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October 13, 2015


You too can be wet and nerdy with Star Trek wetsuits

by Brad Trechak, posted Jan 5th 2010 4:33PM
Star Trek wetsuitYou thought the waffles weren't enough? Now it's possible for deep sea divers to get their geek on with these Star Trek wetsuits available at Roddenberry.com. Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry was pretty good as the whole "selling out" thing upon the success of the series, so it's likely he would have approved of these items. Possibly he would have even incorporated them into the show.

If you see anyone wearing these wetsuits, then you can at least conclude that they're fairly wealthy nerds given the $470 price tag. If they have the guts to wear them in the first place then they're doing so well that they don't care what other people think. No doubt if this product is successful, wetsuit versions for Star Trek: The Next Generation will be released at some point in the future.

The red one should come with a warning label. "If you wear this suit, there is a higher chance of getting eaten by a shark, drowning or accidental harpooning."

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Rob Corddry writes of pee

by Adam Finley, posted Oct 29th 2006 4:45PM

rob corddryComedian, actor and former Daily Show correspondent Rob Corddry has a hilarious article on the Suicide Girls Web site about his lifelong battle with being unable to keep his pants dry. I hope this is the first of many funny articles from Corddry, because I need something to read while waiting for my clothes to dry as I sit naked alone in my apartment. To save money, I have only one set of clothes that I wash every day. Anyway, if you're interested in this slice of Corddry's psyche, you can read it here. Also, he likes Lost and John C. Reilly plays heavily into his tale of pee woe.

Corddry's new comedy The Winner is slated to air on FOX sometime next year, his pants permitting.

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Gervais smacked with water balloon

by Adam Finley, posted May 19th 2006 6:02PM

Just a note to anyone who happens to see Ricky Gervais strolling down the street: hit him with a water balloon, he absolutely loves it. In fact, hit him with twelve. Heck, kidnap him, throw him in the back of a truck, and toss him into a public aquarium. Seriously, he can't get enough of that.

Okay, that's not entirely true, but Gervais was beaned with a water balloon recently while jogging in London. Apparently a group of students tried to get his attention, and when he didn't respond they decided to try something different. Gervais says he rang the doorbell to yell at the kids, but only as a joke. He admitted later he felt kind of guilty for it. Seriously, someone should give this man the Nice Guy of the Year award. I don't know anyone else who could be made to feel guilty after being attacked by bored students. I'm guessing Tom Cruise wouldn't have reacted the same way. Oh, that's right, he didn't.

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