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August 29, 2015

tom cavanagh

TV networks prepare for a possible strike

by Bob Sassone, posted Sep 27th 2007 2:28PM

Ben SilvermanIn case you haven't heard, there is the possibility of a writers strike in early 2008, and TV networks have started to buy more and more scripts ahead of time just in case.

ABC has Section 8, which is described as being about "everyday people with exceptional neurological abilities recruited to work for a secret branch of a government agency" (again? *sigh*). NBC passed on the show because it was too much like another show they have about ordinary folks with powers (hmmm...The Biggest Loser?)

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Yes! Ed is (probably) coming to DVD!

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 26th 2007 12:11PM

Ed castWe've speculated about this many times here at TV Squad, but now we have word from Ed himself, Tom Cavanagh, that season one of the show is coming to DVD.

In an interview with Collider.com, Cavanagh says:

"Yeah, I guess they're talking about it. Last I heard was they were close on season one. The stumbling block as it's like a lot of the time is the music rights. They were fortunate enough because of the clout they had as Letterman's producers to get a lot of great music as one-offs. Of course, when you put those on a DVD that becomes a whole different thing."

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The Five: Random TV thoughts

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 15th 2007 8:08AM

Jack ColemanVarious things I've been thinking about lately.

1. I don't know why I didn't notice this before, but the guy who plays Horn-Rimmed Glasses Man on Heroes, Jack Coleman, is the guy who played Steven Carrington on Dynasty in the 80s! I didn't recognize him at all. Not that I watched Dynasty. I was a Knot's Landing guy. Great hair though.

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Tom Cavanagh, history buff

by Anna Johns, posted Jan 29th 2007 1:01PM
tom cavanaghTom Cavanagh, known for his goofy-but-sweet roles in Ed, Love Monkey and Scrubs, is going all nerdy on us! He's going to host six episodes of a backstage pass-type show for the Smithsonian Institution.

Last year, the Smithsonian announced it is creating a television channel with Showtime that will launch in April. There are at least 60 programs planned, with a few already in the works. One of those few is Cavanagh's Stories from the Vaults. The premise of the 30-minute series is that Cavanagh gets to take viewers behind-the-scenes to check out some of the Smithsonian Institution's coolest and oddest artifacts.

The Smithsonian programming is being offered to cable and satellite profiders as an on-demand channel. Many of the other programs will focus on Smithsonian research, which is not as well-known as its artifacts. So far, no television providers have picked it up.

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I freakin' forgot to watch Love Monkey last night

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 26th 2006 12:16PM
Love MonkeyI was bummed when the show was canceled so quickly by CBS, and really happy when the show was picked up VH-1 (well, the episodes already in the can), so why did I forget to watch it last night? I have to remember, it's on VH-1, Tuesdays at 9. VH-1, Tuesdays at 9. VH-1, Tuesdays at 9!

Luckily, the networks repeat everything a lot now, and this episode (titled "The Window") will be repeated this Thursday at 11am. I'm going to set my DVR just in case. The Price Is Right is on at the same time.

Don't you hate it when you're looking forward to seeing something, but you get busy and it slips your mind and you miss it?

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Is Watros' new role good news for Sons & Daughters fans?

by Joel Keller, posted Apr 21st 2006 7:07PM
Gillian VigmanA couple of days ago, we told you about the news that Lost's (and -- to me -- Titus' and Drew Carey's) Cynthia Watros has signed to be a "guest star" on the new Tom Cavanagh CBS sitcom, which for now is called My Ex-Life. But the important part of the story as far as I'm concerned is that Watros will be taking the place of Sons & Daugters' Gillian Vigman (pictured), who had signed on to the pilot deal as a second option, in case S&D got cancelled.

So here's the $64 question: Does this mean that S&D, one of my favorite shows of the season, is coming back? We don't know yet, but this Zap2It article speculates that becaue ABC Entertainment president Steve McPherson is such a big fan of the show and he's had a history of unexpected pickups (just ask everyone on Jake In Progress), it might actually happen. So, S&D fans, keep your fingers crossed.

[via Pop Candy]

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Lost cast member signs to new show

by Anna Johns, posted Apr 19th 2006 8:15AM
lost castDon't worry. I won't reveal it on the front page. You'll have to click on the jump to find out which Lost cast member has joined another show.

Click below ONLY if you want to know.

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CD Review: Teddy Geiger from Love Monkey

by Bob Sassone, posted Apr 8th 2006 9:25AM
Teddy GeigerIt's really too bad that Love Monkey was canceled so quickly (though VH-1 is going to show the reruns and also unaired CBS eps later this month). It could have really acted as a springboard for Teddy Geiger, the 17 year old music wonder who co-starred as Kenny, the musician discovered by Tom Cavanagh's character. But it might not matter, because judging from this debut album, this kid's on his way to a major career.

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All episodes of Love Monkey to air on VH1

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 29th 2006 10:32PM
tom cavanagh; love monkey; vh1Thank you, VH1!

The music network will air all eight episodes of CBS' cancelled Love Monkey beginning next month. That's five episodes we haven't seen, since CBS prematurely pulled it from the schedule (damn you, CBS!).

The first three episodes of Love Monkey (the ones we've already seen) will air back-to-back starting at 7 pm (ET) on April 11. The remaining episodes air weekly on Tuesdays at 9 pm (ET).

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Grammer, Brady, Derek in new pilots

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 29th 2006 9:59AM
kelsey grammer; bo derek; wayne bradyKelsey Grammer is returning to comedic television, but only behind-the-scenes. He has agreed to direct the CBS comedy pilot, My Ex-Life, about about two divorced couples and the way they deal with life after divorce. Former Love Monkey and Ed actor Tom Cavanah snagged a lead role in this show.

Despite a list of cancelled shows, The CW doesn't think that Wayne Brady is bad luck. The new network has picked up a comedy pilot called Flirt, starring Brady as the only man working at a women's magazine.

Bo Derek has joined the cast of Secret Obsessions, a telenovela-style, primetime soap opera on My Network TV, the network that FOX is creating out of its UPN stations that lost their affiliation earlier this year. Secret Obsessions is about the glamorous, yet ruthless world of fashion. Derek will play Maria Zianni, a mega-bitch who runs a fashion corporation.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]

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Cavanagh signs up for pilot

by Bob Sassone, posted Mar 24th 2006 10:01AM
Tom CavanaghOK, so that whole Love Monkey thing didn't quite work out (I still don't understand that - it wasn't great but it was good and had great potential), but Tom Cavanagh is getting back on the horse and has signed as the lead in the new CBS comedy pilot Ex-Life. As this short article says, the plot "revolves around the lives of two divorced couples." Yeah, I know, that description's not much help.

There was a rumor for a short time that Love Monkey would be picked up by the new CW network, but those rumors turned out to be untrue.

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Kid from Love Monkey has a new CD

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 22nd 2006 8:01AM
love monkey teddy geigerTeddy Geiger, also known as 'Wayne' on the unfortunately-cancelled Love Monkey, has a new CD that is streaming on AOL Music. You remember Teddy, right? He was like John Mayer, except without all the weird facial expressions. During one episode, he and Tom Cavanagh shot his video to the song, "For You I Will", which is on his new album. I listened to it and it actually made me a little bit sad because I liked Love Monkey and I wish it would return. Oh well. Hopefully it'll make a star out of this kid.

[Via EW]

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No love lost for Love Monkey

by Richard Keller, posted Mar 20th 2006 11:28AM

Tom Cavanagh is a Love Monkey no
moreIt looks like Love Monkey, which was yanked off of the CBS Tuesday night schedule after only three episodes, is really and truly dead, according to E! Online.

According to the Watch With Kristin column the potential talks with UPN and then the CW did not pan out. In addition, it seems that the lead Love Monkey, Tom Cavanagh, is up for a new pilot, while Larenz Tate, who played Shooter, will be starring with Joe Pantoliano in a new CBS drama series called Waterfront.

With Pantoliano's luck in television lately (the cancelled CBS dramas Dr. Vegas, and The Handler) Mr. Tate may be looking for another series sooner than he thinks.

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Love Monkey shelved after three episodes

by Joel Keller, posted Feb 9th 2006 1:40PM
Tom Cavanagh of Love MonkeyAccording to TVGuide.com, CBS has shelved Love Monkey after three episodes. It will be replaced by the new edition of The Amazing Race.

I've got to be honest with you; I'm a bit surprised about this. I'm not really sure what the ratings for the show have been, but they couldn't have been so bad that CBS decided to pull the plug so soon. Usually creative shows like this get a little more of a chance to develop and find an audience.

Yes, the show had some problems: the dialogue was sometimes mumbled to the point of incoherence, the narration was irritating, and it seemed like Tom Cavanagh's character could do no wrong, seemingly solving all his problems by the end of each episode (I mean, last week he proved that not only is he a great A&R guy, but a fine music video director and editor, too!). But the show had enough going for it that it deserved another chance. Maybe we'll see it after sweeps are over.

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Love Monkey: Confidence

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 8th 2006 7:41AM

Love Monkey"There's a thin line between confidence and arrogance."

That's the quote from Tom Farrell that summarizes this episode, as Tom and True Vinyl hire a critically-acclaimied indie director to direct Wayne's first music video. Are they doing the right thing? Do they have the money for all the effects/equipment/extras he needs to film the video? Will he do something to eventually tick everyone off?

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