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October 13, 2015


Review: Friday Night Lights - In the Skin of a Lion

by Allison Waldman, posted Nov 12th 2009 1:10AM
friday_night_lights_nbc(S04E03) There's so much that's right about Friday Night Lights this new season that it probably sounds like I'm overdoing it with the positive notices. However, the way they've shaken up Eric and Tami's life together in Dillon has been terrific.

The gerrymandering for the town, sending Eric to coach a poor school with a tattered football squad is inspired storytelling. And Tami's not in a better place back at West Dillon because she sent Luke Cafferty to East Dillon, the school he was supposed to be attending. The Boosters are not happy with Tami. Eric's not sleeping. What's going to happen now?

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Battlestar Galactica tease at the Sci Fi digital press event

by Keith McDuffee, posted Jun 29th 2007 9:59AM
battlestar galactica teaser costumesAs part of the tour of the Battlestar Galactica sets (something I'll report on in more detail later), we were given a look at some of the uniforms shown on the show -- officers uniforms, a flight suit, a burned flight suit and several of Number 6's dresses. Yowch!

All of us couldn't help but stare at what stood off to the right, though. Clearly hidden from us with a sheet such that we'd see very little were three as-of-yet unseen uniforms from the series. We weren't shown any more than what you see to the right here, nor were we told if they were a part of the "Razor" movie or the upcoming final season.

What could be on these uniforms that would give something so big away? Someone on the tour did have an interesting theory as to what they might be.

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Desperate Housewives: Dress Big

by Jen Creer, posted Apr 8th 2007 11:59PM
John Slattery(S03E17) And, they're back! Is it just me, or did that feel like a particularly long hiatus? At any rate, I am happy that they're back. And finally, finally, they are giving Gaby an interesting storyline, with a worthy partner. Phew. So, let's talk about Gaby first.

I didn't know what to think about her new, older, cocky boyfriend at first. Actor John Slattery, who plays Victor, also played a politician on Sex and the City. That character dated Carrie until he proposed something to her that she found offensive, so he wasn't around for more than a couple of episodes. But he seems to have the sleazy politician role down.

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