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August 29, 2015


The Adam Finley Award: Call for considerations

by Jason Hughes, posted May 21st 2008 1:08PM
tv squad awardsFor many longtime TV Squad readers the name Adam Finley could only be associated with one thing: the wide world of animation. Adam was passionate about animation, covering many shows for us here as well as reporting on anything and everything happening in the industry. So it's only right that the award for Excellence in Animation be named after him.

There's all kinds of possibilities for contenders here. I'd give a nod to both Star Wars tributes -- Family Guy and Robot Chicken -- and South Park definitely stretched their animation style with 'Major Boobage,' but I didn't think the episode was all that good. Aqua Teen Hunger Force had some good episodes this season (personal favorites include the VeggieTales parody and that crazy trilogy that opened the season).

But I've by no means watched all the best in animation this year, so I call out to you, dear readers. Which episodes or shows do you think set the bar or even raised it in this past year? Are The Simpsons out of their prime and not worthy of TVS recognition? How about King of the Hill or American Dad? The new The Mr. Men Show is retro-tastic, simple, but still cleverly awesome! Too many to handle! Help me TVS Readers, you're my only hope!

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TV vegetables allowed to talk about religion again

by Bob Sassone, posted Dec 8th 2006 3:21PM

Veggie TalesWow, that might be the oddest sentence I've ever written.

A while back it was reported that NBC was editing out the religious aspects of the Veggie Tales cartoons they were airing on Saturday mornings. But now, Time's James Poniewozik reports that the network has had a change of heart and will actually put the religious themes back into the shows. The Parents Television Council broke the news earlier this week.

Like Poniewozik, I'm not a fan of the PTC (I think some of their ideas are dangerous), but I agree that NBC is doing the right thing here. I mean, I'm not a big fan of editing or censorship, no matter what side of the political or social spectrum you fall on, and I thought it was bizarre when it was revealed that NBC was taking out the religious aspects of the episodes. I've never seen the show, but when they took the religion out, what was left? Was it just a bunch of vegetables running around?

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NBC's Veggie cuts

by Adam Finley, posted Sep 22nd 2006 8:56PM
veggietalesThe Parents Television Council has targeted NBC for cutting references to God out of episodes of VeggieTales, the popular Christian home video series that began airing on the network two weeks ago. NBC claims that some episodes had to be cut in order to fit into the alloted runtime (the videos are typically thirty minutes in length). However, VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer says some of the episodes were edited already before being sent to NBC, and the the network requested any direct references to God be removed from the episodes. The question I have is whether Vischer knew about this stipulation before signing on with NBC, and if he did, and he wanted to maintain his vision for VeggieTales, he should have declined. On the other hand, it seems more than a little naive that something with an obvious Christian scope wouldn't occasionally make references to God. All in all, this doesn't seem like the perfect match for either the series or the network.

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