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October 9, 2015

wendie malick

Behind-the-Scenes Look at 'Hot In Cleveland' Proves Even Betty White Can't Always Keep a Straight Face (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Aug 11th 2011 3:30PM
Betty White getting fresh on the set of 'Hot In Cleveland' Because we can't get enough of Betty White riffing off of her naughty image, Wednesday's episode of 'Hot In Cleveland' (Wednesdays, 10PM on TV Land) provided a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the show, featuring White fondling crew members and laughing about some suggestive lines of dialogue.

This particular piece of salty dialogue called for White to say that her screen name was "Bender Over," and she lost it. With the cast assembled in directors chairs on set, Wendie Malick reminded White of that shoot. "That night when you did 'Bender Over,' you just could not hang on," she said. "You absolutely could not."

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Plays Victoria's Daughter on 'Hot In Cleveland' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jul 28th 2011 6:15PM
Jennifer Love Hewitt and Betty White on 'Hot In Cleveland'Victoria (Wendie Malick) has done some things in her life she'd rather not see made public. So when her daughter Emmy (Jennifer Love Hewitt, appearing in a guest role) decides to write a tell-all book, she has to think quickly to convince her not to, and enlists Elka (Betty White) to play Emmy's old nanny and talk some sense into her. That was the plot for this week's 'Hot In Cleveland' (Wednesdays, 10PM on TV Land), which also involved bad accents and Indians tickets.

"Just like your book, it could make everyone feel sorry for your mum and ... and she gets all the attention," Elka told Emmy. The bad Irish accent is because Emmy's old nanny was Irish, and Elka was trying to play the part. She did it well enough to convince Emmy to change her mind, and she declared she would cancel the book deal. And the movie deal, the one where the producers wanted Emmy and Victoria to play themselves.

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'Hot in Cleveland' Actresses Talk Small Towns and Self-Image on 'The View' (VIDEO)

by Nick Zaino, posted Jun 15th 2011 3:25PM
Barbara Walters, Wendie Malick, Jane Leeves, and Valerie Bertinelli of 'Hot In Cleveland' on 'The View'Can moving to a smaller town help improve your self-image? It sounds like a topic for an NPR talk show, but it was part of the discussion Wednesday on 'The View' (weekdays, syndicated on ABC) with the non-Betty White cast of 'Hot In Cleveland': Wendie Malick, Jane Leeves, and Valerie Bertinelli. For the uninitiated, 'Cleveland' is about three women who move to Cleveland to avoid the shallowness and emphasis on youth in Los Angeles.

"When I go home to my little village, I feel very glamorous," said Leeves. "And then sometimes I'll walk out in Los Angeles thinking, 'I'm looking good today.' Then you're out five minutes and you see all these gorgeous 20-year-olds."

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Valerie Bertinelli & Wendie Malick Talk 'Hot In Cleveland,' Dream Guest Stars

by Chris Harnick, posted Jun 15th 2011 12:15PM
Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie MalickWhen you assemble a dream team of actresses like Wendie Malick, Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Betty White -- a.k.a. the ladies on 'Hot In Cleveland' -- it seems like it'd be hard not to have fun.

The TV Land sitcom returns with new episodes (Wed., June 15, 10PM ET on TV Land) just in time to heat up the summer. But what's going to happen?

Malick and Bertinelli were mum on specifics at Monday night's premiere party in New York, but they did let some details slip.

"Let me put it this way," Bertinelli told AOL TV. "Wednesday night: Amish bar. That's what I can tell you. Insane! It's like, 'What the heck are we doing in an Amish bar!?'"

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Susan Lucci & Wendie Malick Preview 'All My Children'/'Hot in Cleveland' Crossovers (VIDEO)

by Maggie Furlong, posted Feb 16th 2011 12:00PM
'All My Children' and 'Hot in Cleveland' are crossing over ... sort of.

AMC's reigning diva, Susan Lucci, is back in Cleveland for another catfight (Wednesday, Feb. 16, 10PM ET on TV Land), but once again, she's not playing Erica Kane. She's playing a fictionalized version of herself, the rival of HIC's leading lady, Victoria Chase (played by Wendie Malick).

And that's not the only crossover the gals have up their sleeves. Next week, Malick will hit Pine Valley (Thursday, Feb. 24, 1PM ET on ABC) to play Gertie, a housekeeper hired by Lucci's AMC alter ego, Erica Kane.

Get it? Sort of? Oh, just watch -- and check out our interview with Lucci and Malick to hear more about the cast-swapping, network-crossing, genre-defying guest spots right here.

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Betty White Curses Out 'Hot in Cleveland' Co-Stars on 'Wendy Williams' (VIDEO)

by Donald Deane, posted Jan 24th 2011 2:00PM
Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Malick and Jane Leeves of the sitcom 'Hot in Cleveland' appear on 'The Wendy Williams Show' (weekdays, syndicated). But co-star Betty White is notably missing. She does, however, send a taped (and profanity-laced) message explaining her absence.

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'Hot in Cleveland,' 'All My Children' Crossover Coming in February

by Chris Harnick, posted Jan 5th 2011 3:20PM
Susan Lucci, Wendie MalickCan you say dueling divas? That will be the case when Wendie Malick's 'Hot in Cleveland' character and Susan Lucci meet in a new 'Cleveland'/'All My Children' crossover this February.

On 'Hot in Cleveland,' Wendie Malick's soap star character Victoria Chase will get a role as Gertie, a housekeeper/bartender on 'All My Children.' Lucci, Darnell Williams and Michael E. Knight will guest star on the TV Land sitcom.

"We're so happy that Victoria Chase will finally get to show 'All My Children' fans why she is a soap superstar," Larry W. Jones, president of TV Land, said in a statement. "We're so excited to partner with 'All My Children' to bring to life this classic TV form when television worlds collide."

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The Show Girl Talks Best of 2011 TV, 'Hot In Cleveland' & 'Southland' (VIDEO)

by Maggie Furlong, posted Dec 31st 2010 11:00AM
The Chicago CodeHappy New Year! 2010 was a crazy year for TV, but there's plenty to get excited for in 2011 -- I've got the super-fast rundown of some of the best new and returning shows, like 'The Chicago Code,' 'The Killing' and 'Episodes.' (If you haven't set your DVRs yet, now's the time.)

I also catch up with the cast of 'Hot In Cleveland.' They've got an amazing batch of guest stars for season 2 -- Mary Tyler Moore, anyone? -- but who are Betty White, Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Malick and Jane Leeves hoping will come play?

Then I hit the set of 'Southland' to answer some fan questions. The most asked: Will Cooper get a love interest this season? Michael Cudlitz and Ben McKenzie sound off on who Cooper's dream lover is.

Got TV questions? Email me at TheTVShowGirl@aol.com or tweet me @TheTVShowGirl and I just might get you answers on the show.

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'Hot In Cleveland' Ladies Talk Season 2, Guest Stars & Reviving the Classic Sitcom (VIDEO)

by Maggie Furlong, posted Dec 16th 2010 4:30PM
Hot in ClevelandAn original show on TV Land? And now it's boasting SAG Awards nominations? 'Hot In Cleveland' is the little engine that could in the TV landscape, thanks in large part to an unparalleled year for star Betty White.

But don't discount the draw of White's three fabulously funny costars, Valerie Bertinelli, Wendie Malick and Jane Leeves -- as Malick points out, "the combined number of years we've been doing comedy is like 165." I didn't double-check her math or anything, but with 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show,' 'The Golden Girls,' 'One Day At a Time,' 'Just Shoot Me,' 'Frasier' and more on their collective resumes, you really can't argue with that.

I visited the L.A. set of 'Hot In Cleveland,' where they tape in front of a live studio audience, to chat with the ladies about reviving the classic sitcom, having a career in Hollywood well after your 40s, what's ahead for Season 2 (premieres Wed., Jan. 19, 10PM ET), big guest stars from their TV pasts and more.

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Susan Lucci Throws Victoria Under the Bus on 'Hot in Cleveland' (VIDEO)

by AOL TV Staff, posted Aug 19th 2010 3:55PM
Susan Lucci, 'Hot in Cleveland'In the season finale of new hit comedy 'Hot in Cleveland' (Wed., 10PM on TV Land), it was finally time for the Daytime Emmy Awards. Due to a storm, Victoria Chase (Wendie Malick) was unable to attend.

In a comedic nod to Susan Lucci's one win among 21 nominations, she was on-hand to accept the award on Victoria's behalf. In her speech, Lucci said, "Victoria Chase is now living in Cleveland and recovering from some disfiguring disease. The words 'botched' and 'surgery' have been tossed around, but who can say."

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'Hot in Cleveland': Do Jane and Betty White Find Love? (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jul 29th 2010 2:10AM
'Hot in Cleveland': Do Jane and Betty White Find Love?And we're back with our favorite quartet of slightly over-the-hill women on 'Hot in Cleveland' (Wed., 10PM ET on TV Land). On the latest episode, Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli) tries to reconnect with her ex-husband; only to learn that he's still with the same bimbo that he dumped her for. Sad!

[Spoiler alert.]

In order to recover, Melanie goes out for drinks with her female pals at a local bar. In a moment of frustration, Melanie yanks off her wedding ring; which then flies off to land in the crowd of people. The ring is instantly recovered by a sexy male cop -- who returns it, and then smiles at Melanie charmingly. Ooh! Could this be a potential love connection?

Inspired by this, the other ladies throw their rings into the random bar crowd as well. Last to go is Joy (Jane Leeves). But when she throws her ring away, it is caught by none other than ... Betty White. Does this mean that Jane and Betty now have a "love connection"? Hey, you could do worse than the estimable Ms. White.

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Old Lady Sex on 'Hot in Cleveland' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jul 8th 2010 3:40AM
Old Lady Sex on 'Hot in Cleveland'The issue of old-person-sex was always going to come up on 'Hot in Cleveland' (Wed., 10PM ET on TV Land). Betty White is the star of the show, and her co-stars are slightly older women as well. (Actually, by real world standards, the other actresses are young and ridiculously good looking, but hey -- this is TV. And so, in television terms, they are considered to be "older.")

[Spoiler alert.]

On the latest episode of the show, Betty hands out some sex advice to her female friends. Betty's talk includes a discussion of "boobs" and "back fat." The co-stars listen intently to Betty. And they seem alternately intrigued, grossed out ... and turned on.

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Wendie Malick Talks About Getting Drunk With Craig Kilborn (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jul 7th 2010 10:45PM
Wendie Malick Talks About Getting Drunk With Craig KilbornAs we've mentioned before, Craig Kilborn has appeared on many different television networks over the years. And he has interviewed many different guests. So it's understandable that he might not remember every interaction that he's had with every single celebrity.

On 'The Kilborn File' (weeknights, 7PM ET on Fox), Kilborn welcomes back guest Wendie Malick -- a woman he's met several times before. Wendie reminds him of a previous interview that they did, but Craig doesn't seem to remember it. A possible reason for this is the fact that he was drunk at the time. "The last time I saw you, what happened?" he says. "Where were we?"

Wendie gently reminds Craig that during their last interview, he played music, danced, and drank some Scotch with her. "You were pretty hammered, I think," she says to him. "It's all a blur," Craig replies.

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Betty White Goes on a Blind Date on 'Hot in Cleveland' (VIDEO)

by Oliver Miller, posted Jul 1st 2010 3:40AM
Betty White Goes on a Blind Date on 'Hot in Cleveland'We all love that feisty young lady named Betty White. Well, she's 88 years "young," at least. And on the new episode of 'Hot in Cleveland' (Wed., 10PM ET on TV Land), Betty gets to kick back her heels and have a little fun -- and do a little dating.

[Spoiler alert.]

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Wendie Malick Enjoys Being 'Hot in Cleveland'

by Joel Keller, posted Jun 30th 2010 3:02PM
Wendie Malick as Victoria Chase in 'Hot in Cleveland'A lot of the discussion about TV Land's new comedy 'Hot in Cleveland' revolves around two of its stars: 2010's "It Girl,' Betty White, and Jenny Craig advocate Valerie Bertinelli. But the show's other two stars, Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick, aren't exactly slouches. In fact, it's not often that four such accomplished actors of any gender have been assembled for a new sitcom.

Malick has been gracing America's television screens for close to 30 years, twenty of which have been spent on hit shows. From 'Dream On' to 'Just Shoot Me' to even the last year of 'Frasier,' Malick has brought her unique ability to play wicked but endearingly funny to a number of memorable roles.

Her role in 'Cleveland' is similar: she plays Victoria Chase, a former soap star who is now dealing with her fading fame. Earlier this month, Malick and I talked about the show, how TV Land was able to assemble such a stellar cast, and if middle-aged women really are "invisible" in Los Angeles.

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