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September 1, 2015

traffic light

Caught Naked and Singing on the Series Finale of 'Traffic Light' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jun 1st 2011 2:35AM
'Traffic Light' series finaleIt was a short run for 'Traffic Light' (Wed., 9:30PM ET on FOX), but the series wrapped on a memorable note. While Mike struggled with the over-exposed body of his teen baby-sitter, things were a whole lot more naked over at Adam and Callie's.

Callie was making a stand against "society," which apparently meant going nude a lot around the apartment. While Adam wasn't sure how he felt about it, a delivery guy who helped them with some tech problems was even more unsure what was going on when he came in to find Callie naked and dancing.

Luckily, the guy turned out to be very understanding, and even managed to stick it out when Adam decided to prove he was just as liberated and free as Callie. So of course the guy came in on him naked and singing again. In the end, it was Adam naked and locked out of the apartment, which is where we 'Traffic Light.'

Are you sad to see it go?

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Fox Cancels 'Human Target,' 'Lie to Me,' 'The Chicago Code' and More

by Catherine Lawson, posted May 11th 2011 8:30AM
Fox logoIt's that time of year again, the upfronts, when TV networks decide which shows live and which shows die. This year Fox has become the first network to announce which shows are being culled, and it's bad news for Christian Slater. Again...

Fox announced that it's cancelling five of its live action shows: 'Human Target,' Lie to Me,' 'The Chicago Code,' 'Traffic Light' and 'Breaking In.' It also dropped the ax on some of its drama pilots, including the much talked-about 'Locke & Key' and 'Exit Strategy.'

Angry fans turned to Twitter to vent as the news broke late Tuesday, with 'Human Target' fans being among the most vocal. In fact, according to THR, they tweeted so vociferously that the show became a Top 10 trending topic.

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Mike Is Too Uncomfortable to Handle a Couples Massage on 'Traffic Light' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 20th 2011 2:17AM
'Traffic Light' - 'Help Wanted'Mike's insecurities got the best of him on 'Traffic Light' (Tue., 9:30PM ET on FOX) when he and Lisa went to do a couples massage. Even his arguments to Lisa fell apart after he freaked when a male masseuse came in. (That's what he referred to himself as -- guess the writers didn't think the proper "masseur" title was well recognized.)

First, Mike asked if there was perhaps another female masseuse available. But when Lisa suggested Dan, the masseur, work on her, Mike freaked out and changed his tune.

"You don't think it's weird that Laurie is going to be rubbing me," he said of the masseuse. "Because she's a very attractive young lady." A second ago he wanted a woman working on him, but once a man might be "oiling up" his wife, it was a different story. Way to rock a double standard, Mike!

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'Traffic Light': Callie's Sister Practically Throws Herself at Ethan (VIDEO)

by Aimee Deeken, posted Mar 23rd 2011 4:15AM
Kate, Ethan Flirt on 'Traffic Light'On 'Traffic Light' (Tue., 9:30PM ET on FOX), Callie's sister Kate has recently divorced and is lookin' for some easy action. Ethan appears to fit the bill -- plus he has an English accent and knows some very basic French. Sexy.

He looks Kate up and down and appears to be thinking the same thing: "I must say that sundress is fantastic on you." She replies, "It comes off super-fast too."

Callie pulls her away. "Not Ethan," she says firmly. "He's really only interested in one thing." Kate responds, "Yes, and I have it for him underneath the sundress ... It's not mine to keep. Know what I mean? I have to share it." Her sister drags her farther away from Ethan and advises, "Oh, let's keep it for a couple more minutes, huh? Let's save it up."

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Trying to Hang With the Guys, Adam's Lies Backfire When He's Too Convincing on 'Traffic Light' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Feb 9th 2011 3:38AM
'Traffic Light' - 'Pilot'Relationships are about trust and honesty. But, according to 'Traffic Light' (Tue., 9:30PM ET on FOX), it's also about the right balance of lies and freedom. Especially between a group of guy friends who want to hang out, but have the various women in their lives getting in the way.

Adam just moved in with Callie, his girlfriend, which left him struggling to figure out how to go out with his buddies without her. It never seemed to cross his mind to just ask her, though as we find out later she lied to get some "me time" for herself.

When faced with a domestic task he didn't like, Adam went with a lie of his own. He told his girlfriend that his buddy Ethan was absolutely torn up about a girl who'd just dumped him. He wasn't.

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The Funny 'Traffic Light' Treats Its Characters and Viewers Like Adults

by Joel Keller, posted Feb 8th 2011 1:00PM
Scene from the new FOX sitcom 'Traffic Light'Fifteen years ago, there was a spate of "a group of single friends hang out together" sitcom clones. Now we've reached the stage where we have a proliferation of "three couples at different stages of their relationship" or "two couples at different stages and their single friend who won't grow up" sitcoms. 'Traffic Light,' which premieres on FOX tonight at 9:30PM ET, is one of those. But there's one major difference between this show and similar shows on the schedule.

'Traffic Light' is actually funny.

While watching the four episodes that FOX sent for review, I was trying to put my finger on why this show made me laugh out loud while shows like 'Rules of Engagement,' 'Perfect Couples' and 'Better With You' generally leave me stone-faced. It's not the situations each guy gets himself into; they're fairly generic and have been seen in sitcoms forever. The humor is sophisticated but nothing groundbreaking.

Somewhere around the second episode, though, it hit me: The show was treating its characters as real adults, with relationships that show the flaws and foibles of both people involved. In doing so, it treats its viewers like adults, too, putting faith in them to laugh in recognition at smaller situations without having to resort to this genre's usual over-the-top characterizations.

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The 'Traffic Light' Cast Talks TV Love, Romance & Naked Bodysuits (VIDEO)

by Maggie Furlong, posted Feb 4th 2011 3:45PM
Traffic Light'Traffic Light' might be the worst name for a new relationship comedy, but it's actually an enjoyable take on some very familiar stories.

The show (premieres Tues., Feb. 8, 9:30PM ET on Fox) follows three friends and their significant others, or lack thereof. One couple's a green light, happily married with a baby; the other cautiously yellow, dating and moving in together; and their single pal gives long-term girlfriends a glaring red light. Or something like that. Yep, I said it was a bad name ...

But the so-so setup is quickly forgotten when you meet the clever cast and their truly relatable characters. I caught up with stars David Denman, Liza Lapira, Nelson Franklin and Aya Cash, who previewed the show and teased what's to come, including relationship speedbumps, big guest stars and an entire naked episode. Awesome.

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'Traffic Light''s Nelson Franklin Explains Dudes-N-Bros (VIDEO)

by Ryan McKee, posted Feb 1st 2011 6:02PM
Fans of 'The Office' are probably watching the previews for Fox's new show, 'Traffic Light,' and thinking, "Hey, that guy with the hipster glasses looks familiar."

That guy is Nelson Franklin and he's familiar because he played Nick the I.T. worker that everyone at Dunder Mifflin treated poorly. Franklin left the small role to pursue greater opportunity as a main cast member on 'Traffic Light' (premiering Tue., Feb. 8 at 9:30PM ET on Fox) along with another former player on 'The Office,' David Denman, who played Pam's ex-fiancee Roy.

While Franklin's new show has to be keeping him busy, he still has enough time to shoot a hilarious and educational video for Funny Or Die.

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FOX Picks Up Four New Series, Renews 'Lie to Me' and 'Human Target'

by Audrey Fine, posted May 12th 2010 3:45PM
According to the Live Feed, Fox has picked up four new shows for next season -- two dramas and two comedies -- and renewed two others.

Hoping to glom onto the next 'Glee' and add some yuks to its non-animated comedy stable, the network chose 'Traffic Light,' a guys relationship comedy from 'Wedding Crashers' co-writer Bob Fisher, and also picked Greg Garcia's ('My Name is Earl') 'Keep Hope Alive,' about a 25-year-old (newcomer Lucas Neff) who looks to his wacky family -- including his mom, played by Martha Plimpton -- for help with raising his newborn when his baby-momma winds up on death row.

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Fox, ABC Stock Up on Pilots

by Scott Harris, posted Jan 25th 2010 10:15AM
It's a good thing Michael, Lincoln and T-Bag got out while they had the chance, because after years of celebrating criminal escapees on 'Prison Break,' Fox is about to back a different horse: the correctional system.

Yes, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox has given the greenlight to 'Breakout Kings,' which is described as "a closed-ended procedural about a team of marshals and ex-cons who work together to apprehend criminals who break out of prison." If you'll pardon the pun, the pilot, which is being produced by 'Prison Break' execs Matt Olmstead and Nick Santora and directed by 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine''s Gavin Hood (pictured), would seem to be the perfect vehicle to bring back some of that show's breakout characters; no word yet, though, on whether Wenthworth Miller or Dominic Purcell will be on hand to reprise their roles on the side of the law.

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