of The Nine are not good signs. (And this isn't the only show still to come; the thriller Traveler is coming to ABC in early '07).

Daybreak starts November 15, in the Lost time slot.

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Bollywood Thriller

by Adam Finley, posted Oct 6th 2006 7:05PM

thrillerIf you're life has been feeling empty lately and you can't figure out why that is, it's probably because you've never seen a Bollywood version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video. Nine out of ten dentists recommend you watch the clip I've placed after the jump at least three times a day. I'm not sure why, but they do. The video simulates the zombie dancing from Michael Jackson's original, and the music is Thrilleresque, but I'm fairly certain the man isn't singing "Thriller." Either way, the damn song is stuck in my head now, whatever it is. I think I might actually like this version better anyway, although, like the original, I can't figure out why the girl doesn't just run away. The zombies clearly aren't going to give chase until after they finish their dance number. They've been rehearsing it for days, after all.

[via Brad Sucks]

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