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October 13, 2015


First 'True Blood' Minisode is Available Online

by Brad Trechak, posted Apr 27th 2010 3:51PM
True BloodRemember when TV Squad mentioned the 'True Blood' minisodes that will be shown with the encore presentations of season two on HBO in anticipation of season three in June? Someone at HBO got impatient and posted one of the minisodes online (or, more likely, recognized the marketing potential of letting people watch it in advance).

In the clip, Eric and Pam are auditioning new dancers for Fangtasia and there are more than a few comic relief moments. There is even a male dancer that is reminiscent of an old 'Saturday Night Live' Chippendale's sketch with Chris Farley. It's a self-contained story so the viewer doesn't have to worry if he or she has never watched 'True Blood' before.

The video is available after the jump. It is a bit racy, so be careful if you're watching it from a work or school or otherwise NSFW location. Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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Review: 'The Vampire Diaries' - 'Children of the Damned'

by Jane Boursaw, posted Feb 5th 2010 7:15AM
The Vampire Diaries: Children of the Damned
(S01E13) "You know, I really like this whole menage a trois threesome thing. It's got a bit of a kink to it." - Damon to Stefan and Elena

Interesting episode of 'The Vampire Diaries,' with the flashbacks showing the relationship of the Gilberts and Salvatores back when women wore hoops and guys wore watch fobs. What's really fun is seeing Nina Dobrev play the wicked vampire chick from back in the day. Such a departure from her present day Elena, who's all about the common sense.

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BBC America brings back Van Helsing in Demons

by John Scott Lewinski, posted Dec 20th 2009 1:29PM
The descendants of Van Helsing do battle with the supernatural in Demons.Though I still haven't forgiven the great Dr. Abraham Van Helsing for allowing that awful movie with Hugh Jackman to be made about him -- or for not showing up and killing the entire cast of the Twilight -- I'm excited to catch his descendants on the new British import, Demons.

A new horror series from the writers of past British hits Hex and Merlin, Demons features Philip Glenister (Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes) as cold, stern American Rupert Galvin. The yank must recruit the last descendant of Van Helsing to join forces with him commit to life battling monsters -- before those monsters kill him.

Demons unveils a world just out of humans' sight -- full of vampires and other inhumans. (Insert joke about politicians here.) Luke Rutherford (Christian Cooke) is the "everykid" teenager forced to come to terms with the harsh reality that he's the direct descendant of the vampire-hunting Van Helsing.

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Vamps Aren't Tramps: Why Vampires Rule Right Now

by Stephanie Earp, posted Dec 8th 2009 11:55PM

What is the deal with vampires? That seems to be the question on everyone's lips this season. Not just us commoners either - last week George Stromboulopolos asked Shawn Ashmore for his opinion (who is apparently qualified to answer based on his appearance in the 'X-Men' movies) - and Shawn had no reply. When such great minds as these are flummoxed, who am I to tackle the subject? And yet, here we are.

I think we all know that vampires in pop culture are metaphorical, but we're not really sure what they're standing in for. With zombies, George Romero pretty much decided it for us. In fact, the idea that zombies stand for consumerism is so entrenched that one of the few moments of purposeful comedy in 'New Moon' has Bella's friend dismissing the latest horror flick for being so predictable.

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'Being Human' Will Try Being American on Syfy

by Bryan Enk, posted Oct 29th 2009 4:33PM

Have you heard this one? A vampire, a ghost, and a werewolf walk into a bar, and they say, "Hey, this isn't England!"

No joke -- the hit BBC series 'Being Human' will soon transform by the light of the full moon into an American series on Syfy. The original British series, which chronicles the misadventures of three attractive twentysomething roommates who also happen to be creatures of the night, ran for an initial six-episode run on digital channel BBC Three before being picked up for a second run on BBC One. It will return for a second season in early 2010.

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SyFy orders an Americanized Being Human

by Brad Trechak, posted Oct 29th 2009 2:03PM
Being HumanSyFy has picked up the rights to broadcast an American version of the BBC show Being Human. For those who are unaware, Being Human is about a twenty-something ghost, a werewolf and a vampire that live together, each with their own set of melodramatic problems. It's a bit like a supernatural Melrose Place.

Actually, given the context of the program, it would go much better on The CW. But that's not likely at this point. They already have The Vampire Diaries anyway.

While relaunching Americanized versions of Brit shows has been successfully done on television before (such as The Office), it's the first time that I'm aware that SyFy has tried it. Usually they have new versions of old television shows with hit-or-miss results (there was Battlestar Galactica, and then there was Flash Gordon).

The BBC series was okay but not great. If the British makers of the show are lucky, SyFy won't butcher it beyond recognition.

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Camp, Jones added to True Blood

by Jane Boursaw, posted Dec 20th 2008 5:00PM
Anna Camp and Ashley JonesI'm always ravenous for any True Blood news, and this week, EW.com's Michael Ausiello posted about two new cast members joining the HBO vampire show.

Anna Camp has signed to play the series-regular role of Sarah, wife of Rev. Steve Newlin (Michael McMillian), the head-honcho preacher from the Fellowship of the Sun Church. The church is an anti-vampire religious sect, and I'm sure the addition of Sarah will shake things up good, since she hates vampires with a passion. Her character is described as in her late 20s, pretty, feminine, and part of the new hip evangelical movement. Camp is no stranger to controversial projects, as she's currently starring opposite Daniel Radcliffe in the Broadway production of Equus.

Ashley Jones (Dr. Bridget Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful), has been tapped for a six-episode arc as Daphne, a new waitress at Merlotte's. Rumor has it that she won't be hanging up her stethoscope on the soap, but will juggle both shows. Hmmm, I'm seeing a blood theme in her roles.

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True Blood - season two spoilers!

by Jane Boursaw, posted Dec 12th 2008 9:03AM
True Blood season two spoilersI was going to say that HBO's True Blood is one of my favorite new shows this fall, but looking back on the season, I'd have to say it's my favorite, with Fringe as a close second.

HBO continues to churn out some great shows, and True Blood is no exception. Season one will be available on DVD May 12, 2009, with season two premiering that month, as well. I'm not sure how I'll hold out until then!

The vampire thriller earned a Golden Globe nod today for Outstanding Drama Series, and creator Alan Ball (who also helmed Six Feet Under), dropped a few hints about what fans might expect in season two.

His comments contain a few spoilers, so I'll put them after the jump, in case you haven't finished watching season one yet.

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It's time to intensify Operation: Renew Moonlight!

by Isabelle Carreau, posted May 12th 2008 4:42PM
MoonlightAs a fan of the CBS series Moonlight, I've been keeping an eye on news about the show lately to know if it would be renewed or not. Lately, most articles made me optimistic since they said that the show had a good chance of getting a second season. Actually, some people said it was almost a done deal because the CBS Friday night lineup was doing very well. But, as people keeping tabs on the upfronts know, things can change in a split second.

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CBS orders more scripts for Moonlight, Cane

by Anna Johns, posted Oct 24th 2007 7:23PM
moonlight; alex loughlinCBS wants to see where a few of its under-performing shows are going before deciding their fate. The network ordered four more scripts for both Moonlight and Cane. Moonlight, a series about vampires in Los Angeles, is the net's lowest-rated show on Friday nights (it's in the 10 pm time slot). And Cane is ranked 8th on Tuesday nights.

While I can't say much about Cane, I can say that I was mighty disappointed in Moonlight. I'm a big fan of Jason Dohring from Veronica Mars, but I found him horribly miscast as "the oldest vampire in LA" (or maybe he'll always be Logan Echolls to me).

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Moonlight: Fever

by Isabelle Carreau, posted Oct 21st 2007 1:23PM
(S01E04) "You're a delicate flower, Mick St. John." - Beth

Since Jen is on a trip, I'm taking over reviewing duties this week for Moonlight. Sorry for the delay in posting the review. My phone company thought it would be funny to switch my phone number with someone else's on Friday night. This meant no Internet access until the phone company took care of the problem on Sunday morning! Yikes!

As Jen said two weeks ago, even if a lot of people don't like this series, it seems that I too have a higher tolerance for it and I enjoy vampire smut. Plus, the shows I tape on Friday nights and watch over the weekend are all about me not having to think too much while being entertained (the other show on my Friday watch list is Las Vegas). Moonlight falls right into that category.

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NBC snags supernatural cop show

by Varun Lella, posted Aug 6th 2007 10:40AM
NBC logoHot from this morning's Variety: NBC has purchased the rights to a new script by O.C. writer John Stephens. Warner Brothers TV will produce the show under a previous deal Stephens made with the peacock network.

The premise of the show? What starts as a normal cop-show takes a "hilariously horrifying" twist when the not-so-super police officers have to face the likes of vampires, mummies and other supernatural ghouls -- return of werewolf man?

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Blade: Monsters

by Michael Canfield, posted Sep 7th 2006 7:41AM
Blade(S01E11) Woo hoo, the last episode before the season finale (as show promos are so fond of saying). So far Krista's been turned into a vampire, seen her whole family killed, had her hand sliced off and grown back, etc. Marcus, meanwhile, has discovered the cure to all the ills of vampirism, and declared war on all enemy houses. And Blade has ... Well, Blade is still Blade. Basically he seems to run around killing non-essential vampire day-players far from the central story arc of the series. But that was before this week. Blade comes along nicely this time, bags a major player and Sticky gets more dialog this episode in some well-played scenes with Collins than he's had in the rest of the series combined.

Now explain to me how the purebloods have managed to survive all these centuries when they so easily get duped into believing that Chase has converted to their side against Marcus. If that isn't enough, why in the world is Marcus so sure a bomb on the company Lear jet is gonna do the trick to wipe out Charlotte and her crew of purebloods. Right after the crash Charlotte and her assistant "Lurch" wick away a few drops of blood, feed on nearby campers and are back on their way. It's not even that close a call for them -- though it did make Charlotte very thirsty. Good plan Marcus.

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Blade: Hunters

by Michael Canfield, posted Aug 31st 2006 7:20AM
Blade: The Series(S01E10) First thing we learn this week is that there are clubs in Detroit where a vodka tonic still only cost an inflation-fighting four bucks. Secondly, if you frequent such clubs, be prepared to encounter masked super-villains who channel Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and collect teeth.

Krista gets locked up by Shen and Blade to detox from her sex and blood feast with Marcus last episode. This is a gruesome episode, with lots of dungeons, torture and references to historical sadists like Gilles de Rais. It fails to be very scary and this torture-fest made me impatient for them to bring back Richard Roundtree, or for at least some mention of all the other threads they've put on the back burner, if not dropped altogether. Where's Boone been lately?

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Blade: Delivery

by Michael Canfield, posted Aug 3rd 2006 8:46AM
Blade and Krista(S01E06) My DVR picked up the last five minutes of Spike's timely lead-in for Blade tonight: Lethal Weapon. Seems there is no escaping Mel Gibson this week.

On the ongoing subject of Blade's relative unimportance to this show, especially compared with Krista (Jill Wagner), I will give that theme a rest this week and merely refer you to insightful comments posted last week by techjitsu and others. I live in hope of a Blade-centric episode one day, and this almost promises to qualify at first, as the daywalker has to transport a pregnant woman (Vanessa) whose unborn baby Marcus wants for something to safety. Or take her someplace, they are on a train to Paris anyway. Turns out Blade (Kirk Jones) is taking her to see a doctor he trusts. "Delivery" -- get it? Their travel is punctuated by several brief fight scenes, and it turns out she's not actually pregnant -- at least in the conventional sense.

Krista goes to an art opening with Marcus, and has one of her signature poignant moments, this time while looking a depressing painting made by a fellow Gulf vet. Her uncle shows up, and tells Krista her Mom has taken ill.

Chase (Jessica Gower) survived! Now Marcus sends Krista to Berlin the complete Chase's mission to bring the pregnant woman back to him. Krista objects, briefly. OH COME ON!!! Marcus has a whole frikkin' clan of vampires that he allegedly controls and he sends Krista?!? Again?!?!

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