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October 3, 2015

tv picks

What to Watch: TV Picks for December 5-11

by Laura Prudom, posted Dec 4th 2011 2:00PM

'Gossip Girl' (8PM ET, The CW)
midseason finale
Lily throws Charlie a party to officially introduce her to New York society. Meanwhile, Charlie's ex-boyfriend, Max, throws a wrench into Charlie's future as an Upper East Side princess. Dan decides it may be time to tell Blair the truth about his feelings for her.

'MAD' (8.30PM ET, Cartoon Network)
The satirical cartoon spoofs 'Captain America,' 'Supernatural' and 'My Super Sweet Sixteen.'

'Neverland' (9PM ET, SyFy) miniseries finale
This new prequel to J.M. Barrie's classic, 'Peter Pan,' comes to a close. Starring Rhys Ifans as James Hook, Keira Knightley as the voice of Tinker Bell, Anna Friel as Captain Elizabeth Bonny, Oscar nominee Bob Hoskins as Smee (who previously played the character in Steven Spielberg's feature 'Hook'), and Charlie Rowe as one of literature's most cherished characters, Peter Pan.

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What to Watch: TV Picks for March 14-20

by Rich Keller, posted Mar 13th 2011 8:15PM
Will Brad Womack chose a new life partner in the season finale of 'The Bachelor?' Or will he claim love just for himself?MONDAY, MARCH 14

'The Bachelor' (8PM, ABC) season finale
It seems everyone does get a second chance at love. When we left Brad Womack in 'The Bachelor' season 11 finale he decided to reject all of the candidates, much to the anger of those who went the distance. Now, another round of dates and a whirlwind vacation in South Africa later, Brad is down to the last two women.

Will he ask one to be his mate or will he reject them again? We'll find out tonight and see the aftermath in the 'After the Final Rose' special that follows.

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What to Watch: TV Picks for March 7-13

by Rich Keller, posted Mar 6th 2011 2:00PM
After a three month break 'The Event' returns to the NBC schedule.MONDAY, MARCH 7

'The Event' (8PM, NBC)
'Chuck' takes a break this week as 'The Event' returns to the NBC's Monday night lineup. You remember 'The Event,' don't you? NBC certainly hopes you remember the serialized drama, even though it hasn't been seen since the end of last November. If not, then the network may have some problems on their hands when it comes to renewing this show.

For those who were anticipating the show's return, look for more intrigue as Thomas' satellite message is decrypted and a new Alaskan senator threatens to reveal data on live television about the events at the Mt. Inostranka installation.

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What to Watch: TV Picks for February 28 - March 6

by Rich Keller, posted Feb 27th 2011 2:00PM
Could Barney actually be falling for someone. Find out on Monday's 'How I Met Your Mother.'MONDAY, FEBRUARY 28

'How I Met Your Mother' (8PM, CBS)
Things are slightly topsy-turvy in the world of 'HIMYM' these days. First, Marshall had to cope with the sudden death of his father, making him second-guess some of his choices in life. Then Ted hooked up with yet another woman that seemed to be the 'Mother,' but we all knew wasn't. Now Barney admits he has actual heartfelt feelings for Nora. Is there something seriously wrong with Barney? He certainly thinks so. Perhaps it's a bout of maturity ... nah, couldn't be!

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What to Watch: July 26 - August 1

by Stephanie Earp, posted Jul 26th 2010 2:00AM
The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All - Monday July 26, 8pm ET/PT, Citytv/ABC

Last week, the summary for the episode provided by the station referred to Nicole as Frank's ex-girlfriend, the one who got away. This week, the pretense is dropped and the summary just admits what we all knew -- she's his girlfriend. Incredibly, this complete undermining of the delicate fiction of the show's universe is not going to be the hot topic tonight. Instead that honour goes to Justin, who won't be showing up. All the better to scapegoat you with, J.

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What to Watch: TV Picks for July 12-18

by Kim Potts, posted Jul 11th 2010 3:00PM
'Rizzoli & Isles' (10PM, TNT) series premiere
'Law & Order' and 'NCIS' fans will be happy about the pairing in this new crime drama, as 'L&O' vet Angie Harmon and former 'NCIS' star Sasha Alexander are BFFs Jane Rizzoli, a Boston cop, and Maura Isles, a medical examiner. Despite the fact that their respective jobs find them working on the same cases, Rizzoli and Isles couldn't be more different, which adds to the fun of this 'Cagney & Lacey'-meets-'Quincy, M.E.' (with just a splash of 'Laverne & Shirley' thrown in to kick up the quirkiness) drama. In tonight's opener, Jane and Maura are trying to track down a serial killer, who might actually be a copycat of another serial killer. Either way, it's personal, since he once tried to kill Jane.

'Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated' – Like, zoinks, Scoob: Matthew Lillard provides the voice of Shaggy and 'Facts of Life' star Mindy Cohn is the voice of Velma in this 11th (!) incarnation of the classic Hanna-Barbera 'toon, while Gary Cole, Vivica A. Fox, Casey Kasem and Patrick Warburton voice other characters in the Mystery Inc. gang's Crystal Cove hometown (7PM, Cartoon Network) series premiere

'Toots' – The compelling documentary, which makes its U.S. TV debut, covers the life and relationships of legendary New York City restaurateur and saloonkeeper Toots Shor, who befriended famous types like Frank Sinatra, Jackie Gleason, Joe DiMaggio and the most notorious New York mobsters (8PM, Sundance)

'The Closer' – Brenda's got a messy murder case on her hands, but that's not what sends her running to her candy box ... she's also wigged out by the new high-tech police offices (9PM, TNT) season 6 premiere

'The Good Guys' – When Dan plants evidence from a cold case into a juicier investigation, he and Jack find themselves in the middle of a gun-running ring (9PM, Fox)

'Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations' – Tony travels throughout the Midwest to find hidden food gems in Columbus, Ohio, Milwaukee and Minneapolis (10PM, Travel)

'Pawn Stars' – Among the goodies Rick and the fellas consider for the shop in back-to-back episodes tonight: vintage Mickey Mouse telephones, personal letters from the Kennedys and Super Bowl pins (10PM, History)

'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' – When last we left the women, Teresa, Jacqueline and Danielle were about to start scrappin' at a charity event. Tonight, we pick up where they left off, which leads to a visit from the police (10PM, Bravo)

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What to Watch: TV Picks for June 7-13

by Kim Potts, posted Jun 6th 2010 3:00PM
'The Good Guys' (9PM, Fox)
Until Tom Selleck returns to primetime next season on CBS' cop drama 'Blue Bloods,' we have to give it up to Bradley Whitford's 'Good Guys' moustache for the Best Supporting Performance by Facial Hair in a Drama Series. Really, look at that thing ... it's truly Selleck-worthy. Meanwhile, there's much to love elsewhere about this quirky new series (which actually falls more in the dramedy category), concocted by 'Burn Notice' creator Matt Nix. Whitford's Dan Stark was once a great cop ... in the '80s, a decade he can't seem to let go of, from the 'stache and his wardrobe to his drinking and his love of his Trans Am. But now he's partnered up with the by-the-book Jack Bailey (Colin Hanks), who embraces modern police techniques and desperately wants a promotion. Jack's more, um, laidback approach means the duo is forced to compromise , as in tonight's case, in which the partners have to come up with their own sting operation to bring down a ring of vintage car thieves when their boss refuses to give them access to police department vehicle to bring down the baddies.

'Last Comic Standing' – 'The Office' funny guy Craig Robinson takes over as host, while comedians Greg Giraldo and Andy Kindler add some laughs as talent scouts when auditions begin in Los Angeles (8PM, NBC) season 7 premiere

'Lie to Me' – Howard Hesseman guests as a teacher who claims he saw a UFO. Johnny Fever and aliens ... sounds about right (8PM, Fox)

'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' – The answer to that Adrian pregnancy cliffhanger is revealed ... is Ben going to be a daddy for reals this time? (8PM, ABC Family) season 3 premiere

'VH1 Hip Hop Honors' – Craig Robinson is everywhere tonight! He also hosts this salute to Dirty South, with performances by T-Pain, Lil Jon and Paul Wall (9PM, VH1)

'Last American Cowboy' – Three Montana ranching families are profiled during calving season, when they raise livestock from birth to auction (10PM, Animal Planet) series premiere

'Nurse Jackie' – Jackie's life has spiraled into one big ol' mess as her family, friends and co-workers are all ticked off at her, but not nearly as angry as that drug dealer she cheated, the one who's now out for revenge (10PM, Showtime) season 2 finale

'Persons Unknown' – 'The Usual Suspects' writer Christopher McQuarrie created this 13-episode thriller about a group of strangers who are kidnapped and dropped into the middle of a town that's deserted, save a Chinese restaurant and surveillance cameras everywhere. And yes, feel free to delve into the mystery ... pretty sure this one won't turn out to be some variation of purgatory (10PM, NBC) series premiere

'Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood' – Wedding vow renewals ... it's all the rage in reality TV this year (10PM, Oxygen) season 5 finale

'United States of Tara' – Tara, or someone living in her body, begins asking questions about her childhood, bringing up some secrets her 'rents meant to keep buried (10:30PM) season 2 finale

'Dance Your Ass Off' – Spice Girl Mel B. takes over as host of this reality series in which people try to lose weight by shaking their groove thangs (11PM, Oxygen) season 2 premiere

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What To Watch: September 21-28

by Stephanie Earp, posted Sep 21st 2009 1:53PM
'House' (Monday, 8 pm, Global/Fox)

I understand why 'House' is so popular, really I do. Hugh Laurie is a great actor, and House is a great character. The supporting cast is fantastic. The writing is decent. But I'm still sort of amazed that the enthusiasm has brought us to a sixth season. Six years of watching the same essential plot line play out episode after episode. But tonight might just be different. In this 2-hour premiere, House is in the loony bin, matching wits with his attending physician, played by Andre Braugher ('Homicide'), who isn't inclined to let House out.

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What to Watch This Week: September 7-13

by Stephanie Earp, posted Sep 8th 2009 2:30PM

On September 9, television is one giant smorgasbord of anticipation, glitter and frivolity.

On the redux version of 'Melrose Place' (10 PM, Global) Ashlee Simpson is going to tread where only Heather Locklear should dare, while Tyra's back with a new season of 'America's Next Top Model' (8 PM, CTV/CW) and she finally got the hint and is starting with a makeover.

Plus, the second episode of 'Glee' (9 PM, Global/Fox) is airing and we can all decide now if we really like it or have spent all summer fooling ourselves. It's gonna be heavy night - you might want to call in sick tomorrow.

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What to Watch Sept. 7-13

by Kim Potts, posted Sep 6th 2009 3:00PM
This week on TV: 'Melrose Place' gets a makeover, 'Glee' returns and 'True Blood' takes one last bite. -- By Kimberly Potts

The Secret Life of the American TeenagerMONDAY, SEPTEMBER 7

'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' (8PM, ABC Family) 2nd summer finale
It's the summer finale and that likely means a cliffhanger or two, especially since everyone is experiencing relationship woes. Grace and Jack seem to be at an impasse when they can't agree on some major decisions, while Amy and Ben are also struggling and Adrian and Ricky go to counseling. And then there's Amy's mom Anne, who goes into labor, and may not have enough time to make it to the hospital. Grace and Jack hit a roadblock; Amy and Ben try to work on their relationship.

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What to Watch Aug. 31-Sept. 6

by Kim Potts, posted Aug 30th 2009 3:00PM
This week on TV: The students of 'Greek' go back to school, FX puts out 'Rescue Me' and 'So You Think You Can Dance' celebrates its best pieces ever. -- By Kimberly Potts


Greek'Greek' (9PM, ABC Family) 3rd season premiere
When last we left the Cyprus-Rhodes gang, Casey had finally 'fessed up to her feelings for ex-boyfriend Cappie, only to have him turn her down. When we meet up with them in the season premiere, Casey's still trying to deal with the sting of Cappie's rejection, while Cappie is just finding out that Max isn't on campus. Rusty, meanwhile, has bigger issues on his plate, as his failing grade in organic chemistry puts him at risk of being kicked out of the honors program.

'Weeds' – 5th season finale (10PM, Showtime)
'Dance Your Ass Off' – 1st season finale (10PM, Oxygen)
'The T.O. Show' – Everyone heads to Vegas to celebrate Mo's upcoming wedding (10PM, VH1)
'CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock' – Taylor Swift, Sugarland and Brad Paisley perform (8PM, ABC)
'The Soup Presents: Duck! TV's Most Dysfunctional Couples' – Surprise – not – the Gosselins are among the couples (10PM, E!)

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What to Watch Friday, Aug. 8

by Kim Potts, posted Aug 8th 2008 6:00AM
'XXIX Summer Olympics: Opening Ceremonies'
(8PM, NBC)
NBC is planning more than 3,000 hours of coverage of the XXIX Summer Olympics on the tube and Internet, and it all begins with tonight's opening ceremonies -- featuring more than 10,000 performers -- at the National Stadium in Beijing.

Everything, in fact, is souped up for these international games, from the amount of coverage and the quality of the technology NBC will use to capture it (mini HD cams will be strapped to athletes for up close and personal shots, for example) to new events (BMX racing and the women's steeplechase among them) and the line-up of superstars competing, including LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on the U.S. men's basketball team; U.S. swimmer Dara Torres, who's already won nine medals as she heads into her fifth Olympics; and American swimmer Michael Phelps, who earned six gold medals at the 2004 Games in Athens.

All in all, this is one stretch of reality programming worthy of your coach potato hours this summer.

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What to Watch Tuesday, Aug. 5

by Kim Potts, posted Aug 5th 2008 6:00AM
'Secret Life of the American Teenager'
(8PM, ABC Family)
It happens tonight: While pregnant teen Amy has been dealing with her impending unplanned parenthood for weeks now, she finally lets Mama Juergens, aka '80s teen queen Molly Ringwald, in on the news.

Ringwald has prior on-screen experience with the unplanned pregnancy thang: she starred as a teen mom in the 1988 flick 'For Keeps.' But whether or not she'll be understanding about band geek daughter Amy's sitch remains to be seen. After all, Anne's got problems of her own, namely her wandering hubby, and she's not likely to be pleased about the fact that Amy has taken five episodes -- er, several weeks -- to let her know she's gonna be a grandma.

Fans of ABC Family's surprise summer hit should be pleased, however, about the network's decision to order 13 more episodes of the show. The mama drama, uh, drama, will continue to air new episodes through September, with the newly-ordered batch of installments set to kick off in January.

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What to Watch Weekend, Aug. 2-3

by Kim Potts, posted Aug 2nd 2008 6:00AM
'Pam: Girl on the Loose'
(Sun., 10PM, E!) series premiere
Girl? That ship sailed a while ago. Loose? Well ...

Anyway, Pam Anderson insists in the set-up of her new series that it's a "documentary," not a "reality" show, but those who regularly tune in for the celebreality fare that populates much of the line-up on networks like E! and VH1 will certainly not find 'Pam' out of place. In other words, it is so a reality show.

In the opener, Anderson plans a massive yard sale to get rid of years of clutter, and sets a couple of ground rules, including the one about viewers never seeing her childrens' faces on the air (a deal the paparazzi have not agreed to, clearly).

We're guessing that's not why most viewers would watch the show, anyway, as the Playboy and 'Baywatch' star isn't nearly as modest about showing off her own face, as well as various body parts south of that.

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What to Watch Friday, Aug. 1

by Kim Potts, posted Aug 1st 2008 6:00AM
'Doctor Who'
(9PM, SCI FI) 4th season finale
Enjoy this appointment viewing with the Doctor, for it's the last regular season episode we'll see until 2010.

Oh, there'll be specials -- the annual Christmas installment this year, as well as four specials in 2009. But star David Tennant has kept fans guessing about his future as the titular time traveler, with rumors suggesting the 2010 season may be his last.

Again, all the more reason to savor this season ender, the second of a two-parter, in which the Doctor and the TARDIS are in Dalek-driven jeopardy.

Former companion Rose (Billie Piper), her ex-boyfriend Mickey and 'Torchwood' hero Jack Harkness are on the scene to help, but their presence isn't going to be enough to keep the good Doctor unscathed in the end ...

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