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October 7, 2015


'Hardcore Pawn' Gets Season 5 a Day After Season 4 Premiere, Randy Jackson Shopping Talk Show and More TV News

by Chris Harnick, posted Jun 22nd 2011 5:45PM
Hardcore PawnTruTV has given 'Hardcore Pawn' the greenlight for Season 5 just a day after Season 4 premiered.

The two premiere episodes were seen by an average of 2.1 million viewers.

"We're very excited to celebrate another strong performance by Hardcore Pawn, which continues to resonate in a big way with our targeted viewers," Marc Juris, executive vice president and general manager of truTV, said in a statement.

The 13-episode Season 5 will debut later this year.

In other TV news ...

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TV 101: Behind the Madness of March Madness

by Dr. Ryan Vaughan, PhD (no, seriously), posted Mar 16th 2011 3:30PM
March Madness starts tomorrow, and for those of you who don't watch ESPN year-round, the "Madness" refers to the men's NCAA basketball tournament. Sixty-four teams -- I refuse to acknowledge the four additional "play-in" teams -- all dead-set on one goal: missing as much class as possible.

But "Madness" is such a vague term that it carries interesting connotations. To whom is such madness really referring? It could be about the basketball itself: There's enough pressure, buzzer-beaters, and "pounding the ball inside" to keep even the girlfriend of a fan interested for awhile. But, relatively speaking, that kind of Madness is rare when most of the tournament is spent watching Awesome University pummel Sh*tty State.

If it's not all about the basketball, then the madness might define the way our culture reacts as soon as March rolls around. We make up words like "bracketology." We hang on Gus Johnson's every word as if he were FDR delivering a Fireside Chat. We may or may not position a urine jug next to the couch so we don't have to miss that new Papa John's commercial offering some ridiculous special, like "Meat Madness," that we initially scoff at, but after the 14th time seeing it we order 12 of those bad boys and wish we had the foresight to have a poo jug, too.

Whatever the madness might be about, the tournament is the only TV sports spectacle that rivals the Super Bowl in terms of sheer scope and magnitude. Read on for some of my humbly absurd TV tournament predictions.

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10 Best True Crime Shows of All Time

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jan 6th 2011 12:00AM
Crime scene tapeSome of the greatest television dramas like 'The Wire,' 'CSI' and the never-ending stream of 'Law & Order' spinoffs ripped some of their best plots straight from the crime blotter.

But some of the best headlines don't need fictional characters or enhanced-for-TV plot twists, which is why true crime shows have become so popular on networks like truTV, A&E and Investigation Discovery, which debuts its newest program 'Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets' Jan. 10 at 10PM ET. This true crime show tells the story of a murder -- from the victim's point of view. Viewers must piece together the killer's identity based on clues given by family members, friends and investigators.

We took a look back at some of the best true crime shows on TV. See if your favorites made our list!

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News Roundup: 'Deadliest Catch' Stars Return to Show, 'Melissa and Joey' Gets a Full Season and More

by Jean Bentley, posted Oct 8th 2010 6:30PM
'Deadliest Catch'The 'Deadliest Catch' rumors reported earlier this week are true: Capts. Sig Hansen and Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand are returning to the show.

After the Hillstrands were sued by Discovery for not completing work on a spinoff series, they announced they would not participate in the upcoming season of 'Deadliest Catch.' Hansen followed suit and dropped out in solidarity with the brothers.

But now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the Hillstrands have resolved their legal issues -- they'll finish work on the spinoff and participate in 'Deadliest Catch,' and Discovery has dropped the lawsuit. "I'm extremely pleased that we were able to resolve our clients' situation with Discovery," a lawyer for the brothers told THR. "The captains are very excited about the new season."

"We're happy we worked everything out with Discovery," the trio said in a statement. "A deal's a deal. We're heading up to Dutch Harbor to start filming the new season of 'Deadliest Catch' and hopefully it will be the best one yet."

In other TV news ...

ABC Family has ordered 20 more episodes of 'Melissa & Joey.' The sitcom starring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence already had a 10-episode season 1 order. [Live Feed]

Mario Lopez's new reality series will be called 'Saved by the Baby.' Yes, 'Saved by the Baby.' The VH1 series will debut Nov. 1. [Entertainment Weekly]

TruTV has renewed 'All Worked Up' for a season 3. The network has also greenlit 'Lizard Lick Towing,' a spinoff from the popular 'All Worked Up.' [Deadline Hollywood]

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Ashton Kutcher Getting 'Exposed' for TruTV

by Jason Hughes, posted Apr 28th 2010 12:30PM
Ashton KutcherAfter achieving the highest ratings in its short history, TruTV has announced an aggressive slate of eight new reality programs and the return of 13 existing series, including 'Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura,' according to the Hollywood Reporter. Joining the former governor is the hidden-camera series 'Exposed' from Ashton Kutcher, which is being described as a "social experiment."

Meanwhile, TruTV has lined up another hidden-camera series: 'Rogue Soiety,' which will "expose bigots and scam artists though various pranks." (They should have gotten Kutcher involved on that one as well, as he knows a thing or two about prank shows.)

Also on tap: 'Ma's Roadhouse,' which will take viewers inside a Texas saloon, 'Limo Bob,' about owner of a fleet of limos in Chicago, and 'The Naked Office,' which follows a business that raises office worker spirits through an unorthodox method of group therapy.

And, of course, you can't get into reality TV without a restaurant series ('America's Toughest Boss') and one exploring supernatural phenomenon ('Disclosure').

No word yet on when these series will hit the airwaves.

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'Wicked Summah' Headed to TruTV?

by Brad Trechak, posted Apr 22nd 2010 9:15AM
TruTVGet ready for a 'Wicked Summah' on TruTV.

According to Broadcasting & Cable, 'Summah,' which is being described as an unofficial spinoff of MTV's runaway hit, 'Jersey Shore,' is in the "very early stages of development" at TruTV, according to a network spokesperson.

Filming will be set on Cape Cod, though no word on when the series will actually hit the airwaves.

Doron Ofir Casting, the company behind 'Shore,' is casting the show. (For a taste of who might wind up on the show, check out its casting website.)

And speaking of 'Jersey Shore,' MTV recently announced that the show, which will be filming in Miami and Jersey, will return for a second season on Jul. 29.

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New truTV Show Hyped with Troy Polamalu Super Bowl Ad

by Nick Zaino, posted Feb 1st 2010 9:00PM
Steelers safety Troy Polamalu truTV Super Bowl ad for NFL Full Contact Now that the NFL has moved the Pro Bowl to the week before the big game, the Super Bowl will be the last TV event on the football schedule for the year. During Sunday's game, truTV will hype a new show, called 'NFL Full Contact,' with an ad starring Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu, or, as he is known in the ad, Punxsutawney Polamalu.

In the ad, a mini version of Polamalu (by the magic of green screen, played by Polamalu and wrestler Steve Richardson, a.k.a. Puppet the Psycho Dwarf) gets pulled out of a tree stump and sees his shadow. Thus, six more weeks of football. Meaning, of course, six weeks of 'NFL Full Contact.'

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Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura -- An early look

by Brad Trechak, posted Nov 22nd 2009 2:02PM
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse VenturaJesse Ventura has been a professional wrestler, an actor and a politician. None of these things have been as fake as the reality television show he will be hosting on truTV titled Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (premiering December 2 at 10 PM ET).

For the record, I have never met or spoken to Jesse Ventura. He would corroborate this if anybody asked. As a result, I have no idea if he actually believes the crap he says or the conspiracies he investigates on this show. From what I've read, it wouldn't surprise me.

In the series premiere, Jesse and his crew of unknowns, consisting of two young white guys and the token black British female, are investigating a U.S. government installation built in Alaska that's possibly intended to control the weather. Who makes this stuff up? Now we know where the monies saved from stopping the "bridge to nowhere" went.

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Star Jones' show is over

by Bob Sassone, posted Feb 1st 2008 11:04AM

Star JonesIt's the law of television: when one talk show comes to life, one must die.

Star Jones has lost her Court TV (sorry, TruTv) show, The Star Jones Show. The program only lasted about six months, but the powers that be have decided that because the network has changed its brand and focus (from legal/court shows to shows about car chases and lifeguards), the show no longer fits in. A note from TruTV VP Marc Juris says that Jones will stay with the network as a contributor, which sounds similar to Mario Batali's role at Food Network: his show ended but you'll see him on Iron Chef America once in a great while.

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Changes to CourtTV and Noggin come 2008

by Richard Keller, posted Dec 26th 2007 5:28PM

Noggin and CourtTV go through some changes starting in the new yearWe are just a scant five days and handful of hours away until the calendar page turns over and we are in 2008. As usual, whenever a new year comes screaming and shouting out of womb of the old one changes abound. Nowhere does that seem more prevalent than in the world of television. Not only will we see a slew of mid-season premieres popping up as early as January 1st, but two cable networks will be changing as well.

The first change actually starts on New Year's Eve. That is when Noggin and The N become two separate cable networks. Both networks will expand to a 24-hour schedule of programming, with Noggin remaining commercial-free and on its current channel position. The N, which is home to the very popular Degrassi: The Next Generation will be relocated to another channel. You will want to speak to your local cable company about its new location before you go through withdrawal.

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Court TV is now TruTV

by Adam Finley, posted Jul 12th 2007 11:42AM

gavelWe told you it was going to happen. Court TV has changed its name, and it will no longer answer to "Court TV." From now on when you call you must ask for TruTV, the brand new name that also symbolizes a new direction for the channel when it re-launches with its new sexy look January 1, 2008.

Look, at this point I no longer care about networks sticking to programming that adheres to the name of the network. Cartoon Network is airing live-action stuff, AMC is focusing more on original series and less on movies, and I'm pretty sure Animal Planet is starting to give equal time to series about fruits and vegetables. All I care about is good programming, I don't really care what channel it's on. Hell, one of my favorite new shows, Ice Road Truckers, is on the History Channel. It has nothing to do with history, but I don't care.

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