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October 9, 2015

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TV's Top 5 Biggest D-Bags

by Ryan McKee, posted Aug 3rd 2010 7:10PM
D bags
The term "D-bag" gets thrown around a lot these days, and with good reason: the modern world is filled with them. It's especially true on TV, where male characters featuring limitless bravado who specialize in unintentional comedy have become a staple of nightly programming.

Guyism.com recently posted the list, '7 Douchebags on TV that We Love to Watch.' We applaud their instincts, as television is clearly in the midst of a renaissance period for the D-Bag character. A doucheaissance, if you will. However, their definition of the term is too broad. Guyism lumps together a spoiled brat, two overly ambitious a-holes, an anti-social neurotic, a bitter narcissist, a Republican parody and Dennis Reynolds – who actually nails D-Bag.

At TVSquad, we define the term as an individual with an over-inflated sense of self worth, low-level intelligence and no sense of social norms. A D-Bag can get lucky sometimes, but almost never retains success over a long period without outside help. So, keeping that in mind, we present our interpretation of the top five biggest D-Bags on TV.

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'American Idol' - 'One of Five Goes Home' Recap

by Jane Boursaw, posted May 5th 2010 10:15PM
American Idol, One of Five Goes Home, 05-05-2010
With just five contestants left on 'American Idol,' it's getting down to the wire and harder to say goodbye to the eliminated Idols. Did the right person go home tonight? Even though I predicted earlier in the season that this contestant might win, I do believe America made the right choice.

Next week, the theme is music from the movies, with mentor Jamie Foxx. I've heard his name bandied about as a replacement for Simon Cowell, but personally, I'd love to see this week's mentor, Harry Connick Jr., fill Simon's chair at the judge's table. With his busy performance schedule (he'll be on Broadway in July), there's probably no chance of that happening, but a girl can dream.

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American Idol: Top 5 Perform

by Jane Boursaw, posted Apr 29th 2009 12:22AM
American Idol - Top 5 PerformThe theme on this week's American Idol is songs from the Rat Pack era, and the five remaining contestants are mentored by Jamie Foxx. I get that he's a classically-trained musician who also starred in Ray and Dreamgirls, but is he the best person to mentor on this genre? I get the feeling that whomever is getting bad press calls up the Idol producers and begs to be on the show. Well, that and I'm sure he's plugging The Soloist, in theaters right now. Anyhoo ...

Kris Allen starts things off with "The Way You Look Tonight," one of my favorite songs from that era. It's really nice having Ricky Miner and the band onstage, because it helps to put you in that era. The tune starts off slow, then picks up with a jazzy beat in the middle. Really, really nice.

The Judges: Randy says it's his best performance to date; Kris took his time, told a story, and added some R&B stylings. Kara agrees, saying Kris set the technical standard high for the evening. "You are truly a dark horse in this competition," says Kara. Paula says he's made an amazing transition from boy-next-door to sophisticated gentleman. Simon isn't quite as enthusiastic, saying it's "wet" and like "taking a well-trained spaniel for a walk." He doesn't feel like Kris can win the competition.

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AOL TV lists Top 5 television clips

by Kristin Sample, posted Dec 14th 2007 2:02PM
Britney at VMAsAOL TV listed the Top 5 TV Clips of the year today. Users went in and voted from the five categories and now the winners of these categories will compete for Top TV Moment of the 2007. You can even see how the votes were distributed over at AOL TV.

And the finalists are:
In Crybabies: Ellen DeGeneres's doggie drama
In Feuds: Rosie vs. Elisabeth on The View
In Shockers: Sabrina of the The Cheetah Girls being voted off Dancing with the Stars
In Spills: Marie Osmond fainting on Dancing with the Stars
In Trainwrecks: Britney on the VMAs

What did you think of these finalists? Here's my two cents. As for Ellen, Marie Osmond, and Miss Spears, I'm not surprised. As for the feud between Rosie and Elisabeth--I just don't get this one. I really don't see why anyone cares about what happens on The View. And the Cheetah Girl on DWTS--I didn't even know what a Cheetah Girl was until I saw her on the show so I wasn't too upset when she got the boot. Furthermore, I am appalled that The Sopranos finale didn't get any votes. That was a great TV moment and it got snubbed for Dancing with the Stars. Come on!

AOL TV will release the winner on December 19th. Make sure you go in and vote so your opinion counts. I hope Britney wins!

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