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October 13, 2015

trapper john

Bonanza star Pernell Roberts dies at 81

by Allison Waldman, posted Jan 26th 2010 9:00AM
pernell_roberts_bonanza_trapper_john_mdDepending on your age, Pernell Roberts was either western hero Adam Cartwright or grumpy surgeon Trapper John to you. Pernell Roberts starred in two long-running television series, Bonanza and Trapper John, M.D. But despite his success as a TV star and personality, he was never happy being a celebrity and had a reputation for being difficult and demanding. Pernell Roberts passed away on Sunday, January 24, succumbing to pancreatic cancer. He was 81.

Roberts was probably most famous as Adam, the eldest son of Ben Cartwright, brother of Hoss and Little Joe on NBC's mega-hit Bonanza. For six years, beginning in 1959, Roberts was Ben's smartest and most accomplished son. Roberts got the most serious story lines and carried a lot of the show. But Roberts chaffed under the formulaic structure of the western hit. He was frustrated that the quality of the writing wasn't better. He questioned why three grown men continued asking their father's permission to do anything.

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Best '80s TV Shows

by Kim Potts, posted Apr 13th 2009 6:00AM
Family TiesIt may have been the Me Decade.

But in TV land, the sisters were doin' it for themselves and finally getting respect as cops, war nurses and working moms; iconic shows like 'Hill Street Blues,' 'St. Elsewhere' and 'L.A. Law' would forever change (for the better) cop, medical and legal dramas; and no idea was too high concept to fill a primetime spot (time-travelling physicist? check; housewife-turned-CIA op? check; New York City beauty in love with a subterranean monster? check).

The bottom line: They all add up to 10 years of fine channel surfing -- and our awesome list of the 40 best series of the 1980s.

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Hawkeye and Trapper, together again - VIDEOS

by Bob Sassone, posted Jul 5th 2008 10:03AM
Wayne RogersA lot of M*A*S*H fans were upset when Wayne Rogers left his role of Trapper John on the CBS show. Many thought he wouldn't have the success he had on the show and others just missed the character (he was replaced by Mike Farrell's B.J. Hunnicutt). He went on to many guest roles and a short-lived, 1976 private eye series I liked, City of Angels. But he actually made most of his money over the past 30 years from smart financial investments. So much so that he's now a commentator on the FOX Business Network. His recent guest was his former co-star Alan Alda.

The two talk about several things in the first video, including Alda's new movie (Diminished Capacity), memory loss, Alda's award nominations, and their days on M*A*S*H. In the second video, Alda sticks around for a discussion with an expert on shows that are actually good for you, and two of those shows are shows that Alda starred in (M*A*S*H and The West Wing).

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Vincent Sherman dead at 99

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 20th 2006 11:34AM
BogieWow, not only did this guy have a long career - he acted, wrote, and directed since the mid-1930s - he also romanced Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Rita Hayworth, and Francine York. Nice.

(Davis and Crawford? Those must have been some conversations...heh.)

Sherman directed many TV shows over the years, including The Waltons, Baretta, 77 Sunset Strip, Trapper John, M.D., Alias Smith and Jones, Medical Center, and Hagen. He also directed the films The Adventures of Don Juan, Mr. Skeffington, The Naked Earth, Bogie, and The Young Philadelphians.

He died of natural causes on Sunday.

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