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October 7, 2015


Sarah Michelle Gellar Doubles Your Pleasure: When Actresses Tackle Dual Roles

by Stephanie Earp, posted Aug 30th 2011 2:00PM
After 8 years away from TV, Sarah Michelle Gellar returns this fall in 'Ringer,' one of the more talked-about pilots of the season. Never one to back away from a challenge, our girl comes back not as one character, but two -- identical twins Bridget and Siobhan. As SMG herself pointed out at Comic-Con, she's doing this for the love of the game, not the paycheck (only soap stars get paid extra when they take on an evil twin/clone/long lost cousin side project). In honor of her noble dedication to her craft, here's a few other actresses who've gotten multiple listings in a TV credit.

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Will Julianne Moore Return to 'As the World Turns'?

by Allison Waldman, posted Mar 1st 2010 11:03AM
julianne_moore_before_they_were_stars_abcOnce upon a time, long before 'Boogie Nights' and 'Far From Heaven' and '30 Rock' and a zillion other projects, Julianne Moore was a soap opera sensation. She was riveting in 1988 when she won a Daytime Emmy for playing Frannie Hughes and her look-alike sister, whom she had never known growing up, Sabrina Fullerton, on 'As the World Turns.'

With the end of the soap coming in September 2010, reportedly CBS has asked Julianne Moore to make a brief return to 'As the World Turns' ... for old time's sake.

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Who Is Wanda Sykes' Wife?

by Andrew Scott, posted Oct 8th 2009 11:37AM
Wanda SykesLast night, Wanda Sykes paid a visit to 'The Jay Leno Show' to dish on Roman Polanski, the Olympics and raising five-month-old twins with her wife, Alex. The latter term garnered so much attention that it shot all the way to number one on Google trends.

So just who is Wanda's wife? Here's what we know:

Wanda Sykes and Alex, who met in 2006, were married on Oct. 25, 2008, in California. The following month, Sykes confirmed the news at a gay rights rally in Las Vegas. "I'm proud to be a black woman, and I'm proud to be gay," she said, according to PEOPLE.

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Maybe Jon and Kate should be parents first, TV stars second?

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 4th 2009 2:40PM
So I'm watching Today this morning, and J.D. Hyman from People said that Jon Gosselin told him that he'll end the show the minute that the kids don't want to do it anymore. And I thought to myself, that's exactly wrong. Shouldn't Jon (and Kate) be making the decision? These kids aren't 18, they're all under ten (some as young as five)!

What do you think? Let us know in the poll after the jump.

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Stupid non-controversy "controversy" of the day: Boston Market ads - VIDEO

by Bob Sassone, posted Aug 19th 2008 1:01PM
Boston MarketIf there's one thing we can all hate the Internet for is that it has given an amazing array of people the ability to just sit back and complain about everything in the world, even if it doesn't warrant complaining or insults (especially if it doesn't). Today's example: the new commercials for Boston Market (video after the jump).

The ad shows those twins that have been doing the most recent ads for the chain talking about the new meals they offer that cost only $4.99. Only the brother on the left in the video is clearly saying something else, "$5.99," and they dubbed a "4" over the "5" when the price dropped. For some reason, this is causing controversy on blogs from Gawker to Mediabistro's AgencySpy. Oooooo, they caught them in a "lie."

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Nancy Grace -- married and pregnant... God help us all

by Richard Keller, posted Jun 27th 2007 10:01AM

Nancy Grace is married and pregnant with twinsNancy Grace, the CNN, ahem, anchor who ruthlessly interrogates guests on her show and spends days reporting on the same story (usually involving a celebrity), has just made news herself. According to an article in the New York Post Grace secretly married back in April and is now pregnant.

Nancy married David Linch, an investment banker from Atlanta. Linch and Grace have known each other since they attended college back in the 1970's. According to Nancy the wedding was a spur of the moment thing which was attended by family.

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NCIS: Cover Story

by Brett Love, posted Apr 11th 2007 9:30AM
Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo(S04E20) Twenty episodes in, and I'm chomping at the bit to get to the Tony/Jeanne story. Credit to team NCIS that they have created an arc that has people waiting anxiously for a resolution. With that in mind, if you would have told me that we were going to get a stand alone episode that didn't get into any of the big seasonal stories, I doubt I would have been excited about it.

But then they went and did this. Bringing McGee's next book, "Rock Hollow," into the picture made for some great scenes. And those scenes were really what sold this one. The actual mystery was interesting, but more for what we learned about McGee and the new book than the actual whodunnit aspect. I thought they gave Landon away right off the bat when he recognized "Thom."

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The nine most terrific television twins

by Richard Keller, posted Apr 5th 2007 10:41AM

Mary-Kate and Ashley OlsenWelcome to TV Squad Lists (formerly 'The Five'), a feature where each blogger has a chance to list his or her own rundown of things in television that stand out from the rest, both good and bad.

In honor of my own twins, Jason and Victoria, who turned the Big One on April Fool's Day (no fooling), here's a not-so-comprehensive list of television's most famous twins.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen -- Oh please, like they wouldn't be at the top of this list! I can't remember a set of television twins who went on to become such huge media moguls. You scoff at me? Well, when is the last time you heard about Christopher and Clayton Griggs, who portrayed Nelson Tibideaux, son to Sondra and Elvin, on The Cosby Show? I rest my case. Anyhowsit, due to some savvy investing and product placement, these two girls are worth something like a kazillion dollars (ballpark estimate -- I lost count after a jazillion). Now, if they could only stay out of the tabloids for five minutes to enjoy all of their success.

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Brothers and Sisters: All in the Family

by Jen Creer, posted Apr 2nd 2007 6:41AM
Rebecca Walker(S01E17) Brothers and Sisters continues to give good episode, and good story. I particularly enjoyed how they used Nora's writing class and the story she was writing to give structure to the episode. She wrote a narrative about all of the crazy threads of her family and all of the story lines.

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Marcia Cross gives birth to twin girls

by Anna Johns, posted Feb 21st 2007 5:50PM
marcia crossPeople magazine is reporting that Marcia Cross gave birth to twin girls yesterday. According to the magazine, the twins are fraternal and their names are Eden and Savannah. No word on birth weight or any of those vital stats but a rep for Cross says mom and babies are "all doing well."

Marcia Cross plays Bree on Desperate Housewives. At the age of 44, she became pregnant with twins. Cross was put on bed rest in January, which put a slight hitch in the giddy up for DH, but they powered through by filming in her own bedroom.

When her pregnancy was originally announced back in September, her due date was in April. Sometimes celebrities like to fudge their due dates to keep the paparazzi off their backs, but it seems as though Marcia's two girls are somewhat premature (not surprising when twins are involved!).

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Brothers and Sisters: Love is Difficult

by Jen Creer, posted Feb 18th 2007 11:46PM
Balthazar Getty(S01E15) Did you catch it? If you were playing the Brothers and Sisters drinking game tonight, tonight's inside joke was from Kitty this time. When she was yelling at McAllister about her poll results, she said that people might think she is too thin.

Well, finally. Is it just that time in the season for television characters to be getting to the heart of matters in this particular episode? This seems to be happening a lot this week. For the first time, Balthazar Getty got an episode tonight that was worthy of him. And it's nice to know that he isn't a saint and that he is pissed about Sarah getting the family business. And he doesn't even have the regrets of not having confronted William about it.

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National Geographic goes back inside the womb

by Adam Finley, posted Dec 30th 2006 12:02PM

fetusA few weeks ago, National Geographic aired a two-hour special titled In the Womb: Animals that showed the development of dogs, elephants and dolphins while in utero through ultra sound imagery, CGI and visual effects. The special focused on, among other things, how these animals develop skills for survival while still inside their mothers.

On January 14 at 8pm, National Geographic will return to the womb with In the Womb: Multiples. The special will use 4d imagery to and CGI effects to show how twins and other muliple birth siblings develop bonds while in utero, and how those bonds continue after they're born.

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Two Dreadful Children finds two more voices

by Adam Finley, posted Dec 12th 2006 9:25AM

FOXTwo Dreadful Children, the still-developing animated series for FOX from Kitchen Confidential creator and former Family Guy and American Dad writer Dave Hermingson has just added to new actors to its voice cast. The series, about a redneck family who discover their disobedient twin boys are geniuses, has already recruited French Stewart, Chris Kattan and Meredith Roberts. Kattan and Stewart will play the neighbors, and Roberts will voice one of the boys. Sam Huntington was recently added as the voice of the other twin, and Caroline Rhea will play their mother.

It's an interesting idea for a primetime cartoon, though Hermingson's TV past doesn't impress me all that much, and I think American Dad proved that Family Guy's comedy style is one that can't be stretched into another show without breaking. Then again, maybe Hermingson has something up his sleeve for this new series he could never work into his past projects, so I'm staying optimistic until the show hits the air, whenever that might be.

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Renewal pretty much sucks for 7th Heaven

by Anna Johns, posted Sep 29th 2006 10:11AM
7th heaven castIt turns out, coming back for an eleventh season isn't such a great thing for the cast and crew of 7th Heaven. According to this article (credited to a Wall Street Journal writer), The CW has the veteran show on a shoestring budget. When The CW brought it back from the dead last spring, CBS Paramount Television, the company that produces the show, cut salaries across the board for actors, producers and writers. CBS also ordered editing to be done in six days rather than seven and it cut all nighttime shoots, which can get expensive. Thanks to all the cost cutting, The CW pays between $1.4 and $1.8 million per episode, compared to the $3 million that WB paid to air each episode. That price is 70% below what most networks pay for an hour-long show.

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Adam Carolla and his surprisingly hot wife have twins

by Joel Keller, posted Jun 8th 2006 1:36PM
Adam and Lynette CarollaIt's funny: Whenever Adam Carolla would mention his wife, I always thought that he was speaking in code about his buddy Jimmy Kimmel. But it turns out that Carolla is actually married, and his wife, Lynette is quite lovely. Which goes to show you: money and power can make anyone look handsome.

Anyway, Carolla called into his radio show yesterday, which was being substitute-hosted by Kimmel (see how those two are joined at the hip?), to announce that his wife gave birth to twins. Both babies, a boy and a girl, are both healthy, and everyone's doing fine. Let's just hope they get their looks from their mom.

[Photo: Juan Rico / FAME]

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