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August 27, 2015


Hulu coming to the U.K.

by Brad Trechak, posted Jul 6th 2009 10:02AM
HuluIt's about damn time. The folks behind Hulu are making deals with broadcasters in the U.K. to offer their service to U.K. residents. Hopefully as a result of this, TV Squad won't have to apologize to Brits every time we post a clip from Hulu (at least most of the time... some current American shows like Heroes won't be available in the U.K. due to rights issues).

I'm secretly hoping this also means that some British content will be available to United States viewers. It would somewhat ease my frustration with my cable provider, who can't seem to justify carrying BBC America in their channel line-up no matter how many times I ask. It would be nice to satisfy my Brit TV craving without resorting to Netflix (or, even worse, The Pirate Bay).

Given how protective both countries are of their content, it wouldn't surprise me if this deal fell through. Regulation is a bitch, but Hulu is making some pretty big bucks right now for an Internet venture and I can't see how the media conglomerates behind this deal could be that resistant to profit.

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Lewis, and the Ghost of Inspector Morse

by Martin Conaghan, posted Jan 29th 2006 9:26PM
LewisA special two-hour drama called Lewis aired on ITV in the U.K. tonight, inspired by the immensely popular Inspector Morse novels and television series created by Colin Dexter.

It's been almost six years since viewers saw the last of the enigmatic detective Endeavour Morse (John Thaw) and his persistent sidekick Detective Sergeant Lewis (Kevin Whatley), when Colin Dexter killed the character off in the final episode, The Remorseful Day, only to be followed by the sad death of John Thaw in 2002.

However, the character of Lewis proved to be so popular with readers and viewers that ITV decided that it merited a follow-up series, and commissioned a one-off pilot to test the water.

I have to admit, I was cynical at first, but the quality of Morse productions in the past has never failed to hit the mark in over 30 feature-length episodes -- from the filming to the music, to the dialogue, acting and script -- not to mention to fabulous setting of Oxford in England -- and providing Carlton Productions invested the same time, effort and resources into Lewis, any fears of a watery sequel could be easily salved.

Warning: spoilers after the jump.

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Celebrity Big Brother roundup: Chantelle Houghton wins

by Martin Conaghan, posted Jan 28th 2006 8:47AM
Chantelle Wins!The most expensive pantomime in British television history came to an end on Friday night, and Cinderella finally got to go to the ball, when the previously unknown 'non-celeb' Chantelle Houghton won Celebrity Big Brother by a landslide public vote.

The final order ran like this: first out was Traci Bingham, then Pete Burns, followed by Samuel Preston, then Maggot, then Michael Barrymore -- and Chantelle was crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2006.

You can say what you like about the reality TV format, but Big Brother stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of construct; it can really only be described as car-crash television at its best - and utterly captivating viewing, even at its worst. Who cares if it's mostly scripted and produced by cynically-minded manipulative TV execs? It's still a great watch, and this year's gang of paranoid, self-obsessed B-list nutcases gave us 23 days of insanely brilliant television.

No-one will be able to forget MP George Galloway mimicking a cat, or Pete Burns with a face like he'd been in the Aardman fire, or Michael Barrymore's obsessive cigarette hoarding, or Dennis Rodman's hyper-libido, or Traci Bingham's preening and pouting, or Jodie Marsh on the end of incessant bullying.

But most of all, it'll be remembered for making a mockery of showbusiness by placing a novelty non-celebrity into a group of desperate wannabes and handing her an career overnight.

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The IT Crowd: Yesterday's Jam

by Keith McDuffee, posted Jan 27th 2006 11:59PM
the it crowdToday marked the online premiere of the new U.K. Channel 4 sitcom, The IT Crowd. I'm an IT guy myself, so the curiosity overcame me, and I had to watch this first episode. In fact, if the premiere episode is any indication of what to expect, I may just keep on watching it. I just hope they keep providing them online, or I may be out of luck.

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Celebrity Big Brother: Penultimate Day Roundup

by Martin Conaghan, posted Jan 26th 2006 8:21PM
ChantelleIt's the second last day of life in the Celebrity Big Brother house for the remaining six housemates who will all face the public vote to decide the 2006 winner on Friday night.

Former Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns, disgraced entertainer Michael Barrymore, U.S. actress and model Traci Bingham, The Ordinary Boys frontman Samuel Preston, Goldie-Lookin' Chain's Maggot -- and, of course, the fake celebrity Chantelle Houghton from Essex -- will all line up and whittle down to one with a cash prize of £25,000 awaiting the winner.

The odds are stacked 1/5 on in favour of the young blond promotions girl who will celebrate her 23rd birthday next Thursday, whilst Michael Barrymore runs in at 28/1, Maggot at 25/1, Preston at 11/1 and Pete Burns a rank outsider at 50/1.

Personally speaking, I would rather see Preston win, but Chantelle has held her own for over three weeks with a bunch of bitter, so-called celebs and probably deserves her shot at fame -- not least of all for putting up with Dennis Rodman's excessive, leery behaviour for the duration.

Who do you want to win this year? Give us your vote in the comments section below and we'll do a full roundup of the whole series and the final outcome on Saturday.

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Celebrity Big Brother Day 21 Update: George Galloway and Dennis Rodman evicted

by Martin Conaghan, posted Jan 25th 2006 8:42PM
George GallowayThe bookies got it right tonight when Member of Parliament George Galloway became the fourth housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house, followed by former basketball hero Dennis Rodman in the surprise double-eviction. The non-celebrity of the house, Chantelle, now looks favorite to win the show, having survived her only real test of the public vote against two potential heavyweights.

In his post-eviction interview with Davina McCall, George was unrepentant about his behaviour towards his fellow-housemates and his cat-mimimickery performance with Rula Lenska, but appeared to be taken aback at the swathe of negative press he'd received whilst in the house - particularly from his fellow-politicians.

When Dennis was announced as the fifth housemate to be evicted, everyone in the house was shocked -- mostly because the eviction was unexpected, but partly because Chantelle had defeat him in the public vote. He waltzed out to his post-eviction interview with his usual swagger and couldn't-give-a-shit attitude, the dissed everyone in the house in an ungrudging fashion.

The final on Friday night is hotting up to be a blistering evening, with Pete Burns sidelined, Maggot a bit of a non-event, Michael Barrymore losing his grip on reality -- and only Samuel Preston and Chantelle holding their act together for the public.

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Celebrity Big Brother Day 20 Update: Tempers Simmer, Tension Remains

by Martin Conaghan, posted Jan 24th 2006 8:16PM
Traci BinghamThe Celebrity Big Brother housemates seem to have calmed down since their outrageous argument from Monday night, but grudges still remain and suspicions continue to cause friction between the group.

George Galloway in particular has managed to single himself out for villain status, with Chantelle, Preston and Michael Barrymore all on the receiving end of his eloquent barb, but Pete Burns didn't escape the criticism for going a bit too far in making life difficult for Chantelle and Preston during the complicated banking task.

The result of the tensions has been a split down the middle of the house, with Dennis Rodman, Pete and George segregating themselves from Chantelle, Maggot, Preston and Michael. All the while Traci Bingham floats around in a bit of a daze.

In other news, rumors are circulating to suggest that six housemates will make it through to the final night on Friday, with no evictions on Thursday night.

Only time will tell.

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Celebrity Big Brother Weekend Update: George, Chantelle and Dennis nominated

by Martin Conaghan, posted Jan 22nd 2006 7:43PM
Samuel PrestonThe twists and turns of life in the Celebrity Big Brother house trundle on relentlessly, with a cruel punishment for George Galloway for (yet again) discussing nominations with his fellow housemates.

Everyone was gathered in the lounge on Saturday afternoon and Preston read out a transcript of a conversation George had with Rula Lenska on Thursday about who he would have nominated in his previous punishment with Preston (also for discussing nominations).

Big Brother then erected a polling booth in the main area of the house and instructed all of the housemates, except George, to cast their vote on whether George should be allowed to nominate. They voted 4/3 in favour of denying the Member of Parliament his two nomination votes. In the ensuing round, Chantelle, Dennis Rodman and George were all nominated to face the public vote during Wednesday's double-evitions live show.

In other news, the housemates were forced to don Lycra leotards for a silly dance task on Saturday, and then Big Brother set the group a complicated money-counting task on Sunday which involves Chantelle and Preston gaining access to a luxury private club, which they must keep secret from the other housemates (although, the other housemates can see them on the monitors), whilst the rest of the house must keep up the pretence of counting money and deliberately fail the task.

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Celebrity Big Brother Day 15 Update: Traci, Maggot and Rula nominated for eviction

by Martin Conaghan, posted Jan 19th 2006 4:22PM

Samuel Preston and George GallowayDramatic news hit the Celebrity Big Brother house today when George Galloway and Samuel Preston were called jointly to the diary room last night to answer for their actions, after they had been caught on camera discussion nominations earlier this week.

Both had previously received warnings from Big Brother for discussing nominations and were advised they would now be punished for their additional discretions, and were forced to jointly nominate three other housemates who would then automatically face the public vote for eviction on Friday night's live show.

Unbeknownst to the pair, the other housemates were watching the diary room proceedings on a monitor in the lounge, and when the lads returned to the house, they were met with a betrayed Traci, Maggot and Rula.

Meanwhile, Pete has been giving Traci a hard time for "being false" and Preston's relationship with Chantelle continues to blossom.

Chantelle is now 11/10 favorite to win the show, followed closely by Preston on 3/1 and Pete on 9/1. Rula is the rank outsider at 66/1 and favorite to leave on Friday.

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Celebrity Big Brother Day 14 Update: Faria is out

by Martin Conaghan, posted Jan 18th 2006 5:09PM
Faria AlamFaria Alam, the woman probably most famous for her public affair with England soccer coach Sven Goran-Eriksson, now follows Jodie Marsh as the second person to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

George Galloway, Maggot and Michael Barrymore all selected her during Monday's private nomination process, and the public voted to eject her from the show in a stand-off with Pete Burns and Dennis Rodman.

In other news, the house appears to have recovered from the confusing race row which erupted yesterday, after Faria finally owned up to her involvement in sparking off the whole issue -- and most of the housemates spent today preparing for a potential eviction when Big Brother awoke everyone with an alarm of gloomy bell tolls.

Later in the day, Preston kicked off a spate of therapeutic hugging around the house, before everyone was set a task to paint self-portraits, depicting themselves "inside and out".

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Celebrity Big Brother Day 13 Update: Faria, Pete and Dennis nominated for eviction

by Martin Conaghan, posted Jan 17th 2006 4:39PM
George GallowayTensions are starting to fray considerably in the Celebrity Big Brother House, following almost two weeks in confinement for the B-List stars.

Following a 'Mods and Rockers' party to celebrate Preston's birthday last night, the housemates have discovered that Faria Alam, Pete Burns and Dennis Rodman will face the public vote as a result of yesterday's nominations (which presumably included Rula's "pants of power" nomination).

As a result, the mood in the house has shifted considerably, with a race row flaring up over misinterpreted comments made by Faria over the possibility of a non-white housemate ever winning Big Brother, which ended up with Traci having the finger of blame pointed at her by Dennis.

In other news, George has been chosen by Big Brother to take part in a secret task to win the housemates a luxury food budget, and has been cleared of any wrong-doing out in the real world when Member of Parliament Chris Bryant asked the Speaker of the House of Commons if it was "entirely in order" that George could sign parliamentary motions put before the Commons during the time he has appeared on the show.

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Celebrity Big Brother Day Nine Update: Jodie's out

by Martin Conaghan, posted Jan 13th 2006 7:31PM
Jodie MarshI never thought I'd say it, but I was sorry to see Jodie leave when the public voted her out of the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight.

It's not that she contributed anything worthwhile to the house -- in fact, she was positively egocentric for most of the time -- but she simply didn't deserve the incessant bullying treatment she received from the group over relatively trivial matters. Watching her fight back tears as BB presenter Davina McCall interviewed her post-eviction was a little bit saddening. Personally speaking, I wanted Pete to go; he's honest to the point of brutality, and I'm certain he partly influenced Jodie's exit from the house.

Apart from Jodie's summary dismissal, the housemates spent much of today preparing for the eviction night, with George Galloway rising from his bed early -- as though he was fighting an election campaign -- and Jodie questioning Preston on the size of his manhood in the pool, but they both promised a passionate embrace if they jointly reached the final week. Alas, we won't get to see such a tryst.

Never mind, Channel Four confirmed that Jimmy Savile will arrive in the house over the weekend when he appeared on-stage with Davina and Jodie during the closing credits. Honestly folks, the man looked like he had escaped from a high security rest home, so things should brighten up by the time we update tomorrow night.

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Celebrity Big Brother Day Seven update: paranoia kicks in

by Martin Conaghan, posted Jan 11th 2006 5:23PM
Jodie MarshThe celebrity housemates have now completed a week together in the Big Brother house, and tensions are starting to show on all sides, following the first round of nominations which were announced yesterday.

Jodie Marsh is starting become horribly isolated from the entire group due to her behaviour, and spent most of last night alone in her bed away from the other housemates, while everyone worked on their latest task, which included Maggot and Chantelle trying to learn Japanese overnight, Rula Lenska eating spinach to prove if it makes you stronger -- and Preston eating a box of chocolate liqueurs to find out if they would make him drunk.

George Galloway seems to have "bonded" solidly with Rula, suggesting to her that he feels Preston masterminded the first round of nominations.

Perhaps he's starting to fear that the public may opt to keep Jodie and Pete in the house in favor of dumping him?

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The Beach House star arrested for DUI

by Annie Wu, posted Dec 30th 2005 12:53PM
The Beach HouseKayla McIntyre is crazy drunk... again. Clearly, her vodka-induced debauchery did not end at The Beach House because McIntyre has just been arrested for DUI charges while filming a new series in the States. No one was injured, but McIntyre will have her license suspended for 90 days and has to pay a $420 fine. No word on whether she had her top on or off (five bucks says it was the latter). Is driving under the influence in Hawaii the hot thing to do now? I'm looking your way, Michelle Rodriguez, you wicked trendsetter.

(UPDATE: This is a fake post, created for the purpose of our April Fools contest)

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