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October 9, 2015


Medium: Bring Me The Head Of Oswaldo Castillo (season finale) - open thread

by Bob Sassone, posted Jun 2nd 2009 8:18AM
MediumOf course, this was the series finale on NBC only. The show moves to CBS next season where it will become CSI: Medium Los Angeles. Or something.

Last night Allison had visions of her entire family being murdered. That didn't happen, of course, but she did end the season in a coma after having a stroke during surgery. My guess? She gets out of it next season, but not before some trippy thing happening while she's in the coma for an episode or two.

What did you think of this episode?

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Eli Stone: Something to Save

by Richard Keller, posted Mar 7th 2008 2:37PM

Eli Stone: Something to Save(S01E06) The secret is out. After hiding his condition from his boss, colleagues and clients for two months Eli Stone has finally come clean. Now, the world (or at least San Francisco) knows. Reaction is mixed. Some, like Eli's ex-fiancee and his brother, are glad that it's all out in the open now.

His colleagues' reaction? We know at least one person's opinion --more on that later. As for his boss and mentor, Jordan Whethersby...well, needless to say there's an extreme cold front coming between him and Eli. But, we'll discuss that in detail after the jump. For now, let's talk about Eli's decision to fess up.


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The Dead Zone: Interred

by Jen Creer, posted Jul 16th 2007 1:29AM
johnny and turner(S06E05) This episode was fine. It was interesting, had some urgency and thrills. It had some humor and some pathos. But it feels an awful lot like starting over. And I am just not sure why at this point. Especially if they are killing the Stillson storyline. I have liked the show, and I think the show showed some promise earlier in the season. But it feels a little old and a little tired.

I wish they would move forward with the information about why Sheriff Turner is investigating Walt. They haven't really touched upon that, though, to look at the show's website, you would think this investigation was going to be plastered all over every episode.

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The Dead Zone: Symmetry

by Jen Creer, posted Jul 31st 2006 1:34PM
The Dead Zone: Symmetry(S05E07) Finally, an episode worthy of the quality of The Dead Zone I have grown accustomed to! And okay, okay, it was a stand alone episode, and it didn't do anything to further the "theme" of the series (Stop Greg Stillson!), but you know what? It was the kind of episode that took full advantage of the wacky weirdness of the dead zone and its potential for really messing with Johnny's mind.

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