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October 6, 2015


Reno 911!: The Investigation Continues (season finale)

by Adam Finley, posted Aug 28th 2006 10:24AM

reno 911(S04E07) After taking a week off for the William Shatner Roast, Reno 911! returns for the season finale, and we finally get to find out who it was that murdered Sheriff Chechekevitch with peanuts.

While the gang tries to figure out who did it, they also have to attend to the usually police business, which includes confronting a man at a carnival with a stage built into the front of his pants that hides what he refers to as an albino snake that "grows rigid in your grasp." Jones and Garcia can't see nor touch it though, because it's very sensitive to light and it's really more for women. The officers also answer a call from a pot dealer who's complaining about people trying to buy pot on a Sunday when he's closed. The officers threaten to arrest him for selling pot and the dealer threatens to arrest them for trespassing. When Garcia points out he can see the marijuana through the window, the dealer insists that's only ditch weed, and the good stuff is in the back with the cocaine.

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In the Limelight: Kerri Kenney-Silver

by Adam Finley, posted Feb 5th 2006 12:02PM
kerri kenney-silverI have a thing for funny girls. I don't mean girls with a sense of humor, though I think most girls have one, but girls who are "funny" because there's something not quite right with their brain. A cute girl is a cute girl, but mix in a bit of mental imbalance and I'm over the edge. Oh, my proclivity for insane chicks.

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