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October 4, 2015

val kilmer

'SNL' Scorecard: Not Even Matt Damon Could Save Katy Perry's Terrible Show

by Mike Ryan, posted Dec 11th 2011 12:40PM

Katy Perry wasn't listed as the 'SNL' musical guest last night (that was Robyn), but, boy, she sure did sing a lot. Of the eight segments that Perry made an appearance in, she sang in six of them. I'm sorry, but that's pretty telling that the writers didn't know what else to really do with her. And to be fair to the writers: from what we saw of Perry, they probably did the best that they could. And it's always a bad sign when the host plays his or herself, which, yeah, she did that, too. I appreciate Perry willing to stretch herself as host instead of "musical guest who also appears in a sketch", but, yeesh, this was pretty bad. Not even Matt Damon and Val Kilmer could save this show. But, hey: At least Kristen Wiig had a good show. And 'Weekend Update' saved this show from being the worst of the season. Barely. On to a pretty ugly scorecard...

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Watch the 'MacGruber' Restricted Trailer

by Nick Zaino, posted Apr 2nd 2010 3:00PM
Will Forte is MacGruberThe 'MacGruber' movie may be nearly two months away from hitting the big screen -- it arrives in theaters May 21 -- but that hasn't prevented a full-out marketing blitz. There's a new NSFW trailer of the 'SNL' adaption, which you can watch after the jump.

We get to see MacGruber (Will Forte) putting together his team to fight the so-called world's most dangerous man (Val Kilmer), along with Kristen Wiig as a master of disguise.

If the trailer is any indication, 'MacGruber' is going to be a slapstick festival of double-entendres (if you're looking for subtle, move on). Probably a good excuse to turn your head off for an hour and a half and sit in an air-conditioned room on a hot spring day.

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MacGruber! His Movie's Pushed Back to May Because of Scheduling Conflicts! MacGruber!

by Danny Gallagher, posted Mar 4th 2010 10:15PM
Will Forte as MacGruberThat ticking countdown clock that has been a device of countless action explosion movies has just gotten a few more minutes on the clock. Don't you just love it when life imitates art?

The big screen 'MacGruber' movie, based on the popular 'SNL' sketch, has earned a later release date due to scheduling conflicts with other Warner Bros. properties.

The movie, directed by 'Lonely Island' member and 'SNL' writer Jorma Taccone, will hit a theater near you on May 21 instead of April 9.

[via Comedy News]

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Here's the trailer for MacGruber (MacGruber!)

by Bob Sassone, posted Jan 19th 2010 2:30PM
Oh, this could be really funny or it could be really awful. It's MacGruber, the big-screen movie based on the Saturday Night Live sketch, and we know how often those things turn out well. By the way, this is a red-band trailer so it's NSFW (funny name for Val Kilmer's character though).

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MacGruber! Making his own movie out of household materials, MacGruber!

by Danny Gallagher, posted Jul 9th 2009 11:04AM
Will Forte as MacGruberHollywood's latest choice for a Saturday Night Live film remake is both the strangest and most interesting choice they could make, short of a big screen "Weekend Update" action epic or a "Toonces the Cat" feature-length Pixar film.

Variety reports that Lorne Michaels and company are creating a big-screen remake of the show's popular "MacGruber" sketches. Cast member Will Forte will take on the title role and pen the movie's script along with SNL writers John Solomon and Jorma Taccone, the latter of whom is better known as one-third of the musical comedy group The Lonely Island.

Kristen Wiig will also star as MacGruber's object grabbing sidekick Vicki. Ryan Phillipe and Val Kilmer have been attached to the project, but their roles haven't been nailed down yet.

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Andrea Bowen Returning to 'Desperate Housewives' & More TV News

by Andrew Scott, posted Jul 8th 2009 12:00PM
Andrea Bowen and Maiara Walsh

'Desperate Housewives' brings back Andrea Bowen and promotes Maiara Walsh, 'Camp Rock 2' gets a new writer and director, MacGruber heads to the big screen and more of today's TV headlines.

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Knight Rider to ride into the night?

by Brad Trechak, posted Dec 4th 2008 10:27AM
Knight RiderIt's looking like yet another new series is going to quietly fade away. The new Knight Rider show has halted production in what is likely the beginning of the end for the sequel of the 80's series of the same name.

The number of shows ordered by NBC has been ordered has been lowered from 21 to 17. The creators probably won't even have time to change the scripts, so I predict the season (and likely series) finale will end on an awkward note.

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The Saint is coming back to TV

by Allison Waldman, posted Mar 10th 2008 1:01PM
Roger MooreHello! The Saint is rising again. The venerable character, who was created by writer Leslie Chareris in novels in the 1920's, will be back on television in a contemporary setting, and actor James Purefoy (Rome) has been in talks to play Simon Templar, the suave, British "good guy" thief. Aside from Purefoy, the Hollywood Reporter writes that the production team includes first class talent: Homicide's Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana (Oz), writer Jorge Zamacona, Bill Macdonald, and the original TV Saint himself, Roger Moore, and his son Geoffrey Moore.

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Knight Rider: the car is nice, the movie is meh - VIDEO

by Joel Keller, posted Feb 18th 2008 10:19AM
Knight RiderBattlestar Galactica has spoiled us all.

I say that because, since the excellent "re-imagining" of the craptastic '70s scifi series hit the air, we expect the remakes of our favorite shows to be darker, more layered, and more complicated than the originals. But sometimes, going darker doesn't always work: take a look at the failure pile that passed for the Bionic Woman remake as the best example of that. So, when a "25 years later" return of Knight Rider was announced, I half wondered if they were going to go the BSG route and make it all serious. But I equally wondered if they would go the other way and make it a modern camp classic, sort of the way the original, Hoff-injected series was.

Turns out, the answer was "none of the above." Mostly the movie / backdoor pilot that aired last night was dull, with a few fleeting moments of camp thrown in. But it never made me clamor for the show to return as a series.


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Arnett out and Kilmer in as voice of KITT; blame GM

by Jason Hughes, posted Feb 7th 2008 9:38AM
KITTIn the movie Batman Forever, Val Kilmer as Batman said "Chicks love the car." There he was talking about the Batmobile, but maybe he was being prophetic, too. Kilmer has just signed to replace Will Arnett as the voice of KITT in the forthcoming NBC Knight Rider telefilm/back-door pilot. I want you to note that in the original link, they've been very generous in picture selection for Mr. Kilmer, as his waist size and age have apparently been running neck and neck the last several years. This article chose a more recent picture, and right now we're all thankful he's only doing voice work on the film.

Knight Rider premieres in 10 days (02-17-2008) and Arnett had completed all of the voice work already. Apparently, as our own Kristin witnessed first-hand, the new KITT is a Ford Mustang and Arnett had done some GM commercial work before so it would be blasphemy to let him voice a Ford car. BLASPHEMY!!

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Numb3rs: Trust Metric (season premiere)

by Jonathan Toomey, posted Sep 28th 2007 11:01PM

Dylan Bruno as Colby Granger on 'Numb3rs.'

(S04E01) "Because I hate owing you." - Colby

Yeah, yeah... I know. Here it is, the end of the the fall premiere week and I'm blogging about a show that only seven months ago I said I was done with. "It's bland" I decried, and it's lost the spark that originally drew me in. So what am I doing here? Well, despite the fact that I stopped writing about Numb3rs, I'm a sucker for pretty much anything on TV. (Case in point? I reviewed the entire first season of Dirt!) That's right. I put my pen down and I watched Don and Charlie's antics for the whole rest of the third season anyway. And you know what? I sort of got sucked back in. Last season's finale was right up there but I still bit my tongue when I considered throwing up a post. I knew I'd end up being negative despite the fact that I enjoyed it. So I here I am, starting from scratch, attempting once again to remember why I liked this show in the first place.

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Chris O'Donnell stars on TNT's The Company with other super-hero grads

by Michael Maloney, posted Aug 3rd 2007 9:01PM
Chris O'Donnell Chris O'Donnell's "Robin" was partnered with "Batmen" Val Kilmer and George Clooney in the movies - but he never battled crime alongside Michael Keaton, who brought the Dark Knight to the big screen in 1989, until the two were cast in The Company. The TNT six-hour, three-week mini-series (based on the book by Robert Littell about the early days of the CIA and the Cold War) debuts on Sunday, August 5 at 8 PM.

"Michael wasn't on that long," O'Donnell told TV Squad in a one-on-one interview in a TNT-hosted suite at the Beverly Hilton following a TCA panel for The Company last month. The actor actually shared more screen time with Company co-star Alfred Molina (aka Spider-Man 2's Doctor Octopus). "We all sat around together [at one point] thinking, 'It's two from the 'Justice League' and one [Spider-man] super villain!'"

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