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October 4, 2015

tv picks

What to Watch Thursday, July 31

by Kim Potts, posted Jul 31st 2008 6:00AM
(10PM, ABC)
You say you want some real-life drama?

It's doesn't get any more real or dramatic than this series, conceived as a reality TV companion to 'Grey's Anatomy,' which closes out its six-episode summer run with a episode packed with 911 excitement.

First up, a first-year surgical resident is reeling from a mistake that ended with serious consequences, while a mother worries about the possible consequences of her especially complicated heart surgery.

Meanwhile, in the neonatal unit, a young mother and the staff keep vigil over the mom's premature baby, and, in the finale's most incredible case, the staff works overtime to secure a new kidney for one patient, leading to a wild, bi-coastal organ swap that will involve three couples and three organs.

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What to Watch Tuesday, July 29

by Kim Potts, posted Jul 29th 2008 6:00AM
(9PM, SCI FI) 3rd season premiere
A crazed robot has just escaped, while the citizens of Eureka are still trying to deal with that metal-eating bacteria that was floating through the town's air at the end of last season. As Sheriff Jack Carter would say, that can't be good.

Then again, when are things ever calm in Eureka, that quirky little hamlet populated by genius -- and some might say "mad" -- scientists? With Jack busily trying to maintain law and some semblance of order in the face of the on-the-lam robot and the weird germs, a woman known as "The Fixer" is sent in to help clean up the Global Dynamics mess.

Of course, Eureka being Eureka, anyone known as a 'fixer' is probably going to end up creating a few new messes along the way.

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What to Watch May 21 - 27

by Kelly Woo, posted May 21st 2007 9:27AM
Heroes on NBC and Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee on HBOHere are AOL Television's top picks for the week.

Heroes (Mon., 9PM ET, NBC) 1st season finale
A drama about heroes needs one super ending; this one goes "boom." All the characters, who started the year spread out across the world, come together in New York City to try to stop Sylar from wreaking nuclear havoc. Is anyone else geeking out over a possible X-Men-style showdown between the good guys and the villain? And no doubt this season will end with a cliffhanger that'll keep us drooling until fall.

Dancing With the Stars (Tue., 9PM ET, ABC) 4th season finale
It's no surprise that two of the final three contestants are athletes. You really need stamina and strength to get through so many weeks of waltzing, jiving and cha-cha-cha-ing. My pick to win, though, has to be Apolo Ohno. Who knew an Olympic speed skater would be such a passionate dancer? His performances always exhibit flair and youth. He and his cute-as-a-button partner Julianne Hough should sail away with the trophy.

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What to Watch May 14 - 20

by Kelly Woo, posted May 14th 2007 9:43AM
King of Queens on CBS and Desperate Housewives on ABCHere are AOL Television's top picks of the week.

The King of Queens (Mon., 9PM ET, CBS) series finale
Another "fat husband, hot wife" sitcom bites the dust. What, does that only leave According to Jim? Guess the genre wore itself out. The King of Queens was probably the best of the lot, thanks to a genuinely funny cast. In the finale, Doug (Kevin James) wants a divorce after nine years, but Carrie (Leah Remini) thinks they can still save their marriage by adopting a child. Meanwhile, dad Arthur's wedding to Ava doesn't go as planned.

Gilmore Girls (Tue., 8PM ET, The CW) series finale
Two best friends who happen to be mother and daughter: that was the premise of this show when it first premiered and it still holds true seven years later. I'm sad to see the Gilmores go, but ending with Rory's graduation from Yale seems only fitting. Our Girls have truly grown up. The finale sees Rory getting an intriguing job offer -- and meeting hero Christiane Amanpour. Luke goes into overdrive to organize a celebration, which provokes Lorelai to do something unexpected.

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What to Watch April 9 - 15

by Kelly Woo, posted Apr 9th 2007 9:41AM

Thank You're Here on NBC and Drive on FoxHere are AOL Television's top picks for every day of the week. Get more TV recommendations here.

Thank God You're Here (Mon., 9PM ET, NBC) series premiere
Confession: I miss Whose Line Is It Anyway? What can I say, I like improv. That's why I'm excited for the premiere of this new improv show, hosted by David Alan Grier. Four celebs don costumes and play out scenes they know nothing about. In the first episode, Wayne Knight is a medical quack, Bryan Cranston a randy rock star, Joel McHale a clueless archaelogist and Jennifer Coolidge a ditzy pageant queen. Then, judge Dave Foley crowns one the best performer of the night.

Dog the Bounty Hunter (Tue., 9PM ET, A&E) 4th season premiere
Much happened to Duane "Dog" Chapman in 2006. Last May, he married business partner Beth a day after daughter Barbara died in a car crash. In September, he was arrested for bounty hunting in Mexico, where it is illegal. His request not to be extradited was denied, so he too will have his day in court. Despite all of this, Dog is back and better than ever. In the premiere, he personally takes on the case of a female fugitive after learning she shares the same birthdate as his late daughter.

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What to Watch Feb. 12 - 18

by Kelly Woo, posted Feb 12th 2007 8:33AM

24 and The Amazing RaceBefore American Idol totally takes over the landscape next week when the top 24 start "singing," lots of stuff is happening on, you know, the rest of television. Jack Bauer's on for two hours tonight, while a new season of The Amazing Race revs up Sunday. Here are AOL Television's picks of the week.

24 (Mon., 8PM, Fox)
Seriously, where do 24 presidents find their awful advisors? Monster.com? In particular, the Palmer brothers need a better headhunter. In season two, David Palmer's chief of staff, Mike Novick, organized the Cabinet to use the 25th amendment and declare him unfit for office. Now, Wayne Palmer's chief of staff, Tom Lennox, and vice president, Noah Daniels, are conspiring to enact tougher security measures -- without Palmer's approval. Just goes to show, only Jack Bauer can be trusted.

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (Tue., 8PM, USA)
Maybe dogs get stressed out, just like us. They have to replace children and spouses for many owners, look good as celebrities' accessories and perform well at dog shows like Westminster. Next thing you know, we'll want them to attend college. It must be overwhelming. Consider the award-winning whippet named Bohem C'est La Vie, who escaped from her cage after Westminster last year. The police, psychics and group prayers couldn't find her. Hey, even pups need vacation time, too

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What to Watch Wed., Jan. 17

by Kelly Woo, posted Jan 17th 2007 10:19AM
Maui Fever on MTVMaui Fever (8PM, MTV)
I love 'Laguna Beach.' So much so, I even love its spawn. The ditzy models of '8th and Ocean' grew on me, and I fully expect to become completely addicted to this sun and surf reality drama. The show will follow seven young Maui residents who, according to MTV, spend "their days sunning and their nights partying with no rules and no one to answer to." Can TV really get any better than that?

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What to watch Mon., Jan. 15

by Kelly Woo, posted Jan 15th 2007 10:10AM
Golden Globe Awards

Stars -- they're just like us. They go to parties, get wasted and say things they shouldn't, too. That's what makes the Golden Globes the best awards show. Not only do we see movie and TV stars in the same room (Leo and Lilly! McDreamy and Meryl!), the celebs really let loose. Steve Carell, Hugh Laurie and Geena Davis all gave hilarious speeches last year.

Check out TV Squad's picks to win in each category.

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