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October 7, 2015

warehouse 13

'Warehouse 13' Season 2, Episode 12 (Season Finale) Recap

by Mike Moody, posted Sep 22nd 2010 6:35AM
'Warehouse 13'['Warehouse 13' - 'Reset']

'Warehouse 13'
shut the door on Season 2 with an enormously entertaining final hour. The season ended with an emotional cliffhanger that ruptured the show's warm and fuzzy family dynamic and left some of our major players in tears. It's gonna be a long, long year waiting for it to return to the tube.

So Artie was right after all: H.G. Wells turned out to be a bitter Big Bad waiting to happen, and her tricky turncoat ways caused Myka to doubt her role as a Warehouse agent. It's easy to sympathize with Myka's decision to leave the Warehouse and go on a vision quest: Her choice to trust H.G. almost led to the end of the world as we know it. That's gotta be a heavy load to carry. It certainly makes sense that Myka wasn't able to instantly forgive herself for allowing H.G. to weasel her way into the heart of the Warehouse.

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News Roundup: Kaley Cuoco Will Miss Multiple 'Big Bang Theory' Episodes, 'Warehouse 13' Gets a Season 3 and More

by Chris Harnick, posted Sep 17th 2010 6:30PM
Kaley Cuoco'The Big Bang Theory' star Kaley Cuoco will sit out more than the previously reported one episode due to her broken leg.

According to The Ausiello Files, CBS is remaining mum on exactly how many episodes will be missing Cuoco's character, Penny, but it will definitely be more than one. In addition to Penny-less episodes, the show is also taking an extended production hiatus to figure out how to explain the character's absence.

The extra week production hiatus will not have an impact on the show's airing schedule.

In other TV news ...

Syfy has officially renewed 'Warehouse 13.' Jack Kenny, executive producer of the hit series, took to Twitter to make the announcement. "FYI, #Warehouse13 will definitely be back for a third season! Official announcement may not be made till October, but we're coming back!" [Jack Kenny/Twitter]

NBC sources are denying rumors about Lindsay Lohan hosting 'Saturday Night Live.' However, it is true that Emma Stone and Jon Hamm will host. [Live Feed]

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'Warehouse 13' Season 2, Episode 11 Recap

by Mike Moody, posted Sep 15th 2010 11:40AM
warehouse 13 buried['Warehouse 13' – 'Buried']

There's a reason 'Warehouse 13' star Allison Scagliotti called 'Buried' "the Indiana Jones episode," and it wasn't because Pete and Myka were attacked by a group of vicious CGI monkeys (thanks for that, TV gods!). The final ep before the season finale took the team to Egypt, where they ventured down the dangerous trail of terrors that was Warehouse 2.

Pete, Myka, H.G., and a surprisingly even-tempered Valda (guest star Mark Sheppard) teamed up to shut down the ancient Egyptian Warehouse and save Mrs. Frederic's life in the process. They faced a string of deadly traps and challenges right out of an Indiana Jones flick (or the final act of 'Galaxy Quest,' your pick).

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'Warehouse 13' Season 2, Episode 10 Recap

by Mike Moody, posted Sep 8th 2010 1:30PM
warehouse 13 when and where['Warehouse 13' - 'When and Where']

One of the fun things about watching 'Warehouse 13' is catching all the fanboy-friendly jokes and pop culture references every episode has to offer. This ep was packed with 'em from start to finish.

Did ya notice the flux capacitor fluxing on H.G. Wells' time machine? Did ya rock out with Pete and Clauds during their air guitar salute to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure or laugh at Pete's Schwarzenegger impression ("Get your ass to Mars!")?

The show also offers a jumble of sci-fi movie and TV tropes -- mind control, rapid aging, and time travel in this ep -- but they feel fresh, fun and quirky thanks to the clever writing and the show's many surprise twists and turns.

But a series can't survive by delivering clever pop culture references and homages alone (unless that show is called 'Family Guy,' of course), and 'Warehouse 13' has plenty more to offer viewers willing to tag along for one strange trip after another.

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'Warehouse 13' Season 2, Episode 9 Recap

by Mike Moody, posted Sep 1st 2010 9:30AM
warehouse 13 vendetta h.g. wells['Warehouse 13' - 'Vendetta']

H.G. Wells saved the day (again!) and was reinstated as a Warehouse agent. I guess it's time to start the death clock.

Seriously, there's no way she's gonna survive the season now. 'Warehouse 13' is an ensemble show, but that ensemble consists of Pete, Myka, Artie, and Claudia (and sometimes Leena!).

I'm not sayin' I object to Wells' new Warehouse role. Adding a smokin' hot time traveling literary figure to the team is actually a pretty cool idea. I just don't think it's gonna last.

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'Warehouse 13' - 'Merge With Caution' Recap

by Mike Moody, posted Aug 25th 2010 11:04AM
warehouse 13 merge with caution(Season 2, Episode 8) There was a lot to love about this screwy ep of 'Warehouse 13.'

First, we had Joanne Kelly hilariously slurring and burping her way through the hour as a plastered version of Pete. Then there was the priceless sight of Eddie McClintock scurrying around while covering up his man boobs as Myka. Yep, it was a 'Freaky Friday' situation for our favorite relic-hunting duo.

A magical Griffin statue caused them to switch bodies and, thankfully, learn absolutely nothing new about each other from the experience. Instead, we got to see Pete (as Myka) unwittingly hit on WWE superstar "Dashing" Cody Rhodes. And Myka (as Pete) charmed the pants off Pete's new girlfriend Dr. Kelly. (I'm sure there's something piercing to be said about the homoerotic subtext of those scenes ... I'll leave it to you to discuss that in the comments!)

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'Warehouse 13' - 'For the Team' Recap

by Mike Moody, posted Aug 18th 2010 9:35AM
warehouse 13 for the team(S02E07) This week on 'Warehouse 13,' Myka teamed up with a brand new partner to crack a case involving combustible college wrestlers. No, I'm not talking about Claudia; I'm talking about H.G. Wells!

What? H.G. Wells? The season's big bad? The scary de-bronzed femme fatale? She's a kick-ass, grappling hook gun-firing good guy now? How'd that happen?

If you ask Wells, she's always been one of the good guys. And she's ready to prove herself to Myka and the rest of the team and reenlist as a Warehouse agent. But can she be trusted? That's the big question, isn't it?

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'Warehouse 13' - 'Around The Bend' Recap

by Mike Moody, posted Aug 11th 2010 12:50PM
pete warehosue 13 recap(S01E05) It was only a matter of time until an artifact melted Pete's brain on 'Warehouse 13.'

He might not be the youngest agent on the team, but he's easily the most immature relic hunter of the bunch. He's the guy who plays ping-pong with Lewis Carroll's mirror and sometimes treats the Warehouse like it's his own personal Toys"R"Us. So, yeah, sorry Pete, but sometimes the artifacts bite back ... hard.

It was strange to see so much division in the Warehouse. The team has grown closer than ever before this season, and it almost seemed like all that trust-building and bonding between Artie, Myka, Claudia and Pete was gonna get flushed down the toilet thanks to the betrayal of one of those sneaky Regents.

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Holiday Special Casting News for 'Warehouse 13' and 'Eureka'

by Ryan McKee, posted Aug 11th 2010 11:00AM
Remember getting excited for the TV Christmas specials as a child? Instead of now, where you dread the holiday hiatus your favorite shows take. Well, the people at Syfy seem to remember that joy, and they're already working on how to recreate it for you this holiday season.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Judd Hirsch and Paul Blackthorne will guest star on 'Warehouse 13' for the network's first-ever stand-alone holiday episode. Hirsh is cast as Artie's estranged father, while Blackthorne is playing a workaholic who encounters a Santa-obsessed thief. It looks like Syfy will be pouring a lot of eggnog into their flagship show.

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'Warehouse 13' - '13.1' Recap

by Mike Moody, posted Aug 4th 2010 11:40AM
warehouse 13 crossover eurekaRobot spiders! Lightsabers! Leisure suits!

I haven't had this much fun with 'Warehouse 13' since last month's season premiere. This week's engaging episode was loaded with humor, heart and, of course, geeky goodness from start to finish.

We were supposed to be excited about 'Eureka' vet Neil Grayston's guest spot as Fargo (part one of a two-part Syfy crossover event that concludes this Friday on 'Eureka'), but I was more thrilled about the prospect of seeing the great Rene Auberjonois back on TV.

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Sci-Fi TV Crossovers We'd Like To See

by Mike Moody, posted Aug 3rd 2010 3:45PM
warehouse 13It's a tech geek team-up as 'Eureka' uber-nerd Fargo (Neil Grayston) visits computer hacker Claudia (Allison Scagloitti) on tonight's episode of 'Warehouse 13.'

The Syfy crossover -- which continues with Friday's episode of 'Eureka' -- was inspired by Grayston and Scagliotti's real-life friendship, the pair told reporters recently.

"Our chemistry plays so well in life that I think our respective show runners and the good people over at Syfy realized what a commodity it could be to blend these shows," Scagliotti said during a conference call on Monday.

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'Warehouse 13' - 'Age Before Beauty' Recap

by Mike Moody, posted Jul 28th 2010 11:00AM
warehouse 13 season 2 episode 4(S01E04) After a spirited start, 'Warehouse 13' is showing no signs of slowing down this season.

The show quickly settled back into its "case of the week" routine after introducing a new villain and the makings of an intriguing season arc in the premiere, but the past four episodes have offered hours of lightning-paced action and clever writing.

Season 2 is also all about character growth and bonding. The idea of the main characters becoming a "family" instead of just co-workers sounds a little tired on paper, but 'Warehouse 13' is making it work!

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The Show Girl Does Comic-Con: Dream Guest Stars, Twitter & More (VIDEO)

by Maggie Furlong, posted Jul 28th 2010 9:00AM
Elizabeth Mitchell at Comic-Con I survived Comic-Con 2010, and I've got an amazing arsenal of TV star interviews to prove it.

We stuck to the important stuff: What's happening next on your favorite shows, who would the stars themselves love to have guest star and -- since it was the most tweeted about geek event of the year -- what they think about Twitter.

So which fellow 'Lost' alum would Elizabeth Mitchell love to have on 'V'? How did an alien lizard queen turn the sky red? Which former 'ER' star is begging to work with George Clooney again? And why are zombies so darn awesome? Take a look for some of my favorite moments from the Con.

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Comic-Con TV Highlights: Interviews with the Stars of Your Favorite Shows (VIDEO)

by Maggie Furlong, posted Jul 26th 2010 11:00PM
Nathan Fillion at Comic-Con 2010Comic-Con in San Diego was a whirlwind for TV fans, with panels from favorite returning shows like 'Castle,' 'V,' 'Dexter,' 'Eureka' and 'MythBusters,' to new buzzed-about zombie series 'The Walking Dead,' mysterious shows like 'The Event' and TV's newest unlikely superheroes from 'No Ordinary Family.'

I was there for it all, and I've got the highlights from the press rooms, where the stars were still basking in the instant gratification from fans. So what's it like being at the Con? Some say it's 'Inception'-like, while others seem afraid to even walk the floor. Then there are the diehards -- Frank Darabont, Nathan Fillion and Elizabeth Mitchell could all be called Comic-Con royalty -- who just can't get enough.

See it all right here, then read the rest of our panel and press room coverage. And here's a very special Comic-Con episode of The Show Girl where I have more highlights, including scoop on upcoming episodes, dream guest stars and tons of Twitter talk.

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Neil Grayston Geeks Out Over the 'Eureka'/'Warehouse 13' Crossover

by Mike Moody, posted Jul 23rd 2010 1:20PM
neil grayston eureka syfyNeil Grayston, the Canadian actor who plays bumbling nerd Douglas Fargo on Syfy's 'Eureka,' spent his summer doing things most geeks only dream about; like tinkering with larger-than-life science experiments and cozying up to 'Warehouse 13' cutie Allison Scagliotti.

'Eureka' returned to the tube earlier this month with a rebooted timeline that turned the oft-mocked Fargo into the director of Global Dynamics, the high-tech science imaginaruim at the heart of the show.

The new timeline gives Fargo more room to grow, Grayston says, and it gives viewers a chance to experience the show in a whole new light.

Grayston will pull double duty in August appearing on 'Eureka' and visiting Syfy sister series 'Warehouse 13' in a special crossover episode. We caught up with him recently to talk about the crossover event, the new fourth season of 'Eureka,' and what it feels like to be covered in green goo.

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