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September 2, 2015

time shifting

Lost ratings get a boost from time-shifters

by Brad Linder, posted Apr 11th 2007 7:05PM
LostSure, it might look like Lost is taking a major hit in the ratings department when you look at... you know, the ratings. But it turns out that might just be true for Nielsen's weekly ratings.

It turns out that a large number of Lost fans are recording the episode to watch later in the week. In fact, Lost picks up more than 2-million viewers when you when you look at ratings over a 7-day period, rather than just the overnight ratings. That's a bigger boost than almost any other show gets from time-shifted viewers.

Heroes, The Office, 24, and One Tree Hill also get significant ratings boosts when you look at the live plus 7 day ratings.

Of course, if roughly half of the people watching those shows on a PVR are skipping the commercials, it's not exactly clear what good those ratings bumps are.

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Nielsen releases Super Bowl ratings

by Brad Linder, posted Feb 8th 2007 9:23PM
Super BowlNielsen Media Research has released a boatload of Super Bowl related ratings data, including the first ever "live plus same day" Super Bowl ratings, which account for PVR users who watched the big game a little bit later than the rest of the country.

The game itself got a 32.8 rating, while the average commercial got a rating of 32.1, meaning that 92.8 million people were watching those horribly overpriced ads. Does that mean they were worth the money advertisers were spending on them? Probably not, but that's a lot of eyeballs (roughly 185.6 million of them, in fact).

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