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October 9, 2015


Battlestar Galactica: The Oath

by Brad Trechak, posted Jan 31st 2009 3:02AM
Battlestar Galactica(S04E13) Galactica, Frak yeah!
Coming again to save the mother-frakkin' day, yeah!
Galactica, Frak yeah!
Frakkin' is 'bout all we say, yeah

*With apologies to Trey Parker and Matt Stone

This was an excellent episode. While the whole "coup d'état" storyline has been done before (if memory serves, the last one was lead by Bill Adama himself), this was done in with more grace and subtlety. The experience was very much like an Alfred Hitchcock movie. The audience knew exactly what was happening while the characters didn't. I was practically yelling at the screen "Gaeta is committing treason! Why haven't you figured it out?"

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TV Squad attends the Battlestar Galactica fan blowout: Part two

by Kevin Kelly, posted Jun 8th 2007 10:21AM
Battlestar Galactica: the ticket
Okay, we're back with the second half of Wednesday night's Battlestar extravaganza, and I think I've recovered most of my memories, got the feeling back in my writing hand, and decided I wasn't Cylon. For now.

After Lucy Lawless was done loosely emceeing the event, they opened up the floor to questions from the audience. Now, keep in mind that this event was really for the fans, so I expected a lot of "Um ... in Episode 9 from last season, Starbuck clearly had her pilot's wings on upside down ... does that have special meaning?" type questions, but thankfully all of the questions were stuff we thought we'd be asking ourselves, and only one person got up and asked for a job.

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New Battlestar game coming to Xbox Live

by Brett Love, posted Feb 10th 2007 2:10PM
Battlestar Galactica - ViperIn what seems like a no-brainer idea, NBC Universal is partnering with Sierra Online on a high-def, space combat, Battlestar Galactica game. Who doesn't want to fly a Viper or a Raider? Players will be able to choose which side they fight for while taking part in both single-player, and multi-player, versions of the game.

The big news of the announcement is that the game will be available in the Xbox Live Marketplace. This is the first original Hollywood-licensed property for the still growing service. To kick off the promotion, fans can now get Battlestar gamer pics and theme packs from the Marketplace. Thankfully, for those of you that haven't jumped on the 360 bandwagon yet, the game will also be available for the PC and downloadable from SciFi.com, NBC.com, and Sierra.com. It is slated for a fall release.

Sierra will be adding sound from the series and was able to visit the set to get the look and details right. They also have secured likeness rights to talent from the show, and mention the possibility of the actors providing radio chatter for the in game play. The article also talks about the possibility of adding episodes of the show to the Xbox service.

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