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October 8, 2015


'Law & Order: SVU' Star Christopher Meloni to Join 'True Blood'?

by Catherine Lawson, posted Nov 30th 2011 7:30AM
If you've been wanting to see more of Christopher Meloni on your television screens, congratulations: You could soon be seeing a lot more of him. According to TVLine, Meloni's eyeing a major role in the upcoming fifth season of HBO's 'True Blood.' How great is that?!

If Meloni does join 'True Blood' it would the first foray into television work for the 'Oz' veteran since he abruptly quit 'Law & Order: SVU' earlier this year. He's reportedly currently filming his role as Colonel Hardy in the Zack Snyder/Christopher Nolan 'Superman' movie reboot, 'Man of Steel.'

It's thought that Meloni is pondering a role as an "incredibly powerful vampire." But who? The 'True Blood' fan sites and Twitter have exploded with speculation, so check out some theories after the jump. But be warned, there may be SPOILERS ahead ...

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Sookie Decides Between Bill and Eric on the 'True Blood' Season Finale (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 12th 2011 4:06AM
'True Blood' - 'And When I Die'Sure, 'True Blood' (Sun., 9PM ET on HBO) is one of the most violent and gory shows on television, but at its heart it's still a love story.

What started as the story of Sookie's unlikely love affair with a vampire expanded into a love triangle between her and two vampires. In this season finale, she finally made a decision.


But before that could happen, there was Marnie to deal with. I have to say that once she jumped into Lafayette, I expected her to be a lot more difficult to deal with. And then she managed to take Jesus' demon spirit ... should she have been so easy to dispatch? I mean, Holly, Tara and Sookie?

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Kristin Bauer Promises Sex and Death in the 'True Blood' Season Finale (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Sep 7th 2011 4:30PM
Kristin Bauer of 'True Blood' on 'Good Day New York'It's come to the time of the TV season that 'True Blood' fans are both eagerly anticipating and dreading. The vampire drama's season finale is Sunday night, and Kristin Bauer, who plays Pam De Beaufort, dropped by 'Good Day New York.' (weekdays, 9AM ET on Fox) to talk about it. She managed to describe the finale without revealing any details, and also fielded a question about her off-screen relationship with co-star Alexander Skarsgard.

If you were trying to avoid spoilers, don't worry, this clip is safe. When asked what she could say about the finale, Bauer was descriptive, but tight-lipped. "There's gonna be some death, some sex, some blood," she said, reassuring audiences that the finale will indeed be an episode of 'True Blood.'

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'True Blood': The Standoff Ends, But Is It Truly Over? (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Sep 6th 2011 2:28AM
'True Blood' - 'Soul of Fire'For the first time in 'True Blood' (Sun., 9PM ET on HBO), we are heading into the season finale without a real clear idea of what's going to be happening.

In previous seasons there was a slow build toward a confrontation with that season's "big bad" that went down in the season finale. Not so this year.

At least, not in the traditional sense, as that major confrontation happened this week. At the end of last week's battle, Marnie pulled Lafayette, Jesus and Sookie inside the shop, while Eric, Bill, Jessica and Pam were ready to bring the battle to them from the outside.

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'True Blood': Bill vs. Eric Leads to Vampires vs. Marnie (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 29th 2011 5:26AM
'True Blood' - 'Burning Down the House'Sookie really needs to figure out how those powers of hers work on 'True Blood' (Sun., 9PM ET on HBO). Just imagine what she could do if she could not only use them at will but know what they were going to do.

In this case, she could have probably cured Eric long ago, though in retrospect that might not be the smartest move. The Eric she fell in love with was the broken Eric. The Eric she stopped from killing Bill was under Marnie's spell, but Sookie's white power blast cured him of every spell Marnie had put on him.

Then Sookie told him about her mixed feelings for both Bill and him, while Eric 3.0 admitted that he loved her and acted a lot more like Eric 2.0 than Eric 1.0, to Pam's shock and dismay. He did, however, suit up and find his inner cold-hearted jerk a little later when Tara's life was on the line as Bill planned his frontal assault on Antonia.

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Joe Manganiello Hints at a 'True Blood' Housecleaning on 'Good Day LA' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Aug 25th 2011 6:30PM
Joe Manganiello of 'True Blood' on 'Good Day LA' 'True Blood' fans, get ready for a bloodbath. Or, well, more of a bloodbath than the ones you're used to seeing every week. Thursday on 'Good Day LA' (weekdays, 9AM PT on Fox), werewolf Joe Manganiello hinted that the season will end with fewer characters than were there at the beginning. But those few characters will probably still be having sex with each other.

"You're going to see more blood, more sex," he said, "and actually at the last table read -- usually our table reads are known for being huge casts sitting around the table -- by the final table read, it got very lonely. There were not many of us left, I'll say that."

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Antonia Takes Her War to the Vampires, Plus a Ghost Whisperer on 'True Blood' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 22nd 2011 3:46AM
'True Blood' - 'Run'I must admit, I expected more from the Mavis/Lafayette storyline than what we ultimately got on 'True Blood' (Sun., 9PM ET on HBO). After the slow build up with Arlene and Terry's baby possibly being possessed, things just kind of fizzled this week.

If Jennifer Love Hewitt's Melinda Gordon from 'Ghost Whisperer' had been here, this could have been resolved in the first week, before Mavis had to go and possess Lafayette. As it was, all she wanted to do was hold her baby, and she was confused.

So Jesus made that happen by digging up their bones and having Mavis/Lafayette hold the bones of the baby and then exorcising Mavis from his body. Then, in classic 'Ghost Whisperer' mode, Mavis walked off and faded out. Cue Melinda Gordon crying somewhere in the world.

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Bill Tries to Broker a Peace With the Witches on 'True Blood' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 15th 2011 4:01AM
'True Blood' - 'Spellbound'Marnie AKA Antonia Gavilan nearly wiped out all the vampires in Bon Temps with her spell last week on 'True Blood' (Sun., 9PM ET on HBO). In fact, when the episode closed, poor sweet Jessica was in the thralls of her incantation and throwing wide the doors of Bill's home to bask in the sweet sunlight.

Recall that this is a terrible idea if you're a vampire.

Jason saved her at the last minute, setting up a love triangle between the pair of them and Hoyt that ultimately left all of them alone and miserable. Jessica might have rather been one of Bill's back-up agents when he tried to broker a truce with Antonia.

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HBO Renews 'True Blood' For Season 5

by Chris Harnick, posted Aug 11th 2011 2:25PM
True BloodBetter keep those fangs sharp: 'True Blood' will be back for a fifth season.

"I am thrilled that 'True Blood' continues to enjoy a phenomenal reception from both subscribers and critics," Michael Lombardo, HBO president, said in statement. "Alan Ball and his gifted team have devised the greatest thrill ride on TV."

Alan Ball will be back as showrunner for the 12-episode Season 5. The Season 4 premiere was seen by 5.42 million viewers and subsequent episodes have brought in around 5 million viewers each week.

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Nelsan Ellis Modeled His 'True Blood' Lafayette Character After His Mother (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Aug 8th 2011 5:30PM
Nelsan Ellis of 'True Blood' on 'The Talk'Nelsan Ellis said Monday on 'The Talk' (weekdays, syndicated on CBS) that people sometimes think he is his 'True Blood' character, Lafayette Reynolds. There are some big differences, including the fact that Lafayette is gay and Ellis is straight. But Ellis shared that there is a little of the Ellis family tree represented in Lafayette.

Sara Gilbert asked if people sometimes mistook Ellis for his character. "They do," he said, smiling. "Gay is just one part of Lafayette. People think that I'm everything that encompasses Lafayette, which is a lot. I'm too boring as Nelsan." His mother, who recently passed away, was apparently not boring at all. She never saw the show, but Ellis said she and Lafayette had a lot in common.

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The Vampires are Forced to Seek the Sun on 'True Blood' (VIDEO)

by Catherine Lawson, posted Aug 8th 2011 6:40AM
'True Blood' S04/E07If there's one thing we all know about vampires, it's that they hate sunlight. But on this week's episode of 'True Blood' (Sun., 9PM ET on HBO) they all seemed to be intent on rushing headlong toward it.

The vengeful Antonia (Fiona Shaw) cast a spell that threatened to send all vampires into the sun to meet their death in the most ghastly way -- spontaneous (non-)human combustion.

Thankfully, Bill managed to warn most vamps and so Sookie and the gang were able to prepare for it by blacking out their windows and chaining the vampires to their beds.

Pam got to stay in the shade by being locked in her pink coffin with Ginger lying on the top to keep the lid closed. She had to cling on for dear life as Pam did her utmost to get out and walk toward the sunlight.

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Eric Must Kneel Before His King on 'True Blood' (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Aug 1st 2011 7:07AM
'True Blood' - 'I Wish I Was the Moon'With the full moon upon Bon Temps, Jason Stackhouse was terrified that this would be his first transformation into a panther, while Tara was facing the demons of her past being revealed to her New Orleans girlfriend.

Jesus' uncle knows more even than Jesus and Lafayette do about the danger they're facing, but it's Bill and Eric who stood at the center of this episode of 'True Blood' (Sun., 10PM ET on HBO).

After last week's cliffhanger where Pam revealed to Bill where Eric has been staying all this time, Bill felt completely betrayed by Sookie. To make matters worse, vampires are very fast and that Eric/Sookie makeout session had really only just gotten under way.

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Chelsea Handler's MTV Awards Joke Got Joe Manganiello in Trouble With His Family (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 26th 2011 4:50AM
Joe Manganiello, 'Chelsea Lately'When Joe Manganiello joined the cast of 'True Blood' as friendly werewolf Alcide, he was entering a world of sex and supernatural craziness that's almost unprecedented on television. And yet, it was comments by one Chelsea Handler that caused the most stir in his family, according to what he said on 'Chelsea Lately' (Weeknights, 11PM ET on E!).

"I know at the MTV Movie Awards I made a joke about sitting on your face or something, and I know she was upset," Handler said of Manganiello's fiancé. That's why she was sure to clarify to her audience that he was off the market.

But that joke, which Manganiello didn't even hear -- he was backstage at the time -- caused more than just drama with his fiancé.

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'True Blood': Sookie Tells Eric Not to Leave, Then ... (VIDEO)

by Jason Hughes, posted Jul 25th 2011 1:24AM
'True Blood' - 'Me and the Devil'Sookie is usually a lot smarter than this, isn't she? Sure, she's been blinded by love before, but is she also blinded by what everyone else can see is inevitable? This man before her is not the Eric we know from 'True Blood' (Sun., 9PM ET on HBO).

He may look and sound like him, but he's more of a fantasy Eric that a swooning schoolgirl might fall for. Sookie Stackhouse is supposed to be made of stronger stuff than that. And yet, she could not keep herself from apparently falling a little more for him.

Even the voice of her own Gran couldn't warn her away, though that is more like the Sookie we know. When has she ever listened to a good and sensible warning? Still, we're sure that many fans of the show were pleased to see her finally give in to what Eric, in all of his personas, has been wanting since he met her.

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Summertime Is Ask Mo Time: Talking 'Game of Thrones,' 'Psych,' 'True Blood' and More

by Maureen Ryan, posted Jul 19th 2011 2:00PM
Thanks to everyone who posted or emailed TV questions! Let's get right to them:

Matthew: I have a little dilemma. I know you weren't the biggest fan of the first couple episodes of 'Game of Thrones,' but from the minute the pilot began, I have been in love with every second of the epic series. Anyway, my love for all things 'GoT' has made me insanely hungry for next season.

My question is, as someone who has never read the books, should I dive into the novels to satisfy my craving, even though I will effectively be spoiled for the rest of the run? Or should I stay with just the series until it ends? A friend already spoiled [an event] at the end of episode 9, and I couldn't help but feel cheated. What do you think?

Mo says: Hey Matthew, I was iffy on the first few episodes of 'GoT,' but I had become a big fan by the time the first season drew to a close. From about the middle of the season onward, I think the show generally went from strength to strength and the last few episodes of season 1 were absolutely terrific (you can find my weekly 'GoT' recaps here). Like you, I'm very eager for 'GoT' to return, but alas, we have almost a year to wait before that happens.

My gut-instinct response regarding the book question is...

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