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October 6, 2015


Tyra Banks Talks to Women With Two Vaginas (VIDEO)

by Jane Boursaw, posted Feb 4th 2010 12:42AM
Tyra Banks, women with two vaginasThere were five women on the stage of 'The Tyra Show' (weekdays, 3PM ET on The CW) today, but there were ten vaginas. Yes, you read that right. Each woman was blessed – or cursed, as the case may be – with two vaginas.

Ok, this immediately churns up a whole bunch of questions. After the jump, find out what we learned about women with two vaginas.

Watch the video after the jump.

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A letter to Santa from Britney's thingy

by Adam Finley, posted Dec 5th 2006 7:05PM

britney spearsKittenpants, guest blogger over at CC Insider and curator of the quirky Web site Kittenpants.org, which I had the pleasure of contributing to a couple times before I became a world famous TV blogger, has written a hilarious post, a plea to Santa from Britney Spears' vagina for some nice cotton panties, and for her "host" to stop parading her around town.

Frankly, I don't understand why everyone is getting on Brit's case about this "no underwear" thing. It's fairly well-established that forgetting one's underwear is the most common of human errors. The only reason I'm never without my boxers is because I've tattooed "wear underwear" all over my body like Guy Pearce in Memento. Furthermore, isn't it possible that Brit is simply going without panties for a short time in order to air out any residual DNA left over from K-Fed? You know, like when you tap the bottom of a Pringles can to get the few remaining crumbs? I'm just guessing, it's not like I'm a biologist or anything.

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South Park: A Million Little Fibers

by Adam Finley, posted Apr 20th 2006 9:48AM

towelie south park(S10E05) You can probably add Trey Parker and Matt Stone to the list of people who will never be invited on Oprah.

One of my favorite side characters, Towelie, returned for this episode. Broke and in desperate need for money, he decides to write a memoir. Unfortunately, he has trouble selling it because most of the book is about Dorito Corn Chips, and also, he's a towel. Using his special "getting high" powers, he decides to disguise himself as a person in order to get people interested in his book. Oprah makes it a book club selection, but instantly turns on Towelie when she finds out he's been lying.

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