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October 4, 2015


PBS offering censored and uncensored versions of The War

by Adam Finley, posted Sep 4th 2007 7:02PM

The War"Gee whiz, that crazy nut just shot at me! I'd like to give that silly so-and-so a bop on the noggin, by golly!"

Yeah, I just can't imagine a World War II veteran talking about his experiences and not using a few expletives, and there are more than a few curse words bandied about in Ken Burns' seven-part documentary The War. The swearing comes not only from the soldiers themselves who use phrases like "holy s**t" and "***hole," but from the narrator, who explains what the military acronyms "FUBAR" and "SNAFU" stand for (if you don't know, Google it).

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Robot Chicken Season Two Uncensored - DVD review

by Adam Finley, posted Sep 2nd 2007 11:03AM

robot chickenA few days before an advanced copy of Robot Chicken Season Two arrived in the mail, I had been watching my Mission Hill DVD. For those who don't know, Mission Hill was the creation of Simpsons writers Josh Weinstein and Bill Oakley. It focused on a college graduate named Andy French, living the typical slacker existence of an aimless college grad. The series aired when I myself was an aimless, slacking twentysomething, so I found the series funny, poignant, and often heartbreakingly real.

I realized while watching it that Adult Swim hasn't had a series with that kind of substance in a long time. Series like Baby Blues and Home Movies have been replaced by weird post-modern fare like Aqua Teen Hunger Force* and the works of Tim and Eric, with very little programming left with any real emotion.

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Harland Williams uncensored - VIDEO

by Anna Johns, posted Apr 18th 2007 11:31AM
harland williamsHarland Williams was the only funny thing about Monday night's episode of Thank God You're Here. And he was so damn funny that my abs got a workout as I laughed my way through his entire improved scene. Unlike the other players, who waited to see what the stage actors had planned for them, Harland walked into the scene and took control.

Harland got a little dirty near the end (improv ain't funny 'less it's dirty, folks) and NBC censored him several times. In fact, the very end of his scene had a joke completely edited out because the censors apparently couldn't make it fly by just bleeping him. Did anyone else find it interesting that the censors left in references to drugs, but edited out the sexual references?

The edited portion of his scene is in this video. And the uncensored version of another part of his scene is here. Both videos are also after the jump.

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South Park goes uncensored online

by Anna Johns, posted Mar 3rd 2007 11:13AM
south parkI wonder what is funnier: kids swearing or kids being bleeped for swearing? We can find out this season on South Park (or just watch the movie). This year, the creators are making the uncensored versions of every show available for download on iTunes.

The 11th season premieres on Wednesday, March 7th at 10 pm. Comedy Central is holding off on making episodes available online until the Tuesday following the original air date-- so, a week later. This is probably because there are at least five opportunities to see episodes in reruns each week.

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More on the Shatner Roast

by Adam Finley, posted Aug 9th 2006 1:02PM
william shatnerAnna mentioned back in June that Comedy Central would be airing another Roast this month, in honor of actor William Shatner. The show is taping this Sunday and will air on Comedy Central on August 20 at 10 pm. Jason Alexander will be Roast Master, and viewers will be able to visit Comedy Central's Motherload broadband video site to see uncensored clips from the episode. You can also visit the site before that, August 11 to be exact, and watch uncensored clips from previous Roasts, including Pam Anderson's, which was somewhat raunchy even when it was censored, thanks to a drunken Courtney Love and a top worn by Anderson that might as well have been made of Saran Wrap. I'm not sure if Shatner will be wearing something similar, but he should.

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Boondocks coming to DVD

by Adam Finley, posted Apr 5th 2006 12:35PM

boondocksThe first season of The Boondocks, the Adult Swim series based on Aaron McGruder's comic strip about a black kid and his younger brother moving out of Chicago's inner city to live with their grandpa in the suburbs, is coming out on DVD on June 13. The fifteen episodes of the season will be shown uncut and uncensored. Also, the disc will include French subtitles, an addition I felt was sorely missing from the original airings. How do you say "white people are crazy" in French, anyway? I've forgotten all the French I learned in high school. Seriously, though, this new set sounds pretty cool, and I like the idea of seeing these episodes in all their raw, uncensored glory, which means I'll probably buy the set despite not always watching the show.

McGruder may provide audio commentary on some episodes, though if I'm reading TVSODVD's piece correctly, that's not official just yet.

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