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October 10, 2015


Ryan Seacrest to Replace Matt Lauer on 'Today'?

by Catherine Lawson, posted Dec 8th 2011 7:15AM
Ryan SeacrestIt's been reported that Ryan Seacrest is in talks to replace 'Today' anchor Matt Lauer if he steps down from the NBC morning show next year. 'The Wall Street Journal' first reported that Seacrest met network executives for preliminary talks earlier this week to discuss him joining the show.

That report has since been confirmed by 'The Hollywood Reporter,' which spoke to multiple sources who said that the meeting did indeed take place, but that it was part of ongoing discussions with Seacrest.

Executives who reportedly attended the meeting included 'Today' executive producer Jim Bell, NBC News President Steve Capus and senior vice president for marketing and communications Lauren Kapp.

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Giuliana Rancic Will Undergo Double Mastectomy in Battle Against Breast Cancer (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Dec 5th 2011 12:20PM
Giuliana Rancic, the E! host and star of the reality show 'Giuliana & Bill,' announced Monday on 'Today' that she would be undergoing a double mastectomy in her battle against breast cancer. The surgical procedure is more drastic than the course of treatment she had planned initially, when she told 'Today' in October that she would treat the disease with a double lumpectomy and six weeks of radiation therapy. But after the lumpectomies failed to remove all of the cancer cells, she changed course, and updated viewers on her treatment plan.

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Conrad Murray Protests His Innocence, Calls Michael Jackson an Addict on 'Today' (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Nov 11th 2011 1:00PM
Michael Jackson's former doctor, Conrad Murray, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the pop singer's death on Nov. 7. Before the guilty verdict, Murray sat down with Savannah Guthrie for a revealing 'Today' interview that touched on many of the fundamental details presented at the trial.

In the interview, Murray admits that after administering Jackson the surgical sedative Propofol, Murray left the room to talk on the phone for far longer than the two minutes he initially admitted. "I wanted him to rest ... I could not see him from where I was talking," Murray said, later admitting that if Jackson stopped breathing, he would not have been able to hear it.

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'Where in the World is Matt Lauer?' Makes Its Triumphant Return (VIDEO)

by Stephanie Opella, posted Nov 7th 2011 6:30PM
The clue for day one of the tenth anniversary of 'Where In The World Is Matt Lauer?' was given on Friday: "It conjures up thoughts of a child's worst fright, but there are no people to scare in this skier's delight." Monday morning Matt came on 'Today' (weekdays, 9AM ET on NBC) via satellite, from his undisclosed location.

It was sunny and sandy, but Ann, Al and Natalie were stumped until he began to ski down massive sand dunes. "Does this mean he's in Namibia?" Ann guessed correctly. More specifically, Matt was on the Skeleton Coast in the Namib Desert, which means 'Land of No People.'

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Darrell Hammond Reflects on His Breakdown and Psychological Recovery (VIDEO)

by Stephanie Opella, posted Nov 4th 2011 7:00PM
Former 'Saturday Night Live' star Darrell Hammond can impersonate almost anybody, but Friday 'Today' (weekdays, 7am on NBC) he talked to Matt Lauer about how difficult it has been to be himself. In his new book 'God, If You're Not Up There, I'm F*cked' he writes about the effects of being abused by his mother both physically and mentally. "I lived a lot longer than I thought I was going to and I had a lot of good doctors and a lot of help," Hammond explained.

Matt asked about the infamous incident when when Hammond was escorted out of 30 Rock in a straight jacket after having a psychotic episode. "Well, it was a rough patch of road ... but I don't want to behave as if life is a terrible thing," Hammond said. When Matt asked him if could enjoy life these days, Hammond said that the fear of going back to his dark psychological place is a constant struggle, even though it hasn't happened in a while.

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Justin Bieber: Baby Rumors are Not True (VIDEO)

by Chris Harnick, posted Nov 4th 2011 10:15AM
Justin Bieber BabyJustin Bieber stopped by 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM ET on NBC) to promote his new Christmas album, 'Under the Mistletoe,' but he also took the opportunity to try and set the record straight regarding a very public paternity lawsuit.

"I'd just like to say basically that none of those allegations are true," Bieber said. "I know that I'm going to be a target, but I'm never going to be a victim. It's crazy, because every night after the show I've gone right from the stage right to my car, so it's crazy that some people want to make up such false allegations. To set the record straight, none of it is true."

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Bill Cosby and Susan Boyle Fall In & Out of Love in a Matter of Minutes (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Nov 2nd 2011 2:40PM
Bill Cosby and Susan Boyle had a whirlwind mock-romance for the ages on 'Today,' (weekdays, 9AM ET on NBC) cycling through multiple stages of a relationship in a single-segment. In a several-minute affair that made Kim Kardashian's 72-day marriage feel like forever, Boyle helped Cosby put on his jacket, he kissed her on the cheek and they started cuddling.

"And we'll be getting divorced during the commercial," Cosby joked, before Boyle quickly left and the camera cut back to him looking heartbroken and holding a single rose with a farewell note.

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Kris Jenner: Kim Kardashian's Marriage Wasn't a Sham (VIDEO)

by Chris Harnick, posted Nov 2nd 2011 11:15AM
Kris Jenner wants to set the record straight about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries's short-lived marriage.

"It certainly wasn't a sham, certainly wasn't for TV," Jenner said on 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM ET on NBC). "We have enough going on on our show that we don't have to make things up. She really felt that she was in love with him. It was an amazing time ... I had no idea there was a problem at the time. It saddens all of us."

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Al Roker Does Not Want to Go to Kandi Burruss' Adult Toy Shop (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Nov 1st 2011 12:00PM
Kandi Burruss is one of the ladies from 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta,' but she's got a few other entrepreneurial ventures on the side. In addition to launching her own show where she'll give everyday people the opportunity to record music, Burruss is also opening a toy shop. A special, adult, toy shop, as Al Roker and Natalie Morales found out the awkward way in a 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM ET on NBC) interview.

"Phaedra opens up a funeral home, you're opening up a toy shop ... you don't want to get those mixed up," Al said, not realizing how just how correct he was.

"No ... it's a different kind of toy shop," Kandi said, laughing, as it became clear to Al and Natalie what they were talking about.

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Kelly Clarkson and Hoda Laugh & Sing Through the 4th Hour of 'Today' (VIDEO)

by Stephanie Opella, posted Oct 28th 2011 6:30PM
With Kathie Lee in Seattle for her play 'Saving Aimee,' the 'Today' (weekdays, 7AM ET on NBC) brought in Kelly Clarkson to keep her seat warm. Kelly and Hoda clicked like old friends, singing, dancing and laughing throughout the entire 4th hour.

They rolled footage from a 2005 interview for Kelly's 'Addicted' tour and they both made fun of their now antiquated looks. Clarkson, 29, asked Hoda what her 20's were like. "I don't remember my 20s at all," Hoda said. "You were drunk," Kelly joked, and Hoda laughingly agreed.

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Gabourey Sidibe Hits on Brian Williams (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Oct 28th 2011 3:15PM
Gabourey Sidibe's propensity for hitting on older men ran into Brian Williams' awkward mojo Friday on 'Today' (weekdays, syndicated on NBC). As the gang was talking about the scene in 'Tower Heist' where Sidibe flirts with Eddie Murphy, and Al Roker brought up the fact that Sidibe was standing next to one of her real-life crushes, Williams.

"I'm so embarrassed by this," Sidibe said. But Williams stepped in to save her, saying, "We've done a few charity events together, we've had our moments in the past, we've admitted this publicly." After they kissed on the cheek, Roker ended the segment with an apt sign-off. "Can't wait to see 'Rock Center,'" he said, in his best Quagmire from 'Family Guy' voice. Neither can we, Al.

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Eddie Murphy Reveals Oscar Plans: 'Urinate Myself,' Then Start Introducing People (VIDEO)

by Stephanie Opella, posted Oct 26th 2011 7:40PM
Eddie Murphy has some ambitious plans for his Oscars hosting gig, he told Al Roker on 'Today' (weekdays, 9AM ET on NBC). "I think I'm going to come out in a sky-blue tuxedo and urinate myself ... then I'm going to just start introducing people," he joked.

Roker also asked Murphy about a possible return to 'Saturday Night Live.' Murphy hasn't been on in 25 years, but said he's open to going back. When Al asked him about the old costumes, assuming that he still had them, Murphy joked said, "I didn't take those costumes with me. 'I'm leaving the show and I want the Buckwheat suit ... And Gumby too!"

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Glenn Beck Tears Up In 'Today' Interview With Kathie Lee (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Oct 26th 2011 1:30PM
Glenn Beck left Fox News in June after a bombastic, controversial and highly-rated run in which he leveled relentless and often hysterical criticism at the Obama administration. No longer on the Fox airwaves after advertisers began to drop his show, Beck has moved on to his own media venture, a streaming network called GBTV. He's also got a new novel out called the 'The Snow Angel,' which touches on themes of childhood abuse.

In a fairly surreal meeting of the minds, Beck sat down for a 'Today' (weekdays, 9AM ET on NBC) interview with Kathie Lee Gifford, and it didn't take long for him to tear up. Talking about his childhood, he said, "When you live in an alcoholic family or an abusive family, you tiptoe, you don't want to step on any mines," he said, fighting through tears. "Now the 'Today Show' is going to make fun of me again," he continued.

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Donny Deutsch Gets Savannah-Curious in 'Today' Talk About Bi-curious Women (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Oct 25th 2011 12:30PM
A discussion about the Boise State 'bi-curious' women study got a little awkward on 'Today' (weekdays, 9AM ET on NBC) as Savannah Guthrie led a panel discussion featuring Starr Jones, Donny Deustch and Dr. Nancy Snyderman. The study says that half of all women are bi-curious, and that 60% of women have been attracted to another woman, but the only thing the panel demonstrated was that Deutsch is kind of into Savannah Guthrie.

From the start, Deutsch had trouble controlling his excitement. "Duh! Duh!," he said after Guthrie read the news. "It's not as natural as a guy being bi-curious," he said. Dr. Nancy Snyderman backed him up.

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Kathie Lee and Hoda Get Grossed Out Holding a Geoduck (VIDEO)

by Alex Moaba, posted Oct 21st 2011 4:30PM
It's a slow Friday, so let's pass some time by watching Kathie Lee and Hoda fight over a phallic-looking clam from the Puget Sound called a Geoduck. Filming live in Seattle, the 'Today' (weekdays, 9AM ET on NBC) hosts split Geoduck-holding duties, as Kathie Lee got a firm grasp on of the clam's tail and Hoda held on to the shell.

As the slimy creature lived up to its name and started dripping on them, Kathie Lee cracked up as Hoda yelled at her to, "Put it down! I'm trying to save you!" Here's to the weekend.

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